One September Day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Toddlers and a Treadmill

I find it so hilariously amazing the lengths we, as moms, go to exercise!
Like this morning -
Time to get on the treadmill - set up the three youngest, 5, 3, and 1 in the basement with their toys, within my sight, so that they are safe, and not into mischief while I attempt to grab a mile or two.

Scene 1:
 3 Toddlers set up with toys- now I cannot find the Safety "key" for the Treadmill.  The Todllers have hidden it from me, and they are trying to remember where they hid it.
Tick, tick, tick..
The todllers remember where it is,, I finally get started.

Scene 2:
The Questions Begin,..I am out of breath.. trying to pretend I didn't hear them
"Mommy, how old are you?"
"Why are you breathing like that?"
"Look, mommy, I can jump rope now!"
"Uh-Oh, Mommy, the baby took her sock and shoe off!"
The baby's nose is running...
I am trying to talk while I jog- telling Sam to run upstairs and get a tissue for baby's nose.
I stop machine.. wipe baby's nose, and ask 3 year old to throw tissue away -
"Ewwww... she says!"
I jump back on treamill before my heart- rate drops!

Scene 3:
3 year old decides to make a climbing obstacle course while I am on my 2nd mile...
I am watching carefully,, for safety..
when... yep,, baby decides to lay herself down right in the middle of this creative course and cause a ruckus.
Stop treadmill.... intervene... Start again.
Now focused on finishing.. Baby decides she wants to stroll over to me, and attempt to touch moving belt on treadmill.  I stop,,, move her,, re-start... stop.. move her... re-start!
Oh so fun!

Scene 4:
Treadmill done
Moving on to a few stretches and floor exercises
All 3 toddlers playing in basement now getting bored
I lay down on carpet for leg lifts, and baby walks over to me and lays down to cuddle...
Awwww..... so sweet.. kiss... now please move.  Please.
Question from 5 year old-
"Mommy, are you hot?  You look sweaty."
Yep.  I am.
More leg lifts...other leg now.
Baby is leaning over my face again.. nose is running again.
Tissue scene.
Last, but not least....sit-ups~
I hate these.  This mom of many has a lot of stomach muscles to work on -
"Mommy, are you tired?"
Baby sits on my belly, and lays her sweet face on mine.
Ok,, enough is enough... I am done.

I am mommy.  Always.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good, Better, Best - A Spirit of Excellence

How can a Christian show the world  and God that they mean what they say, and that they are serious about living for God?

How can a child learn to do accomplish what they set their hands, mind and heart to do- with excellence?

How can a parent show their children they are really trying, accomplish the many tasks that a parent needs to get done, anfd still serve a Risen Savior?

Struggling, Just getting by, or even barely managing the tasks we handle?

1.)Some things just don't need to get done.  Wisely choose.
2.) Do all to the glory of God.
3.)Do your best.  Not good, not better, But your best!

One of the things we are working hard to instill in our growing children from the time they are little, is to have a Spirit of Excellence.

It takes a little more work of follow thru, and reslove to teach and re-teach them as a parent while they learn through every situation.
Here are a few areas you can visualize this process of teaching of Choosing Good, Better, or Best:
~School Projects
~Special Music
~Writing thank you notes
~Appropraite dress
~Phone Answering
~Treatment of others
~Church Ministry

Striving for a Spirit of Excellence is not about Pride.  It is not about ourselves, and most certainly is not about accomplishing something fast, and easily.
Perservarance, and examining whether we have done good, (well), better, or best is what it is really about.

We always challenge one another here.. not for perfection, and not to be legalistic..
but for this :
To bring Glory to God through all that we do,, our best.
Striving for a Spirit of Excellence in all that we do.
( Striving is such a big part of this post.. for we fail every day... and have to remember to keep pressing onward.)
Good,,, better.. best!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I can't even look!

You would never guess I was a mom of many children, if you knew this little fact about me first...

Teeth:  Loose teeth, pulling teeth, hanging by the thread teeth, missing teeth...
I can't even look.

So ridiculous, I know.
My poor children... from the time that Ben ( oldest), was a baby, and all the way down to our youngest now..I have this weakness of looking at loose teeth.

Will I overcome this weak in the knees, queasy - stomach, and light-headed problem I have?  Probably not.

