One September Day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Such as This

Where do thoughts such as this come from? - -

*I need a backing-up beeper and light system attached on my person,
so that I don't accidentally step on a child while unloading babies from the van.
(This was the newest revelation "such as this!")

*An extra hand may be odd looking, but I sure could go for one right now.

*Perhaps I should attempt the Bare Basics with nine children.... hmmm.. Nope,,, maybe in a few years.

*Who needs shoes any ways? Can't we just go barefoot, and forget the hassle of missing socks and shoes every day. ( The idealistic organizing system is definitely flawed!)

*Matching dishes are a thing of the past... some day we will have a full place setting again. Some day.

*Sleep is a gift - and a privilege. Such a thought as this from a very sleep deprived mom!

*Ice -cream cone for lunch while running errands on a busy day out - such a thought for a mom of nine that thinks "this will be their dairy for the day!"... (When did I become so carefree - sooo,, not me!)

*Ordering chickens, pigs, and and who knows what else - and raising them.. such a grand idea !
( Such a crazy thought is this!)

*Deciding that dusting isn't truly that important... clean clothes, food on the table, school, and showers are priorities.
( I have definitely fallen off of the idealistic wagon in 17 years of motherhood)

*Tony Little's Hips, Thighs, and Buttocks Tape has become my new favorite video...NOT! ( That is a workout - let me tell yooouu!!)

*My all-time fave-vehicle is a 15 passenger van! Who would have thought?

*My new wardrobe consists of 5 pieces of clothing. ( Such a thought!)

*My children are growing taller than me! This was not suppose to happen for a while!

*Watching my children play in the rain and puddles brings me joy,, not frustration - a new found mommy moment!

* Completing a thought has become my biggest challenge of the day - please fill in my blanks - someone!! LOL

Such a thought as this - - - -
What do you think through the day?
Here you can see a little bit of why I think Such as This:


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party Memories

I Love posting on Wednesdays when I can. Bringing memories to my mind each week, has allowed me to post and print these memories for my children.. adding them to my Hope Chest for years later.
Be sure to visit my friend, Lynnette's Blog ( above), and enjoy this weekly idea of Wednesdays Walk as well. Thank you Lynnette.

Tea Party Memories

One of the special Occasions around here when you are a little girl (which is 6 out of nine chances here), is to celebrate your fifth birthday with a big Tea Party!

Because we have a larger family, we have established a tradition to celebrate "big" ( party versus small family get-together.)

When our little girls turn five they are so excited, because this is the year we celebrate with a Tea Party.

It is so sweet. We have a little table that has been in the family for 40 or more years , and we have sanded it, re-painted it, and made it our special Tea Party Table.

This gets decorated with cloth napkins, favors, my special collection of Tea Cups, appetizers, etc.

The girls don their special Dresses ( usually large and antiquated), with white gloves, and sometimes a pretty hat. They invite a few special friends, and we are sure to take a lot of pictures.

Tea is served at "high noon," and little finger sanwhiches, pink ginger-ale, and glorified desserts are always a must!

We have so much fun. The girls get to be little girls - playing dress-up, learning how to hold their tea cups Just right, and of course, playing some games.

One year, we watched Anne of Green Gables, and then my oldest daughter and her friends did an American Girl play re-inactment for them to watch. Each Tea Party is a little different - depending on the daughter.

We will not have another daughter turn 5 for 3 more years.But in the mean-time,, we celebrate our boys special birthday years with some fun things as well.

Here are some fun pics from Lyddie's Tea Party - 4 years ago.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Sunday Reflections

My Sunday Reflections Come easy this week.
I am blessed and I am thankful.

Sundays have always been my time for reflection. I am always reminded thru His word that I am His child,, being held in His Hands all of the time. Not just when I remember... all of the time.

Sundays seem to be my time for looking ahead. Seeing the New in everything.

Here is a glimpse of what I am leaving behind me this week,, yet, still in my heart to remember:

"Mommy, you are my girlfriend, and I think you are beautiful!" ( Sam- 4 yrs,)

"Sam, I am so happy I am your girlfriend,,, you are so sweet to me! Can I have a kiss?"

"Yes, mommy,, but only you get special kisses!" (Sam)

PRICELESS. Sweet Reflections.

Driving past the mailbox, I remember to grab the mail, before heading into the house. It has been a long day, and the mail seemed to be just sitting there waiting for me to pick up and pile up on my counter."

