One September Day

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look Into their eyes

And see...
All that we are, and all that they will be.

It was day, just like any other..
nap time..
and I told Maryahna, our three year old- Shirley-Temple, that it was time for naps.

As usual, nap time is right in the middle of school, lunches, chores, and I am do not spend a lot of time on the more meaningful things : 
  Songs, books, rubbing their heads... we save that for bedtime.

I ask Maryahna to lay down, so that I can tuck her in...
cover her with her blankets,
recite the every day quote.." Now lay down and rest, ok?  Do not get up and play right now."

A moment passes while I cover her up with her special blanket, shut the blind, and breathe a sigh of motherhood..

I lean down to give her a kiss...
I look into her eyes..

the window to her soul.

I see:
big brown eyes - and I can SEE what she sees:
a mom in a hurry,
sadness over my sharp tone,
Confusion as to which "mommy" I am going to be when I tuck her in.

My bright eyed beauty has eyes that tell how I am doing as a mommy. 
When I look into her eyes, they tell ALL.
Joy or frustration,
and love.

Talk about conviction!
Take time to Look into their eyes MORE..
and see:
all that we are
all that they will be.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here a chick, there a chick...

Everywhere a chick, chick..

Old McCarthy had a "farm,"
"Eeeee.. Iiii..... Eeee...Iiii... Ooooo!!!"

We do not love on a farm, we are not farmers. We do not even have a barn.
We have a home, a Maple Syrup Building, and a Chicken Coop.
But not a farm.

We do, however, have chickens..for our own eggs.
We feed them non-medicated, hormone free feed, and we have healthy brown eggs every day that we need them.

Some kids are inclined to caring for animals...

and some ... are not.

My daughter, Leah, loves our chickens.  She even sells the brown eggs when we have an abundance.
She is an outdoors girl also.
All winter, I can remember asking where Leah was during Math time as we homeschooled, and then I heard the hose running.
In the winter!  She was thawing out their water can, and re-filling their water with fresh water each morning.. with gloves, and hats, and snow boots.
She loves animals.

And now..
now we have another "batch," of baby chicks...

Aren't they just so cute!?

All of the children are taking turns with their care.  They are like a new baby, and need care through the day.

So, I guess I can try and convince myself that we are not living on a farm - but some days, it sure does feel like it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make an egg stand up

It may be the first day of Spring-


It is also the Equinox!

Do some reading about the equinox-
It is quite interesting...

Here is something you can do on the

Get an egg to stand on its end- it takes some patience-
but it is cool!

Why try just one?
See how many you can line up in a row at the same time!?

Be the first to try and let me know how it goes!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will God ask you to...?

Meet Him in the middle and help another person?
2 Corinthians 1:3,4

I have been meaning to ask this..
Do you know someone that has lost a baby?  Perhaps she is even carrying a baby that might not live?

I think that we all do.
What do we say.. what do we do?
It seems like an awkward thing, I am sure.. especially if this is a loss that you yourself have never experienced.

But this is where and why I ask.. had to ask..
because, you can always help someone, whether you know what to say or to do.

I began my blog as a journal to document special moments and thoughts for my children,,but, the times that God has brought us through - are also another way for my blog to reach out to a hurting soul.

Will you read a little more?
Why - because some day, somewhere - you will be asked by God to reach out with HIS comfort to another person that has/ or will lose a baby.
Please think on this:

~A mother who carries a baby that may not live still loves that baby and will to the ends of the earth- and telling them that at "least," they might have other children,, is NOT comforting.

~God's Word is an unfailing, steadfast, wealth of truth for you to share with her.  Her heart may not be ready, willing, or wanting to hear that - time will heal.  Never stop sharing God's love.  He wants what is best for us... blessing or trial. 

~Make her pregnancy just as important as another and not something to ignore, or pretend is happening.

~Keep in touch with her.  Call, write, visit, and let her know that she is not alone in her loss.  Loneliness breeds bitterness, discouragement, and isolation.

~Help her make memories about her baby that will be with her forever.  Journaling, pictures, and more, are just as important to a mom losing a baby.

~Ask,, ask,, ask,,, how she is doing.  She may not open up at first, but when a mother knows that you really do care enough to ask more than once, and ask and ask again... she will open up and confide her trust in you.

~Don't be afraid of her situation.  It is real, it is painful, but certainly nothing to be afraid to approach. 
Babies are blessings.. and this is one she cannot keep.

