One September Day

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Falling off the bike..

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? 
I do.  I think it is one of those forever memories engrained on your mind, due to the fear and trust factors.

I was thinking back to Fall ( and how green everything is in my pictures..with no snow..)
and I remembered that my now 5 year old, Sam, learned how to ride his bike.
He is very cautious and thankfully very trusting.

Isn't it the hardest thing to say to your own child....

"It's ok.. ( you have fallen off of your bike and cut your knees and elbows up, and they are bleeding and I feel like a schmuck telling you this..)
You have to get back on the bike and try again."
"And again...
And again.."

This my FAVORITE picture!
A boy's best friend - good times and bad.


And then, after many hours, and much effort, your child has succeeded in not only learning how to ride a bike...
they have also gained..
your trust..
your pride...
overcome this fear...
and know that perserverance prevailed!

Wow!  What a lesson for every day life.

Friday, January 29, 2010

When the Light is Dim

Ever feel that the Light is burning dim?  That each day is a struggle to see beyond to the next? 
I know that I have...
Whether it is in my daily walk with the Lord, My ambition as a mom, my responsibilities as a wife, or even a friend...
That light just doesn't seem to ignite...sometimes.

It's ok.  Don't you think that God knows we are fallible, and not able to do this on our own?
I know He is always waiting for me to feel like I am in the "dark," and search quite deep for that spark that is going to re-ignite my Light.

Sometimes it takes longer than others.
I hear people say - " I just can't do "this," any more.
I have even heard myself mutter.. "I need a break."

Stepping back is good.  Stepping back long enough to re-gain perspective is healthy. 
But, what is it we step back from is the most important.
Taking a brief repose in the Shadows of His Wings is where we belong..
Not sulking our hiding in our frustration, exhaustion, or confusion.

As a mom, I get weary.  I even let my family down.
As a wife, I get frustrated with effort, even when I know it is worth it.
As a friend, I can feel the Light is Dim with hope sometimes.

God Knows.  He always knows.
One of the promises I cling to when the light seems dim - is that My God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  He is always the same.

My Anchor Holds -
What is causing your light to burn low right now?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Finds

Making Meals every day for a Homeschooling Family of 11 people,, (2 adults, three teenagers, 3 middlers, and 3 toddlers) an adventure ( to say the least).. in the kitchen.

Honestly, though....The Adventure begins in the Grocery Store..
Shopping for the:  Best Buys and Healthy Choices keeps me hopping...

I love new recipes, and do my best to rotate healthy alternatives into each meal.

Want to see some of my favorite things you would find in my Kitchen?

Our Juicer has been a part of my family for 11 years now.  I would sorely miss its' use and its' beneifts.
Our most regular juice blend is made up of Carrots, Celery, and Romaine Lettuce.

There are so many great reasons to Juice.. ( I will have to do a post soon on Just Juicing!)

My Grain Mill is My Friend!  Why?
I can buy wheat ( unmilled) in bulk 25-50#'s.. wheat, white, - whatever I choose..
and run it through my Handy-Dandy Grain Mill for all or any baking I may need flour for.
Fresh whole wheat flour - the BEST!


Rice Milk- We are not big into the dairy drinking thing.( added hormones, etc,)
  I have made Rice Milk before, but, honestly.. When I am making practical choices with my time... I have opted to buy it.

I just grabbed a few shots of a few staples that we use weekly.
The path to Good nutrition can be a great learning process.

The simplest way to begin thinking and making a plan for a Healthy Household, is to start with this thought,
"what I put into my body is going to not only fuel me for today, but will be re-building the cells that carry me through life."
Every day.

I am going to link a few of my favorite web sites to this blog, so that you can do some reading of your own as well.
Interested in some basic Healthy Menu ideas?
Feeding a family on a budget, yet with Healthy Choices is challenging, yet a great habit once you begin.
Join me on this Jouney?

More Reading for Healthy Lifestyles Here:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Like That...

Yep.. It came to me tonight.. that there are a lot of things in a woman's life that are Crazy Like That:

Mornings:  Waking to a new day of responsibility, chores, noise, errands, cooking, hormones, phone calls, exhasution...
 and yet -
Mornings: Waking to a new day of privileges, accomplishments, blessings, gifts of helpers, (hormones,) advice, and another day to rest my head next to my husbands.

Crazy Like That.

Children - Hearing the noise before our eyes our opened, Cries in the night for water or potty, Diaper changes (for the nine children after 18 years,, 2 years a piece)...Dr.'s visits, breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas for a big family, runny noses, tieing shoelaces all day, nap time struggles, spilled milk, homeschooling, whining, correcting, kissing boo-boo's, brushing out the tangled curls, finding missing shoes and socks, packing the diaper bag, lotion on dry skin, listening to piano, vioilin and flute three times a day - times 4 children... and more.

and yet,

Children - Whispers in my ear of love to Mommy before my eyes are opened.. hearing whispers in the hall about letting mommy sleep longer today because she is tired,,, snuggles and hands around the neck - needing me when they are sick in the night...Graduation of diapers to potty training, knowing my child doesn't visit the Dr. for a serious illness and the thankfulness that comes with that thought,,, Nap time - free time to pray, happy to see they are learning to clean up their own spills, Homeschooling, opportunities to teach through bad behavior, kissing boo-boo's, seeing the curls turn beautiful again after some TLC,  playing / tickling their little toes as we put another sock and shoe on...knowing that we are the ones who care for their dry skin, and they will someday remember that, listening to the gifts of music God has given them, and enjoying it even more...