Until I saw and unexpected piece of mail----- you know, the colored envelopes that mean cheer and thoughtfulness. Not bills, or junk ,mail.

The mail that you see has your name hand-written, and not a computer generated stamp of your name - even sometimes miss-spelled.

So,, I sit in the van, sending the children ahead into the house, so that I can open this mysterious envelope in the quiet.
Needless to say... this envelope held a very unexpected blessing,, prayers, and love.
It also brought tears of thanksgiving , and praises to His Name from me.

I love those thoughtful colored envelopes!

PROMISES of HOPE. Sweet Reflections.


Saturday dawns a beautiful morning here. It also brought an anticipated, and long-awaited day for my son, Benjamin.
He was playing the piano in our State Wide Talents for Christ Competition.

Ever have those moments with your children, where it hits you ??- this is the Child God gave to us!! A Child growing in Christ, and serving Him. A Child -almost a man - who really does love the Lord. And God has given him a gift.
Lord,, I can never thank you Enough for allowing me to share this with YOU!

Thank you.

Ben won 1st place. It was beautiful to watch and to hear.

Sweet Reflections.

And then, tonight, while I was taking my regular route on reflecting - a surprise -beyond what my words could even describe - A blessing from my parents that has brought me again to my knees before the Lord.
Another small detail for God - yet, another reminder to me that even this was part of His plan to help me remember that He loves me. And so does my family. All of them.

Sweet Reflections.


And so..... my Sunday List to Do this week will take a second place for a blog post.
My reflections for the week take priority.

Because I want to Praise Him.
My life this week - All for Jesus, All for Jesus!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Whats on the Menu?

My brother owns an Ice Cream Shop.

Our family loves going there.

He had new menu boards made this year,, and I love them.

I stopped by the other day - before the Grand Opening for the Season to see the boards.. to see what was on his menu for this year.

Sundaes, Shakes, Flurries, Smoothies, Cones, Pretzels,, etc... and as I stood there reading those boards, I thought about all of the choices that there were. A lot to choose from, for sure!

On my ride home, I began to think about my day and all of the different choices I face. I was surprised when I layed all of the choices out before me. In fact, a lot of what I choose for the day begins before I even set my feet on the floor.

Hmmmm... Whats on the Menu today?

~Making my new middle name Cranky or Sunshine??

~Socks or no socks? ( Wish the weather didn't always determine this one)

~Letting the kiddos stay in their jammies all day? Ha!

~Making the beds - or letting laziness rule?

~Going out or staying in?

~Potty training or setting the idea on a shelf for another day..( I CANNOT keep doing that)

~Making the beloved carrot juice or rolling out the spread - french toast, eggs, etc.

~Obsessing over the mountain of laundry ( 6 loads a day keeps us going) or saving it for 12 loads tomorrow...( BTW - this is not a good idea - I have tried it)

~Writing that thank-you note, or just hoping that the person will just know I was thankful.

~Jumping on the treadmill or writing a new epic in the Story of Procrastination

~Combing the tangles out of my little girls Shirley Temples ( one by one),.. or re-washing it for an easier comb - through (This is a toss-up - she hates baths!)

~Pushing my children on the swing-set, or hoping that they can learn to play without me. ( Been there - done that - not again)

~Homeschooling a full-day or letting the kids do their normal work-load ( I really get into their subjects and often we end up schooling toooo long.)

~Smiling through the mishaps - or using my "not- so -nice voice" - (ohhh,, if this choice wasn't so hard!)

~Make the home-made chicken soup or choose this night for spaghetti - the easy meal for 11 people. ( Besides - why would I choose to de-bone a chicken.. when I have a choice?)

~Assign all my children to a task so that I can sit leisurely by and watch the house fall into order..( Oh,, sorry.. this was something that I thought would BE A nice choice on the menu some day.. just dreaming...another post I guess.)

What's on the Menu in your day? My Menu, of course is different from yours.

Here's what I am thinking -
What I choose, sets the course of my day.
My attitudes. My examples.
And guess what...I sometimes - make the absolute wrong choices. And I know that I am.
Because it is easy.
BUT- I reap what I sow.

I want my choices to be purposed with excellence -for the Lord and my family.

