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Friday, August 5, 2011

Daughters of Diligence

Diligence -  Investing all my energy to complete the tasks assigned to me.

Raising Children for the Lord is a responsibility... not an option.
One of the Character Issues that arises daily here in our home while raising my children is DILIGENCE.

Focusing on our Daughters, we can raise Daughters of Diligence.

How many times have you challenged your daughter to finish the a job task set before them?

How often do yo have to have them return to a job to finish?

Is the job done half-heartedly?

We all need to learn godly Character qualities. 
 If you have been wanting to take that step of practically teaching your children the meanings, living -out difference of Godly Character,, take this step of applying it in your home.

Godly leaders and servants can be even more productive if they practice character that draws them closer to their Lord.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum through the years.  
I purchased one set every couple years, and then I incorporated them into our home school program, our devotional time, or just a summer hour a day.
It is an all-encompassing material - for every area of your children's lives.

Music lessons
Bible reading and memory work
Letter writing
Feeding the animals
Church commitments
and more areas that we can teach our children to be DILIGENT

A child or daughter that learns DILIGENCE at a young age, in the home, will grow to be a woman that is Thorough, Orderly, and understands and practices endurance.

For the last 15 years, I have used a set of Books that instills, teaches, and makes CHARACTER Training enjoyable, fun, and productive.
Diligence is just ONE of the examples from the Character First Education Material.

Here are the different Character Qualities that we have been covering for many years from this Curriculum:

Series 1: 

Attentiveness, Obedience, Truthfulness, Gratefulness, Generosity, Orderliness, Forgiveness, Sincerity, Virtue

Series 2: 

Responsibility, Patience, Initiative, Self-Control, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Tolerance, Creativity, Discretion

Series 3: 

Diligence, Loyalty, Hospitality, Sensitivity, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Discernment, Cautiousness, Boldness

Series 4: 

Dependability, Thoroughness, Determination, Thriftiness, Availability, Deference, Compassion, Persuasiveness, Wisdom

Areas of:
Definition of Character Trait
Poems to learn
Verses to Apply
Activities - Games, Crafts, and Songs
Applications for Younger and Older Children
Coloring Pages
Collector Cards for each Character Quality

Here is a Sample PDF. for you to look at of the Diligence Material:

Here is the Link to view all of the Character Training Qualities you can use for your home:
(or you can click any of the above Highlighted words on character)

Do you have a tested and tried Character Curriculum you would like to share?
I would love to hear about it..
Or try this one!

The Concept of Diligence
Diligence invests time, thought, and energy into a project
with the hope that it will produce a healthy return.
By investing a lot, diligent individuals expect to gain a
lot. They realize that what they get out of something
depends upon what they are willing to put into it.

Diligence also finishes what it starts. It counts the cost
and sees things through to the bitter end. In fact, for the
diligent, the satisfaction of finishing a project is often as
meaningful as any praise or recognition they receive
from others.

Diligence also applies to both small and large projects,
significant or menial, easy or difficult. It applies the
same effort to whatever task is at hand, realizing that
anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Here's a Thought...
Are we showing DILIGENCE in teaching our children how to live for Him in every day life?



  • At August 5, 2011 at 7:57 PM , Blogger Debbie said...

    When I saw your character quality definition I wondered if you and your family are in ATI? My daughter-in-law found your blog and quickly emailed me the link yesterday. She said it had her mother-in-law written all over it :). It has been a blessing to read and hear your heart for your children.


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