One September Day

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did that really happen?

Yes.. It did. Our van did catch on fire. My son was behind the drivers wheel.
AND I am still asking myself.. "Did that really happen?"

I have stayed within a general posting pattern of not writing about the gillions of details that make up each of our days. My post would be as long as the day, and would definitely be full of more adventure than the average person would want to read.

The van story - way too unreal to imagine.
A testimony to God's Amazing Grace and Protection.
I give Him the glory and praise for Keeping Benjamin safe.

Friday evening, Ben had a group of friends over for pizza and then they were heading to a basketball game, to be followed by a sleepover, and then a "wood-bee," for some friends of our family.
My husband was outside after dinner, finishing a concrete pad for a basketball area for our kids, and Ben was getting ready to go out with the other teens.

Benjamin went out ahead of everyone to start the van. The van started, and then strangely, turned off.
Ben started it again - this time - a huge explosion of fire shot out from under the hood into the sky, through the vents - into the van itself- touching Ben,, from under the van,, etc.
Ben jumped out - stunned. Unhurt. Shocked.

Because my husband was outside already, he heard Ben calling him, and had seen the huge explosion in the sky. He ran to help Ben, and they both began working on the van that was on fire in our driveway. The rest of the teens began hauling buckets of water to and fro.. for about 20 minutes.
Between fire extinguishers, and water, the fire was finally out.

We all just stood there, staring at the smoldering van, thinking - What in the world just happened here?
I looked at Ben, he looked at me, and we hugged.
I prayed over my son that moment,, thanking God for keeping him in His care.
I know God's plan could have been different.
I am thankful for being able to hold my 17 year old son that night.

A lot of what -if's went thru my head that night. I am training my mind to take every thought captive, and to dwell on what I do know, and what I did see.

( We still do not know the cause of this fire. The van is melted and burned beyond use. The insurance company will be coming out before Friday. We did have work done on the van two days prior to the fire. A $$ substantial amount of work, to be exact. We will see what happens.
Honestly,, I am not even thinking about the van, nor the money, But every time I see Ben walk thru the door, I am reminded about God's amazing Hand of protection.)

So, posting every little detail about One September Day would certainly give me the opportunity to give more Praise and honor to Him - Perhaps we will change things up a bit?
To Him be given ALL praise and glory - Great things He Has done!Bold


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