Whats on the Menu today? -

*Brown socks,
*Sunshine is my middle name.
*My little Shirley Temple will get her locks combed through one-by one.
*The beds got made.
*No jammies past 9 here!
*Home-made chicken soup tonight!
*3 Loads of Laundry and Counting.
*No treadmill today- wise choice, believe me!
*Potty Training 101 in motion!
*Definitely chose to smile through the mishaps - sore throat prevents a not - so - nice voice -( lol- just kidding!)
*Thank you note in the mail!
*Lighter work-load for kids - just said "NO School today!"

**OH- and juicer broke - so that settled it - Homemade Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast! WITH Whipped Cream, of course!
( This is a new Menu Item!)

Wonder what I will choose off the MENU tomorrow?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Marches On - Don't Miss the Opportunities...

Another day.. gone so fast! I have learned by watching my family grow and thinking about the years that I have been married.. that

Time Marches On...

When I was a child,, time was irrelevant to me. Isn't it to all children? I never remember thinking that Christmas was "right around the corner," and I can't believe that it is another year already!? Did you think those things? Maybe, I was just totally out in left-field!

(Actually - I have a daughter that is always like that - in left field! She and I are a lot alike in that way I guess!)

Time - now? WOW! A day will pass me by before I realize that I wasn't able to "fit in" all that I would have liked. I will sit down at night and think, tomorrow will be another day, and I will purpose to fit in the things that I ran out of time for today.

Time Marches on!

My point in this post today?.. To remember a few things about each day.

They add up,, and you can never get one back. I will not live with regret.

I will not miss the opportunities that the Lord has for me if I am "in tune" with what he wants for my life,


if I remember His promises.

Like this week,,

I am focusing on His Compassion's are new every morning.

Since I am reminding myself of this, I am not spending my days looking for the ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Why should I look,, it is right there - every day - waiting for me to take hold!

( Oh, if I made it this easy every day!)

There are so many opportunities out there for me to GRAB!
I love to serve others.

I will not focus on time gone, but on what I can do for Him and others today!
I can recall quite a few times in the past that I have been prompted to call someone, or send them a card,, perhaps pray for them that day or week. Did I follow those promptings- I have to admit that there were many times that I did not.
Later, to my dismay, to find that it would have been a much needed encouragement to them.
I want to seize the plans He has for me.
I read this the other day -
We need to be careful to not put a period where God has a comma...
God has better plans that what I could ever imagine.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where did those 14 years go?

Welcome to my Wednesdays Walk Down Memory Lane. This great blog idea is from my friend Lynnette, and is shared by many. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading memories from others on Wednesdays, and hope you will stop by to visit Lynnette's page as well. Just click on the button above.

Another Special Day in our Family
About two weeks ago, I wrote about our oldest son turning 17. If you missed this post, and would like to read about our Benjamin, just scroll down to see it.

Now, we have another birthday. It's not that I have to write about every birthday we have here... goodness sakes - I would be writing all of the time... but, today I will write about my second son - Matthew.

He will be 14 this weekend. Slowly becoming a man. The mom in me had to add the slowly!
He REALLY is a wonderful young man already.

The day he was born was a whirlwind of activity. 14 years ago - he arrived VERY quickly into our arms - a mere 13 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Very eager to be a part of our family!

My boys are like night and day. Matthew is my right-hand man.
Always looking to help with whatever he can.

He loves the outdoors. Loves to hunt.
Loves to fish.

Loves to bake, cook, and experiment in the kitchen.
Enjoys our garden,, canning,, preserving, and helping with new things.
He is an avid reader.
A quiet, serious, yet sometimes silly guy.

He can make me laugh so hard, when no one else can!
He doesn't care about fashion, or vanity.

He is a very giving young man.

Sensitive to the Lord-
My Son -
On Loan from God.

It is our prayer that the Lord will use the quality in character He gave to Matthew to reach those that do not know the Lord.

We pray also for Matthew's life to be pleasing to God - and that his heart will be tender to God's leading and not just ours.

I Love you Matthew.
Happy Birthday!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Put Off - Put On

If you don't like analogies,, you probably should skip over this post.

I find a lot of analogies in my day to day life - they just seem to be right there in front of me,, and most likely, I will blog about them at some point.

Today... this is what I discovered about myself..and my life.

This is what Spring does to me -

~I want to go outside and rake everything up and haul it away.

~I want to walk away all of the special comforts that I convinced myself would help shake away the Winter blues. ( yes - this means too many sweets..)

~I begin a simple cleaning task, and end up making it a big hoeing out project and hauling away all kinds of things to the local thrift shop.

