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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why God gave me these children

Oh, I am sure there are many, many reasons my Lord had in giving me these children.
Probably reasons that I will never know..

But, every day I find a another nugget to hold onto.. showing me WHY He gave me each and every one.

I see so much of myself in each child.  Scary, huh?
I see so much of what I need to work on.
I understand God's comfort, His Love, His forgiveness, His plan for my life.

What a gift children are.

Just This Week I :

***Woke up and Rolled over to find baby blues gazing into mine own, reaching into the depths of my heart.. telling me that no matter what was going to happen when I rolled out of bed... God loves me so much to give me such a beautiful gift first thing in the morning.

***Held the little hands of my children as we skipped, and jumped on sidewalk cracks, giggling and sharing moments of joy, another gift that God gave me.

***Prayed with my teens in the late night hours, crying out to the Lord for guidance, deliverance, and hope.  Holding my grown daughter, and praying with her for her future.  Prayer- with my children - Gifts.

***Held my little boys hand, as he told me why he thought I loved the Lord..."Mommy,,, I know you try to be a good Christian,,, because I see you sing praises to Him, learn Scripture. read the Bible, talk to God, and teach children" - all from my 6 year old's little mouth, and large heart and observing eyes.  

***Rubbed my little toddlers legs, as she struggles with growing pains... while she cries and trusts that I am able to help her.  Just a little comfort goes a long way- isn't that so true friends?

***Waking this morning to my two year old singing, "I will seek you in the morning, and I will learn to walk in your wayssss,, and STEP by STEP ...".. reminding me of the Newness in a day,, and how I need to seek Him,,,,, all from the simple message sung by a two year old.

***Watching my son handle a difficult situation with guidance and direction from the Lord. Showing preference for others and letting The Lord has perfect will and work in His life.  A firm reminder to me this is.

***Cleaning and Bandaging a boo-boo,,, ( or two, or three), and the assurance my little ones feel that I am able to make things better, as I look in the deep pools of tears that come from the pain of their scrapes or falls. Knowing that the Lord is always caring for my family, even when I cannot make things better.

***Having talks with my growing middlers,,,, as they ask many questions about their faith, their decisions, and their responsibilities   Looking into their eyes as we chat, seeing the earnest desire to do what the Bible says, and not man.....reminding me of my own walk, my own thoughts, and my own responsibilities.

Why did God give me these children?
To raise, teach, guide in the ways of the Lord.
To nurture, care for, and love.

To be an ever present reminder of God's working in my life.. every single day - through my children.

Take a peek over here for some more encouragement in seeing your children/family in a light that sheds insight into what the Lord has planned for the family:



  • At August 3, 2011 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Linda said...

    All very good reasons I'd say! (:>)

    Praying for you and for all of those wonderful kids today sweet September!

    Love, Linda

  • At August 3, 2011 at 9:20 PM , Blogger Kate said...

    Your two youngest bear the two names I'm considering should I have another daughter. Ava or Audrey, Ava or Audrey. I am so undecided!

  • At August 4, 2011 at 12:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Found your blog from Raising Homemakers and I had to stop and listen to the whole "Remember Me" song, a song I have loved for a long time and have not heard in awhile!! Thanks for letting me sit and listen. You have such a lovely family! :)


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