One September Day

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Apple Pie Videos and Bloopers

  IMPORTANT:  BEFORE viewing Videos.. Scroll down to right side of Blog and click the PAUSE button on Music Player!!

Apple Pie Blooper #2~~~

TAKE 3!!!!

Here is the recipe for that yummy Apple Pie,, and some pics of the Fun Process!

Pie Crust:
(adapted from a recipe my sister-n-law gave me a few years ago)

4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar

Mix.. Then Cut in:
1 3/4 cup shortening
1/2 cup cold water
1 tsp. vinegar
1 beaten egg

Mix with hands.
Makes two crusts.

Cutting strips of dough for a lattice top!

Their 1st finished pie - alone from start to finish!

The two bakers!

Apple Pie Recipe:
(Given to me from a great friend.. My favorite variation of Apple pie!)

5 Cups peeled/sliced Apples ( about 10)
1/4 water
Cook this on the stove top until just starting to get soft.  ONLY 2-3 minutes... NO LONGER!

Mix in:
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/4 - 1/2 teasoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Fill Crust.  Place top crust or lattice on top.
Bake at 425 for 20 -25 minutes!


Your FAVORITE Apple Pie!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winner's Announced for Giveaways!!!

That was sooo much fun!
What an AMAZING way to celebrate the Announcement of  New Baby & A Birthday!!!

If your name appears as a winner, PLEASE e-mail me directly ( with your address so that I will be able to mail your giveaways to YOU!


DAY ONE Giveaway Winners!!

Pampered Chef Food Chopper- Kelly@Suffficient Gace Ministries
Measuring Spoons-SueBee41
Pioneer Woman Cookbook- Lynnette

DAY TWO Giveaway Winners!!

$10 Starbucks Card- Lynnette
Angie Smiths Book-HandbagsnPigtails
Glowing Mama- Brenda N.
Handmade Purse- Kim
$10 Target Gift Card- Linda C.
Taste Of Home - Melanie@Adorkableme

DAY THREE Giveaway Winners!!

Cross necklace- Etsy Item - Claudine
$10 Panera - Lynnette
2 Hooked On Clippies - Jess Snyder

My Giveaway Drawing Helper
Day One, Day Two & Day Three in Different Pails!!

One by One...we drew from the pails!

Thank you Lydia.. My Give away helper!!
 REMEMBER to Email me with your address so that I can be sure to get your prizes right out to you!
Thank you for joining me in this Fall Giveaway!!!

Be sure to check in later for Our Apple Pie Tutorials!!  Bloopers and ALL!


Monday, September 27, 2010

What NOT to do on a rainy day!

This is my rainy day story.  There is no better reason to share this on my blog, other than to re-entertain the hilarity of the situation....
 and, I guess.. give you a good chuckle!

Busy, Busy, Busy!
The last two weeks have held many activities and responsibilities aside form our "norm."
Canning.. Juicing... and making apple butter, etc.. Just add to the Craziness of it all.

(For those that read this, thinking I am sporting the "Superhero Mom Cape".... Let me take this opportunity to dispel that theory!)

Rainy Day Story!
Rare chance to slip out the door without the kids, to run such an "exciting errand" ( sorry, a little sarcasm here..).. Pick up a Juicer/Steamer at the local Cooperative Extension.

No Rain in site.
Me.. Driving with the windows down.. listening to James McDonald, and seriously enjoying the 10 minute drive of Sanity.. even if was a silly errand.

Rather strange that I notice my temperature gage on the van is saying that it is almost overheating!
I knew that we have had sporadic issues with the radiator,,, but being the "country girl" that I am... do not get overly stressed about these things.  ( Well,, not too often.)

Temperature gage is now peaking at the top, and steam is blowing out from under the hood.
Are you alarmed?
I remember a friend of ours lives about 1 minute up the road...
I get there safely.. pull in...

Before I am even out of the Van.. TORRENTIAL Downpour!!!  Out of the blue downpour.
The kind where the road is so hot,, and the rain is is causing a steam to roll of the pavement,, and I am having a hard time differentiating between the steam rolling out from under the hood and the rain!

I jump out of van in this pouring rain and run to their door.  Their car is in the driveway... and so I begin knocking .. politely.  It is raining quite hard now... I am getting a "little" wet.  Now I am knocking a little "less politely."