In the intro. to my blog, I have shared the story of our losses, and how God gave me victory through a long pruning process.
You can read here some of the ways that God sustained me through each loss.  Our precious babies.

Here is a song that I would encourage you to share with a mom who has/had experienced a loss of their baby. 

The story behind this song is from Todd and Angie Smith - Selah - and One of the main reason that I share this song in my heart with them, is because their story is like a mirror of ours.
Our first baby girl had the same diagnosis, and the same outcome as their little Audrey, and so the journey may have been different, but the story is the same- We will Love and Hold our Baby Forever..
It is such a perfect song, and listening to it more than once.. it has dual meanings.
Share it with a mom.. share and let the love of God shine through you.

( Be sure to click the pause button on my right side-bar for any music aready playing before you press play to view this beautiful video,)


Who am I- really?

Below is a story about who I really am.  I am joining in Wednesdays Walk, hosted in blogging world, by a great blogging buddy, Jenilee.  Click on the Wednesday Walk button to visit her blog as well.

This is a story of : Seeing Life Through Different Lenses...

It was three weeks ago.. one of those frigid cold days, when the wind blows, and your face hurts from walking to and from the car.
I had some errands to run... I took one of the girls with me, and we skipped lunch to make the shopping trip faster.
After shopping, I bought 2 small french fries, so that we could each have a treat on the way home.. our stomachs would wait no longer.

As we were leaving the store, the wind had picked up a little, and I told her we were going to make a "mad dash," for the van.  My ears would not tolerate that frigid air.
Exiting the store.. there was a mom, her baby, and her toddler standing outside in the cold air, and the little ones were crying.. hard.
The babys' nose was running...the toddler was screaming he was hungry, and the mom was smoking her cigarrette... outside...cold.

Angry- that is all I could think about the whole time I was loading the van hurriedly.. cold, and still hearing the baby crying,,
and did I mention.. the mom was yelling at the baby to "knock it off..!"

My daughter and I hop in the van, crank up the heat, and needless to say.. I am seething with anger at this mother who had to have her cigarrette.. outside, and so her children had to suffer.. the cold, runny noses, no hats on, and crying...
...all the while.. she is yelling at them.

I roll down my window to see if I can still hear the baby crying... yes.
And now, I see the mom chasing the toddler across the front of the store, and pulling him by his pants ,, his knees all skinned up, and she is yelling.. "get over here you brat!"
In the meantime,, the baby is standing up in the cart, ready to fall out, and screaming.

Anger...  can you feel it too?  Those poor children.. all I could think about was those children.

And then... As if God was stnading right next to me,, and Conviction had an audible Voice..
I hear..
"If you are so angry, then why aren't you doing something about it?"

(sigh.. I should have seen that coming.)

OK God. You are right.

And so, throwing my pride out the window, putting the van in rehearse to back out and pull up to the Scene.. and checking the clock to see if I have time to help before I have to be gome...I am still working on my anger.

I roll down my window, and through a smiling clenched teeth, I ask the mother if she is waiting for a ride. 
 She says, "yeah.. I am waiting for a taxi."
Me- "Would you like a ride, since the wait is so cold for the babies?"
Her- "Yeah, sure."

I get out to help her load up her bags and children into my very spacious 15 passenger van, and buckle the children into car-seats -  empty today for this apparent reason.

It is so cold out.. the babys' nose is still runnning, and I realize that both of her children have horrible, horrible coughs, ( and are now coughing all over MY babies car seats.)

Did I hear you right Lord?

I ask her where she lives...

Totally opposite direction of my home, about a 30 minute trip out - of - the way. 
Yep, this is a test of my walking the talk.

We are about 5 minutes into the trip to her home, and her baby begins crying uncontrollably.
The mom tells me that her children have not eaten.  She says, that she told them if they were goo at the store, she would buy them something to eat...
She said they were "brats," ( her words), and so she was punishing them with no food.
Guess what her children see on my dash?

You got it..
Our two- small french fries. 
I look at my daughter who is trying to console the baby, wiping her nose, and she and I have a mutual look of understanding that our french fries would now serve a greater purpose.
The baby was quiet all the way home.. warm, no more runny nose, and food in her belly.

