One September Day

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Penny for YOUR Thoughts..

If I had a penny for every time that I:

- Thought of someone else's needs

-Showed Contentment

- Acted upon a prompting

-Read my Bible

-Wrote a thank you note

-Gave someone a much needed hug

-Shared the Gospel

-Went out of the way to talk to another person

-Put on a smile to spread some cheer- even when I didn't feel like it

-Memorized more Scripture to lean on or to share

-Took a walk and held my spouse's hand

-Rocked and Sang to my children

-Sat down with a parent and just told them I love them

-Wrote a letter to a hurting person

-Rubbed my daughters back

-Put a grocery cart away for someone that needed help

-Prayed more fervently for wisdom, discretion and direction

-Was attentive to someone speaking to me,, and not distracted

-Used more Scripture in my discussions

-Prayed as a family as we never have before

-Thanked the Lord for every breath

-Fell to my knees in humble desperation and praise

......If I had a penny for every time this week that I did these things.. then I wouldn't need a thing...


A Penny for YOUR thoughts this week....
Any one?



  • At July 2, 2011 at 11:29 PM , Blogger Sarah McCarthy said...

    Amen to this and the fact he fills our cup and gives us everything we need.

  • At July 3, 2011 at 12:18 PM , Blogger Linda said...

    I wish I had done more of those things this week! I try..and fail and try again and accomplish some, and then fail at others. But praise God He pulls me up and says "try again in my strength, and in my power!"

    This week I have tried a soft answer to turn away wrath...and found out that it works! Imagine that! ha! His word is truth!!! (:>)

    Not feeling well this I missed church. Hubby went on without me. I think I will listen to David Jeremiah and get some spiritual nourishment.

    Thinking on Philip. 4:8 this morning. When you said.......
    "A Penny for your thoughts!" made me think of this verse, which of course has to do with our thoughts. And tells us what we should spend our time thinking about.

    Love you September!

    Have a Happy and Blessed 4th of July!


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