( Remember we live in the country... not and overpopulated development.. with many homes to choose from)
This was the ONE and ONLY house en route!

No one came to the door.  Must be away.

Hmmm.. What to do?  I am resourceful.. right?
I "skooch" with my back along the side of the Farm house to avoid the rain,  ( did I mention this is HARD rain?)..
and make my way into their open barn.

Well, at least I am dry!  Good,, right?!
Until I look out and discover that I have left the lights on in the van.

So, I frantically search for a container I can fill with water.. and put into the radiator.
You would think that I could find something like that in a barn?
Oh.. wait... I found a hose,,, so I trace it back to its beginning,, around the edge of the barn, through the rain .. To find that the Handle was broken and unable to be used.

Now,, I am in a hurry, and so I make another run for the inside of the barn,, thinking that if I can find a container.. I could perhaps use "Rain Water?)
Genius .. right!?

Yes,, by now I am looking out of the barn.. laughing.. you have to laugh when these things happen.
What was making me laugh harder,, was thinking that the farm owners are probably watching me...puzzled, and maybe - laughing themselves?

Whala!!  I find an empty flower pot.  Success!   All I have to do now is collect some rain water,, and fill the radiator and I will be on my way!

HA!  I hold the pot out to the rain... and guess what!?  All of the success is gone from my "Sails!"
The Flower pot has a HOLE in the bottom.. ( you know for "drainage!")

Yep.. I am not laughing any more.. I am talking out loud to myself.. loudly... in the middle of an empty barn,, in the throws of a torrential downpour!

I decide to do what any sane person at this point should do...
MAKE A MADE DASH for the van and sit and stew about this.

So,, that handy flower pot with the hole in the bottom .. well... I turned it upside down and put it over my head for an Umbrella,,, and RAN!
With flip flops... in big puddles... and getting the bottom of my jeans very wet with farm pasture rain sodden gravel!

Once in the van. I realize that I am going to have to get to the nearest garage...

Driving against my better judgement...hoping that I will not do any further damage to the radiator.. I drive on.

FINALLY reaching my destination.. I ask the woman at the counter if she can fill a jug of water for me to fill my radiator over flow?
She replies.. "sure... but you know... this is VERY dangerous!"

Uh-huh... I know.
This is my life.

Thankful for the water..
Thankful the rain has ceased.
I lift the hood,, take off the overflow cap..fill the overflow...
and realize I drove the van wayyy to long,, and will have to sit and wait it out... it has to cool down.

What a fun "10 minute errand!!!"

What NOT to do on a rainy day!

Who Needs An Umbrella When you have a Flower Pot?!


Friday, September 24, 2010

This is IT! Last Day for Give-away!

WOW!!!  What great fun we have had the last three days here in Blog Land!

To answer any questions that may still be lurking out there...

Here are the THREE Reasons for the big Give-Away:

1)I LOVE fall!!! I REALLY do!

2.) We ARE expecting our 10th baby ( Arrow) in March- You guessed correctly!

3.)I AM 40 TODAY!  Woohooo!

THANK YOU for Celebrating with me this week - it has been so much fun!

****Winners will be announced MONDAY - Giving me time to enjoy my birthday this evening... AND type out all of your names and make the drawings here.. FUN  & OFFICIAL!!****

Here are the Rules for TODAYS Giveaways:

1.)Leave a comment if you would like one of todays "prizes!" - 1 entry
2.)Become a NEW follower today and leave a comment telling me so. - 1 entry
3.)Find the "Hidden" Clue in this post that reveals the answer to the Question of the Day.. and leave a comment with your answer.- 1 entry
4.)Send a friend over and have them tell me you sent them - 3 entries!!!! -
5.)Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about todays new Prizes!- 4 entries!
EASY as PIE!!!    

Question for Day Three:
 "What did I tell my family and friends that I wanted for my Birthday?"
Hint... It is on this post! ( Mmmmmmm)... 

Have Fun!

And now for the Final Day Prizes for the One September Day Give-Away!!

Visit my friends' Etsy Site Here:

Her hand-made Jewelry is absolutely beautiful and Unique!  She is so talented, and I know you will LOVE her creations.
Below are a few "samples" of her work, and the Cross Necklace is YOURS if your name is drawn from your entry!