I take time to get to know this very young  mother, and her past is no shocking story,, if you can imagine.. a life of young pregnancy, and un-guided decisions.  Now a single mom of quite a few, and running on empty.
Seemingly heartless and misguided, she tells me that she has big plans, and it doesn't sound as if the kids are a big part of those. 
Her apartment was meager, to say the least, and she was telling me how much her cost of living is.
I was astounded by the outrageous amount she is given each month to live,, for free.. and then the housing she is given money to live there. 
It all seemed a little backwards.

Angry?  No.  Sad.  Ashamed. - of my anger.
I still feel deeply for those children and their circumstances... and upon dropping this young, single mom and her children off, I was exposed to a world that I knew was out there, and have taught my children about in many discussion about thinking beyond
but here we go..
Where the "rubber meets the road,"
to walk the talk
that I have
taught my children for many years.

I would never turn some one in need away.
But, that day, when I came out of the store, for some reason, my emotions and thoughts were on the anger over irresponsible behavior rather than the deeper needs that I was to meet that day.

So Who am I?
A sinner, saved by grace.
Seeing the world through a different lense each day.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is time!

It is time for me to:

~Hug my husband

~Spend time outside.. sweeping my porch

~To put some banana muffins in the oven

~Greet my teenagers at the door and tell them how proud I am of them

~Give my toddler a molasses cookie

~Stir the stew

~ Remove a sticker stuck on the kitchen floor

~Wash the windows

~And play outside in the sun-shine.... BECAUSE...

When thinking upon our family verse:

Psalms 118:24 -
"This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."

What are you doing today to rejoice in all He has given you?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Not so fun, I say.

Take a Guess..
What am I referring to...
that is..


Yep.. I decided Spring is coming,.. I am at that "in between," size again.. ( Maternity clothing, and "normal" wear.)
Let me tell you...
There is NO SUCH THING as "In Between" clothing.

I took three of the older kids with me,,, we went to three stores..
What did I come home with?
* Two Shirts
*A confusion about which mirrors are really right...MINE or theirs?
*A BIG reality Check .. ( notice the emphasis on BIG) 
*Less money- As usual ...spent it on the kids
*A confirmation as to why I normally shop at the Local Used Botique... where all of the clothes are sorted by color and not SIZE

Leaving the last store... my waist was probably 2 sizes larger...
because my hope had been deflated!
I was mumbling under my breath about how I cannot understand how I didn't see at home what I saw in those mirrors.
Is it the lighting?

I walked to the van, looked up, and remembered where we had parked and saw this again:

Do you think this sign was put there just
for me?

Thank you... encouraging sign- you!

Not so fun, I say!
Not yet!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Between

It occurred to me this week… that there is a lot of “in between,” in this life of mine..

For instance –

1.) I am “in between,” young and old

2.) I am “in between,” any decent clothing size.

3.) Happy and grumpy

4.) Sunshine and snow

5.) Carrot juice and lattes

6.) Diaper and soccer cleats

7.) Dust bunnies and painting walls

8.) Short hair and long hair

9.) Blond hair and brown hair

10.) Sleep or sick child induced insomnia

11.) Unwashed laundry and unwashed dishes

12.) Unfolded socks and ironing

13.) Clear thinking and muddled mindsets

14.) Cooking and teaching

But, one thing I KNOW…

there is NOTHING “In between..”

… My Soul and My Savior.

He keeps me going through the thick and the thin of it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where did that come from?

Life just happens so quickly!  So fast, that I think I missed a few years with just a blink.
There is something about graduations, deaths, births, and milestones, to cause me to sit back- hard- and realize this:

Just when you are enjoying the most of life and and the benefits of His Joy... you see how much of life has already past, and how fast it went. 

I am not one to sit and feel anxious, nor depressed over the pace of life, nor, am I one to dwell on a negative.
 But, life is moving ..... and I am enjoying the fullnes of joy the Lord has given to me... so overwhelming so...
I had to blog about it.

Some day... when my daughters and sons are grown, and moving thru a fast-paced life of motions, and service, I hope they will find this post, and remember the daily JOYS God gives each one of us.

Where did that come from?  I ask myself each day?
The twinkle in my husbands eye, as we are talking with our children and he sends his love across the room.
Just a twinkle.

My oldest sons walk into the room and hug me tight.  Their toddler arms, now - turned strong and embracing.
Just a hug.

