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Friday, November 13, 2009

Did you say...

I'm BORED???!!

Nope. Those words are "forbidden," around these "parts!"
( heehee...I like that word - forbidden.. sounds kinda like a mystery book word)..

We just plain don't think that any one should be bored. Especially in this family/home.
HOW in the world could there ever be any time when there ISN'T any thing to do?

So, rather that saying I'm bored,, our children have learned a few things about time management and diligence.. a few things about playing independently, and a lot in the creativity department.

Rather than catering to our children's time of "boredom," we have set up a few ideas for them as they have grown to help them see that idleness is the root of laziness.

Please don't misunderstand me,, Work isn't replacing play. There is time for BOTH.

Here are a few ideas that we implement:

- There is a time and a place for everything. ( eliminates guess work on schedules and clutter)

-We divided the house into ZONES - We all rotate zones weekly, and the responsibilities that go with that.)

-Eliminated extra toys. Keep only a few select things that are favorites. (Examples- Legos, baby dolls, cars/army men/ play-doh, and Lincoln logs. Takes the guess out of what to play with, and eliminates clutter.

-Have a designated play area

-All play instruments - keeps the mind healthy, encourages appreciation for music, and creates a habit of practicing - Prioritizing

-All children have "buddies" that they rotate playing.

-Chores are to be done at regular intervals throughout the day.

-Reading a required # of books and writing regular letters/thank-you notes will keep children's minds sharp, and continue to enforce thinking of others.

-Do not squelch artistic "creation".... crafts,, play-doh... or plays, dramas/concerts, that our children would like to share with us. Many nights our family is an audience to our children's self-written plays.

-Bible Memorization -What better way to spend our time? We have discovered that our children have the ability to learn large, wonderful portions of God's Word at a very young age.

-Lap Books- I love to see our children making their "own books."

I am beginning to see that perhaps I will post more about these ideas and more, if you have questions or thoughts about some of our "Boredom Busters."
I don't want to "bore" you with my lengthy lists... I do that... lists - I mean.
And so, I will post more ideas if you would like... but until then..

Not hearing, " I am bored for the last 17 years of parenting, (minus the times my children "forget," that we do not say that.. lol)... has been refreshing, to say the least.


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