Crazy Like That.
Life as a mom - can be so.. Crazy Like That.
And Oh - How I Love It!!

Gingerbread Snowflakes

I love to create special moments..
with special friends,, for special friends.

Today, I am sharing some pictures of a special winter evening, that my friends and I enjoyed recently.

The Hanging Snowflake Pom-poms were my favorite creation.
I hung them with White lights, and I would make them again in a heart-beat!

The Gingerbread Snowflakes were harder to make, and only for one reason,, I was so tempted to snack at the dough as it chilled!!!!  Yummm!!
I used White CD envelopes with a circle window in the front.. a variety of blue and green tissue paper graced the background of the snowflake through the window of the "favors."

To save time in re-creating the whole evening,, I have just chosen some the special things that were my favorite part of the evening.
But, per request, I am posting the Scrumptious Salad and Homemade Poppy Seed Dressing that many have asked for...
If you would like the directions for the Snowflake Cookies ( gingerbread),, I will share that with you also.  Just be sure to ask!!

Salad Ingredients:
1 Bag Romaine Hearts... Use this type of lettuce,, wash with cold water and chop
Handful Baby Spinach Chopped
Cashew pieces/halves
Feta Cheese - crumbled

In a Blender....MIX:
1/3 cup Sugar
3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
1T Grated Onion
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
Blend until smooth

2/3 cup oil
Stir in 1 Tablespoon Poppy Seeds

After Mixing salad ingredients.. pour dressing into sald,, and mix thoroughly and gently...
being sure to coat and cover entire salad.
Do not mix dressing into salad until ready to serve.
The dressing is best when the whole salad has been mixed and coated with it.
(This salad is best using specific ingredients)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool Shades Night

I am sharing my not so glamorous pictures...

Of  my Cool Shades..

Because I am crazy like that..


My Curly Q's - Cool Shades...

Another glimpse of the silly side of One September Day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 Rules of Communication

A Big Family... many people... a lot of interacting/relationships..
How does it work?  How do your relationships go?

This Post is one of the foundations of our life. 
Perhaps you have heard of these before?
Perhaps not.
I hope you can print them out and post them wherever they might be a reminder to you.
My husband and I have taken some Biblical Counseling courses over the years, and this is the most valuable information I daily practice in my life.
This is the why..
"Good relationships are not built because of an absence of problems.
"Ephesians 4:25-32..Paul gives four very effective  "Rules of Communication."
Great for preventing and solving problems...

   1.)   BE HONEST
( no deceit, no contrast between tones, body language and content of what we say.)
( no innunedos, speak the truth..)

( getting angry, but not sinning,  Not letting our wrath, fury, exasperation, etc. last until the sun goes down.)
(No stewing, not using anger to attack others, not giving Satan a foothold)
(anger is energy to be used to solve problems)
(stop clamming up)
(deal with problems today)
  ... SIX Questions to ask before bringing up a Sticky Problem...
1.)Do I have the facts straight?                                     
2.)Should love hide it? Is it sinful?
3.)Is my timing right?
4.)Is my attitude right? Am I trying to help the other person?
5.)Are my words loving?
6.)Have I prayed for God's help?


We can't change the other person, BUT, we can change how we respond.


There is so much more we can learn from this passage in Ephesians.
Also, if you would like to find out more about the ministry where we gathered such valuable information brought from Scripture.. here it is...

But, On the Lighter Side of Life..
 Here are the 4 Rules of Communication in Life that My family seems to live by on a basic level:

1.) Mommy, I'm Hungry

2.) Who took my shoes?!!

3.)Can you take me/pick me up ...??!!

4.)Why do we have to go to bed nooowww?

And this is what makes life easy!~(easier)
It's the bigger side of life that I use Scriptures Guidelines for Communication.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sharing a Blog Award

Wonderful News!  I was so thankful to receive this Blog Award from Elizabeth.  I so enjoy reading her blog.. we have so much in common, and was so honored to have her pass this award on to me.

You should try and stop by her blogYes, They're All Ours
 I love her family, and all that she has to share!  She has been a great encouragement to me as a mom of many!
Thank you Elizabeth!
Here are the rules for this award:
1. To accept this award you must post it on your blog with the name and a link to the person who gave it to you.

2. Pass on the award to 5 other bloggers that you recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award

I'd like to honor the following 5 blogs with this award:

Praise Him in this Storm - My blogging friend, Paige, has a wonderful story and testimony to share.  Her blog is beautiful and I can't wait for you to meet her newest little blessing!  Beautiful and creative- I love her blog!

