One September Day

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Mom's Christmas List

What's a mom to do?
Her kids, her husband, and various others ask her what she wants for Christmas....
She thinks, and she ponders, and what does she find herself continually coming up with?
Lists like this:
**Pots and Pans
**Towels for the Bathrooms
**More Silverware
**Her own hammer/drill
**More hangers
**Organizing totes
**Boots for the kids
**New tile in bathrooms
**New broom/dustpan
**New mailbox
**Shelving in mud-room
**New pillows for some of the beds
**Towels racks
**Garden tools
**New shop-vac
**Matching cups/glasses

......and on and on...

Moms do this don't they? The first things that come to mind are those household projects, the broken or worn-out things that need replaced, or what her children might need at the time.
It's just the way it is. Probably always the way that it has been. That is part of what makes us, "Mom!"

So, What's a Mom to do?
(Ask for pots and pans, and a blog make-over.
And that's what I did. A little excited I am - to say the least.)

But, the Best GIFT OF ALL - to wake up in the morning, with health to enjoy smiles like this..
Who needs a list any ways?


Monday, November 23, 2009

Out in Public

I have been asked, as many moms do, "How do you get your kids to....?"
You can fill in the blank.. sit in Church?...Go grocery shopping with you?....Use good table manners at a restaurant?.. etc.

AND... I have seen my children act not quite so perfect in all of the above mentioned areas.

I write this post to encourage all moms/dads to take heart... It is not all a weary road of work and training, but one thing I have definitely learned is that our training for our children is best done at home.

This is what I mean:

Trying to teach your child to sit through Church?
-Begin at home. Instill a quiet time into each day where your child sits and reads/ is "quiet" for a short time to begin with.
-Gradually increase this time until you have reached a goal of sitting time that you think is reasonable for your child.
-Follow thru with your requirements for this time at home, so that when it IS time to sit in Church/ or an outside quiet function - your child is not being set up to fail.

Table Manners - Going out to Eat -
-I agree that this is one of the most challenging outings for a family of small children.
-Again, Begin at home.
-Begin by integrating a family meal time, where your child finds sitting AT the table for more than 3 minutes of eating is a normal habit they experience.
-Teaching good table manners - such as chewing with their mouths closed, using a napkin, using utensils (lol), not being loud at table, sitting while everyone finishes meal, etc.
-Think about what the "problem points" of eating out have been for you and your family, and address them at the Family Meal Table.
Do not try and train while you are out.
( Silly as it may sound, I even taught my children where their silverware goes, place settings, ordering from a menu, putting their hands in their lap when served, and using please and thank - you while ordering their OWN meal)
-Try it.

Grocery Shopping-
From What I hear.. ( from other moms), this is the "dreaded outing," that all moms try and do with out their children.
-I am no super-mom. If I had the options to go grocery shopping without my children - I would- in a heart-beat!
But, I don't.
So,, here are some things that have helped me survive the "dreaded!"
-Have a PLAN! Have your list ready,, in order of the store lay-out. ( helps when distractions -potty-breaks, crying episodes, diapers, etc. happen)
-Be prepared. Bring little snacks for children.
- Give them jobs as they grow. Helping load and unload the cart, finding items on shelves, using a calculator to "add" up totals, ( I LOVE this one,, it keeps their hands busy and minds sharp!)
-Choose a few items for a special meal they would like to help make.
-Comparing prices for brands- ( as they get older.)
-Don't be afraid to use a reward system. ( I am not promoting bribery here, just a good, healthy system of reaping and sowing.)
-Go alone if you can! ( Heehee.. I am not going to give ideas that I myself wouldn't try first!)