This is one of my Favorites!!! 

This is YOURS.. IF your name is drawn from the entries today!!

Here is Give Away #2!!

Hot Coffee/Latte and Delicious Bread!  Mmmmmm!

$10 Gift Card for Panera Bread!  One of my favorite stops with my hubby!
Let me know if this is the one you want!!!

My Bloggin pal, Veronica, has her very own Etsy business.. and she makes and sells adorable crocheted hats for babies and children..
And NOW..
She makes sweet "Blossoms!!  Hair Clippies!"

Choose TWO of your favorite CLIPPIES from her site,, and let her know.
She will mail them to you directly!!

Stop by here!!

If you missed a Give away day... and saw something that you liked...
This is your very last chance to enter your name as an entry today.. and tell me which giveaway item was your favorite!!

Thank you bloggig friends!!
You made this celebration of a new season in my life..


Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 2- Thursdays Giveaways!

Today is Day TWO of The Fall Give-Away!

Each day there will be different Give-aways... therefore.. You will need to enter each day OR the days that you see something you like.

1.) Reply to this post with an answer to he SECRET Question Below- 1 entry
2.) Become a  follower of One September Day - Click on the follower button- 1 Entry
3.)Twitter -Face book about this Giveaway and post a comment here with the link to let me know- 1 entry for each
4.)Write a post on your blog telling about One September Day THREE DAY Giveaway- Comment to let me know - 3 Entries
5.)Guess today's SECRET QUESTION correctly- 2 entries
6.)Invite a friend to stop by and become a follower/and enter the giveaway - 3 entries
7.) Leave a comment if your friend stopped by,, and you will get 1 extra entry

Todays Secret Question is:
"What is the date of the 267th Day of the year?  And .. Why is that important?"

Clue: ( Don't forget the 1st part of the question)..

Let the Prizes Begin!!!

The ALL - TIME Favorite - $10 Gift Card for STARBUCKS!!

Book by Angie Smith about her Journey though Loss

Glowing Mama
Natural Skin Care!!
Visit my friend, Kari's.. Esty shop if you are the winner and choose one product for winning!

This is an 'old fashion' recipe that goes WAY back. In times when water was scarce, people use to cleanse themselves with Olive Oil. Olive oil has amazing benefits, inside and outside of the body! As a skin care product, it cleans and moisturizes

One Hand-Made Hand-Bag
Made by my friend Katrina
Here is her Etsy Site:

Your Choice of fabric colors... Hand-Made!
Visit this site and see the many products Katrina has made for many happy customers!
( Including me!)

MY Favorite - "Fun to Look and Shop " Store!
$10 Target Gift Card

One Year Subscription to My Favorite Cooking Magazine !!

Remember to Enter as many times as you can to receive one of the Items above!
If you decide you would like to enter in yesterdays drawings,,, be sure to leave a comment on yesterdays post!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Give-Away is HERE!!! Day ONE!

Fall Blog Giveaway Is Here!!

Over the next three days, I will be posting about the Giveaways!

Don't miss your chances to receive One or more of the fabulous items ..

I have chosen some of my FAVORITE THINGS for the FALL Giveaway!

Here is what YOU can do to enter your name:
Each day there will be different Give-aways... therefore.. You will need to enter each day OR the days that you see something you like.

1.) Reply to this post with an answer to he SECRET Question Below- 1 entry
2.) Become a  follower of One September Day - Click on the follower button- 1 Entry
3.)Twitter -Face book about this Giveaway and post a comment here with the link to let me know- 1 entry for each
4.)Write a post on your blog telling about One September Day THREE DAY Giveaway- Comment to let me know - 3 Entries
5.)Guess today's SECRET QUESTION correctly- 2 entries
6.)Invite a friend to stop by and become a follower/and enter the giveaway - 3 entries
7.) Leave a comment if your friend stopped by,, and you will get 1 extra entry

TOMORROW there are MORE chances to enter,, and NEW giveaways.

Here is TODAY'S SECRET Question..

"What does this picture have to do with the secret?"

What will your answer be?  It is worth some entries!!


Wednesday's Giveaways!!!

Pampered Chef Food Chopper!!!

SELAH CD - You Deliver Me
( This is an amazing CD!)

