One September Day

Thursday, September 15, 2011

When your hands are on your hips....

It can only mean ONE thing....

If you are a parent,, (more presumably a mom),,, and you find your children asking you...

"Why do you always stand with your hands on your hips like that?"
What do you say?

1.)  It is more comfortable for me to stand this way...
2.) God gave me extra padding after you were born, and it is a good place to rest my hands...
3.) It is my new glamour pose.. you like it?


1.) I am upset with your actions, and this is my way of having an attitude
2.) I am hoping that I will regain some patience with my hands here while I stew over your mess
3.) This is my way of pouting, being angry, and showing the family that I am really frustrated right now

I don't know about you, but I have been caught in the "Act of... My Hands on my Hips," ... a lot.
And when it comes right down to it,,  there are probably a lot of other little mannerisms that I do, and you as a parent do also.
And our kids will mimic them.
Good or Bad.

 -Biting your lip?
 -Rolling your eyes?
 -Clenched fists?
 -Smoldering sighs?
 -Hands on your hips?
 -Quick to reply and not wait for explanation?
 -Pursed lips?
 -Biting the inside of your cheek?

What are some things you find yourself doing, and maybe your children are noticing?

We can change our responses by 1st recognizing our actions.
Change and grow.
Let daily tests grow you in grace.



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