Angela's Blog- I met Angela in Blog land while she was carrying her twin girls.  She has four children, and is a Woman after God's Heart.  She is open, honest, and sincere.  I love reading her path through Motherhood, and find encouragement in her walk with the Lord.   I know you will love her to pieces!

The Joyeful Journey - I love Joye's Blog! She is so sweet, and has many posts that bring my mind back to focusing on what is important.  Her children are so adorable- and I know you will find her blog as charming as I did!

Living On a Dime -  The name of this blog speaks volumes!  Stop by and grab some new ideas!  I do all of the time!

Sharps and Flats- Last, but not least... My oldest sons' blog!!  He is new to the blogging world - and he is making his way through meeting new bloggers.  Great chance for you to get to know him too! 

Happy Blogging on this Wonderful Wednesday!
Recipes coming later today!  Woohooo!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Gave my Children Super-Glue?

Super -Glue... You gotta Love it!!!  It's hold is so strong.. it fixes the worst... and we have all relied on it at some point.
It is so strong, that sometimes we are afraid of what it is going to get stuck on to...

I am convinced... totally convinced that someone has given my children Super-Glue!!

*I am in the bathroom .. hopping out of the shower..  "Hi Mommy...I missed you."

*Behind the dryer door,  getting clothes out to fold, and a little face peeks under to see 
 me.. baby has crawled up the steps to find me!

*Outside starting van to warm up as we get ready to head out for groceries...My vivacious 
 2 year old is in her socks - in the snow  -on the sidewalk eating it.. "Snow is yummy, Mommy!"

*I am sound asleep, early morning, as I sense something near me, I open my eyes to see my 5 year old sitting at my door..."Mommy, can you make me blueberry pancakes?"

*I am cleaning the toilets, and attempting to have at least ONE thing clean in the house... I can hear my kids  calling me.. "Mommy, we NEEEED  you!.. Maryahna has marker all over her body!"

*Sitting on the couch listening to one child read, baby on my lap with her paci & blanket, 2 year old sitting on my feet singing a merry song, 8 year old to my right asking about her fractions, and the piano be played  by the 11 year old, 2 feet away.

GLUED TOGETHER is like someone gave them SuperGlue!

Good way to see this...
Super Glue - (Moms).. are to hold on strong to the ones she love.
                                  ..are to fix the worst.
                                  ...are to be relied on.
Strong.  Be strong.  They won't be stuck forever.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Fever

( In respect to my blogging friends that are working through some fertility questions, and losses, I would never post something that would intentionally make you sad, or hurting.  I am posting to share some baby pics of my little ones that I was mulling over, and thought would be nice to share.)

I am hoping that my blog is a "safe" platform for sharing this thought/feeling I get about the time that my youngest turns 15 months.  I can almost predict it.   Although, you would never know I was going to ever have "Baby Fever," again after the way I feel for the 1st year after I give birth.
But, alas, here it comes again...that "Baby Fever!"
Being the mom to many, I often hear much negative feedback, or even observe the raising of an eye-brow when I am holding someone's newborn, or make a comment about loving babies...
Hence, my hope for my blog as the platform of safety in the midst of unbelief that I would even consider wanting another.

There are babies being born all around me, and as soon as I hold one,, that natural desire comes upon me quickly to have another.
 A lot of my friends know that I always say during that 1st year that I cannot imagine going through the lack of sleep, horrible discomfort, and gaining of weight ,, ever again..
I held a newborn again this week,
and ..
I have...
Nope..not.. surprised.

No announcements though.
( I am sure my mom is biting her nails with worry over the title of this post!)
We see our children as a blessing, and each and every baby born into our family is a gift.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give you Joy

Blogging Absentee?  That's me!  I am in a blogging lull.. my mind is lacking inspiration, and my days seem way too full. 

So, what's the best cure?
   Bring Me...Give you JOY.
  I decided to go back to why I began blogging to begin with...

My Children/My Family/The Lord... bring me Joy.

The other day, I was searching my heart for the things that matter most to me in life.  As a wife, a homeschooling mom, servant of the Lord, sister, daughter, friend.... what do I give to others, and where does my JOY come from?   Jesus ... Others ... and   You... most of us know that this is a wonderful acrostic for JOY.  And it is so practical.

I came across My 5 year old Sam the other day ..coloring,  drawing with a red marker.  I   am not fond of LOVE markers,, and the little splotches of red on his face will tell you why... but, that was not what I was thinking when I discovered him sitting quietly drawing me a picture.
He is another gift of JOY God brings me every day.
He loves to draw.  By himself.. and he likes to talk about has been drawing.
I found him all alone, drawing with the infamous red marker,, and it hit me again...
That this is the JOY in my life.  Another small piece of it.
I thought you might enjoy his sweet smile, and see the happiness in his eyes, that I get to see every day.

Thank you to the sweet blogging friends who have sent me private messages wondering how I am... They were a true-pick up to a lull in my seeing JOY.  
Thank you friends.