Being a Parent in Public can be difficult, humiliating, frustrating, and more.. but it doesn't always have to be that way.
I can attest that the majority of times that I have had "issues," out in public was merely my lack of dealing with the same things at home.
I usually find that their "bad public moments," have been prompted by my not paying attention to the details that have always been there right along.
Boy- Being a mom sure takes a lot of self-examination, doesn't it.
All for the better, right?!
All for Jesus, All for Jesus- Keep pressing on.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking for Adventure

I came down the stairs this morning and heard this.." Mommy, we are going on an adventure!"

Camo-hat, back-pack, little baggie of strawberries, and a note-pad ... and they were out the door.
What were they looking for? I have no idea.. but, it was apparent that they were on a mission.
I love this.
My children playing together - eager to be with one another, and having FUN together.
So, today it was my 8 year old, and my 4 year old, and they found what they set out to do - FIND ADVENTURE!

Life does not have to be entertaining to have fun.
Our children do not need expensive toys, or non-stop play-dates, constant plans, or entertainment thru media.

The more we give to them when they are young, the less they will have to look forward to, and the more they expect.

Every day is an ADVENTURE! Take Hold of it- and capture it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did that really happen?

Yes.. It did. Our van did catch on fire. My son was behind the drivers wheel.
AND I am still asking myself.. "Did that really happen?"

I have stayed within a general posting pattern of not writing about the gillions of details that make up each of our days. My post would be as long as the day, and would definitely be full of more adventure than the average person would want to read.

The van story - way too unreal to imagine.
A testimony to God's Amazing Grace and Protection.
I give Him the glory and praise for Keeping Benjamin safe.

Friday evening, Ben had a group of friends over for pizza and then they were heading to a basketball game, to be followed by a sleepover, and then a "wood-bee," for some friends of our family.
My husband was outside after dinner, finishing a concrete pad for a basketball area for our kids, and Ben was getting ready to go out with the other teens.

Benjamin went out ahead of everyone to start the van. The van started, and then strangely, turned off.
Ben started it again - this time - a huge explosion of fire shot out from under the hood into the sky, through the vents - into the van itself- touching Ben,, from under the van,, etc.
Ben jumped out - stunned. Unhurt. Shocked.

Because my husband was outside already, he heard Ben calling him, and had seen the huge explosion in the sky. He ran to help Ben, and they both began working on the van that was on fire in our driveway. The rest of the teens began hauling buckets of water to and fro.. for about 20 minutes.
Between fire extinguishers, and water, the fire was finally out.

We all just stood there, staring at the smoldering van, thinking - What in the world just happened here?
I looked at Ben, he looked at me, and we hugged.
I prayed over my son that moment,, thanking God for keeping him in His care.
I know God's plan could have been different.
I am thankful for being able to hold my 17 year old son that night.

A lot of what -if's went thru my head that night. I am training my mind to take every thought captive, and to dwell on what I do know, and what I did see.

( We still do not know the cause of this fire. The van is melted and burned beyond use. The insurance company will be coming out before Friday. We did have work done on the van two days prior to the fire. A $$ substantial amount of work, to be exact. We will see what happens.
Honestly,, I am not even thinking about the van, nor the money, But every time I see Ben walk thru the door, I am reminded about God's amazing Hand of protection.)

So, posting every little detail about One September Day would certainly give me the opportunity to give more Praise and honor to Him - Perhaps we will change things up a bit?
To Him be given ALL praise and glory - Great things He Has done!Bold

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday- Real Life Denial

Another day in my life, where I am living in denial of the hilarious and wacky side of my life.
This blog idea is hosted by MckMama, the mother of miracle boy, Stellan! Read his story here...
Join me today, as I share/confess the idiosyncrasies of One September Day.

This week was not the week of exhaustion for me. While fighting the flu/migraines I did not make three meals for other families, and host a few busy events at my home.

I did not fill 6 garbage bags of who-knows-what as I cleaned out our pantry. I was not seen trying to make a ping-pong table fit into the back of my van, nor did I go to the grocery store and get home to find that I had forgotten half of the things on my list. Which was IN my hand!