~I find myself opening doors and windows, even on a cooler day, and letting the fresh air in and the "stale, germy" air go away!

~I realize that I have re-vamped our schedules, making new chore lists, new goals, and throwing all of the winter to-do's - away - out the window!

YIKES!! Does Spring do this to you?

My analogy today began when I was simply folding laundry and after 10 minutes of this somewhat simple task, ( 6 loads a day!)... I found myself making Thrift Shop piles, re-organizing the entire closet -formulating a new organizational system, typing out new labels on my hand-held labeler for laundry drawers ( towels,, sheets,, pillow cases.. etc.)...and the tiresome list goes on.
I began to think as I realized 45 minutes of my " Simple Laudry task" went by, that I need to do some hoeing out in my own life.

YEP! I needed to get rid of a lot of junk- built up, stored away weeds...of my heart.

Will it be just as easy ? Do I look forward to this like I do my Spring Cleaning?

But, one the most important things that I need to remember when I am sorting through the weeds in my own personal life, is that when I pull them out-
I need to replace them with something else... so that weed has NO MORE ROOM to re-root itself.
Something lovely, something good, something pure.

SO... what does Spring bring?

A new look.. INSIDE AND OUT!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Contagious JOY!

I heard this today - "Any one can find happiness -Only Believers Can find JOY!"

Ohhh,, this is sooo true, isn't it?

J -Jesus

O -Others

Y -You

Joy can be so contagious. I am hoping that I was "contagious" this week!

Speaking of joy..


Think on These Things

I am humbled by His works. Amazed and humbled.

Shamefully, I grow in my Christian life at an unpredictable pace. Not steady, not fast, and not constant.

I find that I am a "Coaster." At least for a while I was and am just now seeing the results of that.
It is not that The Lord hasn't been working around me all of the time.. it is just that I only see it when I am closer to Him.

But, after reading my Bible more fervently,, more REGULARLY this year,, ( not the hit and miss weekly schedule I kept before),, I am seeing His amazing works around me, and have a more Constant Peace.

Philippians 4: 6-8 -
"Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

And the peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Finally brethren,, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; is there be any virtue , and if there be any praise, think on these things."

WOW!! These particular verses are so challenging,, yet so true.

While re-examining my walk with the Lord, and how I can live a more Holy life, I am always reminded of the verses above.

They are so clear cut... so matter of fact.. and have proved so life-changing for me.

I am making my requests made known before the Lord, and thinking on what is:

~true - not the "what-if's
~honest - nothing other
~just - governed by His word only
~pure - what is pleasing to Him
~lovely, good report, virtue and praise
..... ...... ..... ..... .... .... .....

I am so thankful that I don't have to do this alone.. not only does the Lord promise to be with me, but He also gave me His word as a guide to live by.

Today I was blessed beyond what my words here can even describe.
I will not blog about the specifics,,,
but, thank the Lord for another day of seeing His unfolding plan in my life.

I am humbled.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick of the 'Crop!

Every Wednesday is a great opportunity to share some of your special memories.
Visit Lynnette's Blog,, you will love her and her story! I do!


Some of our favorite memories as a family are when we pick Apples.
We have a great time,, picking the apples, talking, and eating!
We pick an variety of apples -

Gala, McIntosh, Cortland, and Spys.


We use our apples for Applesauce, Pies, Apple Butter, Dehydrating, and every day eating!

Arriving at the Orchard , our van is full of excited, talkative, and energetic children.
Everyone has a partner to pair up with, and the apple picking begins.
We usually start with "drops."
These are apples that have fallen from the tree,, still in nice condition, and a bit cheaper in price.

The baby will sit in the wagon, playing with the apples,,,an posing for many pictures...

Soooo cute

Apple picking brings out the fun in all of us.

It also teaches our children some great qualities,, diligence, hard work = rewards.I love to listen to the special converations that our children have with one another, as they work together under the apple trees.

It is a special thing to see and hear your children talk about their favorite things, and to enjoy one another's company.

Last year, my oldest children got a little creative with their time... and we made it a "grand ole' photo shoot!"

So much for productivity!
When we arrive home, all of the kids help chop, core, and cook down the apples, until we have quarts and quarts of applesauce.
It smells sooo wonderful.

This memory has been in the making for 20 years. It is an annual tradition,, and a necessary supplement to our pantry!