Pampered Chef Measuring Spoons ( Sliders)
( Also.. My favorite!)

Pioneer Woman Cookbook!

HAVE FUN.... and be sure to get as many entries EACH day as you can!
I am SUPER- DUPER excited!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pre-Give-away announcement!! Don't miss!

It is THAT time of year!!

What could be more fun than sharing a lot of goodies with my friends and family!?

Check back here in the next three days for the Giveaways to BEGIN!!!

The Drawings will be on FRIDAY!!



1.)Beca1.)           1.)Because.. I LOVE to give things away!use I love to give..
and ..

2.This is my blog..

and .. well..

There are TWO more reasons...
but you will have to stop by each day to find out!

TOMORROW.. Wednesday..
It ALL Begins!!

And because I am already writing, and it is hard to find spare time to post here on my blog lately...
I wanted to share some things that the Lord Almighty is teaching me.

1.) Refining is sooo painful.
2.) There are trials of circumstance....and then...
3.) There are Trials of Faith - Trials.. period.
4.) We sometimes feel like it is more than we can bear. 
5.) We are right.. We, ourselves,, CANNOT bear them alone.
6.)I am obviously still here.... and so.. God obviously NOT done with me.. and so...
7.) WHY? ... am I surprised that I am being refined.
8.) I want to be refined as gold or silver when I stand before Him, right...?
9.) Right! 
10.) I am shamefully always in surprise when I finally do see the purpose or plan.
11.) So, then.. WHY.. am do I still doubt the plans I CANNOT see.
12.) Prayer is not just something we can do.. it is something we shold do~!
13.)He has so many unexpected blessing and gifts for me.
14.) He is always working.. even when I throw up my hands!
15.)I am getting older.
16.)I am feeling older.
17.)I am really not THAT old... am I ?
18.)I am excited, yet nervous ( my sinful nature.. yep.), about our future.
19.)God is still waiting for my complete surrender in more areas.
20.) I am still working on all of these things... that counts.. right?
**21.)Everyone goes through trials.  And if you never have.. maybe your missing something.?

What is God showing YOU this week?

My "Anchor - Here-On- Earth!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This was sooo amazing! Take a LOOK!

I have to share!  I have to share!

I am so ecstatic... just... so.. blessed.

For a long time.. a very long time..

I have wished for my son ( and I)... to meet Selah     .

Last night,, that dream came true.

A time of fellowship,,, prayer,, and singing with them made the whole evening seem soo surreal.

Selah ... Genuine.
Love the way God is using them!

My eyes are ALWAYS closed in pictures when there is a flash...
(yepper.. flash was used here...that's ok.. I knew that would happen,... but didn't want to make everyone stop the picture for me.)

Isn't this soooo amazing!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Favorite Links.. Check 'em out!

Everyone has different preferences and tastes... But..
If you tend to enjoy stopping by here.
then you might enjoy some of the links here today:

The Above Rubies Site is for mothers and woman of Faith.
It is so encouraging.. full of ideas, devotionals.. recipes, and more!
I hope you find time to visit here:

Vision Forum is dedicated to preserving the History of our Faith,,
full of Amazing Books, Videos, Devotionals, and so MUCH more.
We find a LOT of wonderful material for our family here at this site.

Hallelujah Acres is a ministry dedicated to the improvement of our health.. while focusing on the Lord
We have followed many of the principles in our diet for many years.. finding amazing results.  There are some degrees of health that I do not follow 100% from their suggestions, but overall. there is a lot to offer.
Even recipes!

For any young mother.. whether of girls or boys...This site has great resources!
I have used their books and materials for years!
Check 'em out!

I have not personally bought any products from this site yet,, but.. I DO love browsing their site.
Some day SOON.. I will be placing an order!

If you are a homeschooler,,, ( ad even if you aren't )... Be sure to stop by this web site,, and take time to do some reading!  Enjoy it!

Keepers of the Faith has many choices... We have used their Books for Character Study, and also for Character/ Home skills learning.
I know you will find this site to be valuable!

MORE sites to come soon!  Enjoy these.. and if for some reason,, the links don't work,, copy and paste.. and let me know if there is a direct link problem.

I can't wait to hear which are your favorites.

HAPPY Browsing!