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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bathe your Sons in Prayer Today

What a Blessing Today CAN be for all of us.  Will you choose to pray for your sons, grandsons, or boys in your life?
( If you would still like to join us,  just read the former post,  grab your e-book, and leave a comment today... we have a handful already praying together!)

This Battle is fought on our knees - Prayer.

Prayer Warriors-
Today we are praying about a HEART CHANGE for our sons.

{{{{Read through the Study Questions on Page 11, and ask yourselves each question with complete humility:
(Just to help you start thinking,, here are two of the questions)}}}}

1.)Do you believe that God holds us responsible for the way that we that we train our children?

2.)Pray and ask the Lord to show you any ways that you have failed to raise your sons to know and love Him and how you can change this to bring glory to Him.

Today COMMIT to Praying the Ten Prayers in the Heart Change Chapter.. 
I LOVE this Format -
 Filling in your sons name in every space!

Let's begin together:
Fill in your blank:

"May ______ Honor God with his heart, and not just his lips." (Isaiah 29:13

"Create in ______ a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within him." (Psalm 51:10)

Friends... Don't see your commitment to this Study as a Burden,,,You will be blessed by praying for your sons, and the Lord will enlighten our hearts and minds together.


Here are a few ways you can find the time to pray today:
1.) Pray the Prayers ONE at a time throughout the day - if this is easier for you.
2.) Make the Prayers part of your family devotion time.
3.)Spend time in concentrated prayer time- at night.

Every Friday you can link up here to a post on your blog about what God is showing you through this time in Prayer.  Be sure to check back every day.

For every day discussion,,, kindly leave your thoughts and prayers / requests here as a comment.



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