Gave my children cookies for breakfast on a running behind morning? Nope.
Rolled down my window, and talked to a deer standing by my mailbox? NO!!
Watched my son escape from our van as it caught on fire/exploded? Couldn't be!

I did not almost step on a dead mouse on the pantry floor.
I did not get competitive while playing Candy Land with my children.
I would never, ever chew two packs of gum in one week.
Nope, NOT ME - Never!

Monday- A NEW week- Here we come!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank you

to my blogging friend, Holly...

for one of the most thoughtful things I have had someone that I have never personally met, do for me.

Below is a picture she sent me.
Our first baby girl is with the Lord. Her name is Elisabeth.

She is a beautiful memory in our heart and minds.
And her name is carried in the wind on a beautiful fall day......

Thank you, Holly... This was a beautiful gift!
May we ALL use this beautiful gesture of love from another person, to challenge us to share unselfish thoughts and beautiful gifts of love with each other.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Did you say...

I'm BORED???!!

Nope. Those words are "forbidden," around these "parts!"
( heehee...I like that word - forbidden.. sounds kinda like a mystery book word)..

We just plain don't think that any one should be bored. Especially in this family/home.
HOW in the world could there ever be any time when there ISN'T any thing to do?

So, rather that saying I'm bored,, our children have learned a few things about time management and diligence.. a few things about playing independently, and a lot in the creativity department.

Rather than catering to our children's time of "boredom," we have set up a few ideas for them as they have grown to help them see that idleness is the root of laziness.

Please don't misunderstand me,, Work isn't replacing play. There is time for BOTH.

Here are a few ideas that we implement:

- There is a time and a place for everything. ( eliminates guess work on schedules and clutter)

-We divided the house into ZONES - We all rotate zones weekly, and the responsibilities that go with that.)

-Eliminated extra toys. Keep only a few select things that are favorites. (Examples- Legos, baby dolls, cars/army men/ play-doh, and Lincoln logs. Takes the guess out of what to play with, and eliminates clutter.

-Have a designated play area

-All play instruments - keeps the mind healthy, encourages appreciation for music, and creates a habit of practicing - Prioritizing

-All children have "buddies" that they rotate playing.

-Chores are to be done at regular intervals throughout the day.

-Reading a required # of books and writing regular letters/thank-you notes will keep children's minds sharp, and continue to enforce thinking of others.

-Do not squelch artistic "creation".... crafts,, play-doh... or plays, dramas/concerts, that our children would like to share with us. Many nights our family is an audience to our children's self-written plays.

-Bible Memorization -What better way to spend our time? We have discovered that our children have the ability to learn large, wonderful portions of God's Word at a very young age.

-Lap Books- I love to see our children making their "own books."

I am beginning to see that perhaps I will post more about these ideas and more, if you have questions or thoughts about some of our "Boredom Busters."
I don't want to "bore" you with my lengthy lists... I do that... lists - I mean.
And so, I will post more ideas if you would like... but until then..

Not hearing, " I am bored for the last 17 years of parenting, (minus the times my children "forget," that we do not say that.. lol)... has been refreshing, to say the least.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am a Collector

I avoid clutter.
I do not really have a favorite hobby of sorts.
I am in awe of those that have special collections.
But, I have discovered this -
I am a Collector.... also.
Here are some of the things that I have discovered that I love to Collect:

*Moments with my teens.
*Verses from Scripture.
*Good thoughts.
*Tasty/healthy recipes.
*Kisses and hugs from my babies.
*Holding my husbands hand. All the time.
*Family dinner time.
*Sundays. Sabbath.
*True friends
*my children's expressions when they accomplish something.
*Listening to music from my children's heart.
*Prayer time with my little one's
*Quiet time.
*Notes from my children on my pillow when I go to bed.
*Seeing the Lord work His will and His way.

I AM a collector. I would pay a pretty penny ( or more) for these priceless collector items.

Wouldn't you?