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Monday, December 28, 2009

No Better Time than the Present

There is always much talk of change when the New Year is ready to be reigned in.
Many lists of resolution and purpose.  We make them here.  My husband and I even pray and choose a theme for our family.  An area that we see our family needs growth and change in.  To strive to meet God's standard in this area better.  Last year we chose Stewardship.  It was such a test, and such a blessing.

No better time than the present?
 I have been thinking on this "catch phrase," for a while now.  After observing a lot of division in relationships, Church matters, and the impact of  our words upon the body of Christ,, and listening to the lists being formulated for the New Year... I ponder why it isn't on more minds that ..
There is no better time than the present.  Every day,, of the year.

It has been such a sad realization to me this year, 2009, that many Christians, are content throughout the year, without pursuing the "peace and happiness," that is so frequently celebrated at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.
Living with a complacency of unsettled matters of the heart, or content with mediocracy in the Church, is what makes up the lists that we find ourselves mulling over at the brink of every New Year.

There is no Better Time than the Present to:
*Live every day with a firm resolve to love one another..

*Serve Christ with a pure heart,, not deceiving ourselves, nor others

*Not esteeming ourselves above another

*Placing the petty issues of life on the altar of sacrifice and buliding bridges that were broken

*Finding peace in relationships , knowing that is what really matters to God.. not what/who we think is right or wrong

*Sharing the peace and love of God with others that do not normally hear it

*Telling the one that comes to your mind you are uncomfortable around that you love them, and pray for them..

There is no better time than the Present,...A THEME for the WHOLE year?
Probably in the McCarthy Home this year.



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