My oldest daughter and I just have to look at each other to have a mutual snicker.  Over nothing.  Just a look, a raised eyebrow, and a laugh.  My daughter... almost a woman.
Just a laugh.

Where does that come from?

Hearing my toddlers talk about God, and His comfort between themselves.  Not prompted.  Just hearing them talk with casual toddler talk that he is there for them.
Just love.

Hand-made cards from my girls on my pillow when I go to bed at night. Written with words of love and thankfulness.  For simple things... like a good dinner, or teaching them at home.
Pure Joy.

Where did this come from...
A life designed by God, to be lived out in His timing.  Created for me to glorify Him.. always.. and to experience the unexpected trials and joys that come along.
For both we have had.  And both, I count all JOY!

 It seems like just yesterday.. when...she was not so grown up.

A Fun Threesome.

My right hand gals.  Growing up  fast.

Smiles galore!

One day at a time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Answered My Questions! Yahoo!

A Few Questions/Answers About Me..
A Fun Twist to Abigail's Blog Parade!
( I love Parade's!  Don't you?!)

1. What's your favorite time of the day, and why?

  Afternoon's!  When School is accomplished, We are all home together, and I am able to spend more time with each child individually. 

2. If health wasn't an issue, what food could you live off of?
 Iced Caramel Lattes
Yep,, No question about it.  One a day, keeps the grouchies away!  ( Of course, skim milk, and no caramel added now, help with the calorie intake!)

3. If you could have one wish granted (besides wishing for more wishes), what would it be?

I don't know about this question.  I am not a "wisher!"  But, alas,, if I allowed myself to be, it would be that those who have anger/animosity and bitterness could find the Peace that Passes all Understanding.  I hate to see people suffer, unnecessarily.

4. What's one thing that you get teased about a lot?
I bet you couldn't guess that I get teased about my name!!??
  Yeppers.  All of the time.  I have been called - Sep, Septic, October, January, Seppy!
But for those of you that have never met me, I have to confess, I also get teased.... about my reaction to caffeine.  I am a quiet, relaxed person by nature, but three years ago, during one of my pregnancies, I began craving espresso.  Now, when I have my daily lattes, it is a given that I am silly as all get out!

5. If you could choose one movie, book, or TV show to spend your life in, which would you pick? What type of character would you be?
I can't even answer this question.. I cannot even imagine spending my life any where else.  Sorry.. I guess where I lack in imagination, my children make up for it!

6. If you could have one talent that you don't already have, what would it be?
Hmmm...  I am sorely lacking in the design, sewing, creating department.  I would LOVE to be able to sit at my sewing machine and create so many things.  Alas, not for me on this earth.

7.If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?

No question about it, I would love, love to go to Hawaii!  The sun, the beaches, sunsets, and the water... all something I dream about! 

8. If you were an awesome singer, which genre would you sing?

Hmmmm...  Probably, Selah, or Laura Story Songs.  Does that genre have a name?  And if you have never heard of Laura Story!!??-  I highly recommend her music!

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, what would it be?

Does it have to be ONE store?  This is so hard!!   Probably would have to be IKEA!!!

10. If you could live in any point in time, when would it be?
This would be during the Time of Exploration/Settling of the West.  I love the adventure, although the hardship and loss I would leave out.  ( and the corsets, of course!)
Can I say the Amish life appeals to me too...

11. If every outfit in your wardrobe had to be one color, what would it be?

Brown.  Plain Jane brown.  Thats me.. even today, I have on a light brown sweater, brown shoes, and socks.  LOVE IT!

12. If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?
Happy- For sure.  
14. What's something we'd be surprised to know about you?

             I am not tolerant of temperature.  I am a whiner about cold, snow, heat and being plain uncomfortable.  I work very hard at not complaining about this.. but, bottom line, my body hates the cold more than any thing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Join in this Blog Parade!

This week, I am joining in the Blog Parade at Abigail's Blog- visit here!  She is a very talented, sweet, energetic, and fun girl, and I absolutely love her!  You probably know her mom, Lynnette, too? 

You can stop by and visit Abigail all week, and join in her give-aways during her Blog Parade.. I will be, and hope you have time to stop by there!

Be sure to read some of her posts.. she recently was able to get a new violin, and it is a beauty!  She is very talented- she not only plays the violin beautifully, she also can draw, paint, and design blogs as well.  Be sure to visit her Art Page, and her Blog Designs!

Stop by here this week to Join in!