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Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Gave my Children Super-Glue?

Super -Glue... You gotta Love it!!!  It's hold is so strong.. it fixes the worst... and we have all relied on it at some point.
It is so strong, that sometimes we are afraid of what it is going to get stuck on to...

I am convinced... totally convinced that someone has given my children Super-Glue!!

*I am in the bathroom .. hopping out of the shower..  "Hi Mommy...I missed you."

*Behind the dryer door,  getting clothes out to fold, and a little face peeks under to see 
 me.. baby has crawled up the steps to find me!

*Outside starting van to warm up as we get ready to head out for groceries...My vivacious 
 2 year old is in her socks - in the snow  -on the sidewalk eating it.. "Snow is yummy, Mommy!"

*I am sound asleep, early morning, as I sense something near me, I open my eyes to see my 5 year old sitting at my door..."Mommy, can you make me blueberry pancakes?"

*I am cleaning the toilets, and attempting to have at least ONE thing clean in the house... I can hear my kids  calling me.. "Mommy, we NEEEED  you!.. Maryahna has marker all over her body!"

*Sitting on the couch listening to one child read, baby on my lap with her paci & blanket, 2 year old sitting on my feet singing a merry song, 8 year old to my right asking about her fractions, and the piano be played  by the 11 year old, 2 feet away.

GLUED TOGETHER is like someone gave them SuperGlue!

Good way to see this...
Super Glue - (Moms).. are to hold on strong to the ones she love.
                                  ..are to fix the worst.
                                  ...are to be relied on.
Strong.  Be strong.  They won't be stuck forever.


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