Solution- someone else has to pull the teeth, wiggle the loose ones, and be the collector, (aka.. Tooth- fairy!)
My children know to not even show me that tooth that dangles from their big smiles,, or to ask me to help them pull it. 
They would prefer to not come to my rescue as I lay prone on the floor from begin totally "grossed - out," as they say!
Do you have silly mom-issues like this that you have never conquered, and quite honestly have no intentions to do so?
Share them with me... or you can just tell me to get over it. 
Although, I won't.. I assure you.

Looks like a good way to loosen up a tooth,, doesn't it... I can't even look!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Button, Button, Who's got the Button? MckLinky link!

I tend to love tradition, memory making, family heirlooms, and the stories that go with them..

Do you?  I would love for you to share your special memories, heirlooms, or traditions.

My hope chest is slowly filling with items that have been close to my heart from childhood, friendships, marriage, motherhood, and more.
I have decided that on my birthday this year, I am going to sit my children around my Hope Chest, and share all of the stories that have been a special part of my past, our present, and their future.

I was recently thinking that I should hand-write a note, story, and any special information to these things, so that one day, ( when my mind is nnot working properly,) .. the stories will not be forgotten.

Here is a picture of my grandmother's buttons.  She saved them off of shirts, and all types of clothing from her family, and perhaps even from her mother as well.
They were collecting dust in my attic, and so, I found this pretty jar at my favorite local Mercantile, and decided to share their beauty within our home.

Will you share your heirlooms, ideas, and memories with all of us?
You can  create a post if you have a blog and link up here...
Or just leave a note in my comments.  I am absolutely looking forward to hearing from you!
Never Used McLinky Before?  Simply write a post on your blog with your Family Memories/Heirlooms, and hop back here with the direct link to your post.  Give it a title so we will want to stop by and visit... we would ALL love reading your ideas!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zones - Rated Pg-8

Take a walk through your home, and take serious note of what you stop and take time for… What you are hearing around you?
.. and what you are thinking while you go from room to room?
I will find myself multi-tasking at every turn.
As I walk, I am handing out instructions to at least three children at once, picking up crayons, toys, refilling the toilet paper roll, putting a cereal box away, swapping out the washer/dryer, marking something on the calendar, straightening the rug by the sink, putting a pile of things at the bottom of the steps to carry up the next trip…etc.
That was all in a 5 – 7 minute period.
So, what’s a parent to do?

Zones- PG-8!!
PG-8 – Requires Parental Guidance, and usually an 8 year old and up can handle this.
( We use other helpful alternatives for 8 and  under.. another post )
Yep- This is what we call our attempt at keeping this home somewhat manageable – Zones.
We have used this system for years. Tweeked it over and over, and we find it to be the best bet for us.

Here is a quick rundown on how we operate The Zone Technique:

-We broke the areas of our home into 6 Areas( zones):
EVERY PERSON DOES A NEW ZONE EACH WEEK - Every day of the week they manage their area.
1.)Living Room/Loft Area
2.)Entryway/Dining Room/School Room
3.)All Laundry
5.)All Bathrooms
6.)Kitchen – All Day
( Your home would, of course, have a different lay-out, and size than ours,, and so, your Zones would be somewhat different.)
( Also, please note, that we incorporated this method of responsibilities in our home after the oldest was about 8…this seems to be a good age for this type of cleaning,, and accountability.)
Every child is on a rotation list. Starting at the top.. fortunately, we have many children and so the rotation takes longer.,,, but either way…

On Sunday, the rotation begins, and ends with a wing-ding of a job finish on Saturdays. Then the list rotates, and every person rotates to the next Zone on the list.

On our Zone Chart,,, we have it broken down under each Zone Heading the respons. Of each area, and what is expected.. with a more thorough finish on Saturdays,, before they hand it over to the next person.

Here is a Sample of Our Zone Chart:
Every Zones is done a few times a day, or completed thoroughly by the end of day:

*Living Room/Loft : Pick up toys, clutter, books, under furniture, etc..vacuum every day, tidies before bed again.

*Entryway: Hang Coats, Clutter off floor, Pick up Shoes, Tidy all rooms, wash and clear dining room table, vacuum and sweep daily. Tidy before bed.

*Bathrooms: Empty Trash cans -new liner in each, Using cleaner -wipe down sinks, door knobs, light switches, and toilet area. Tidy area. Refill TP every day.

To top it all off…. I will occasionally throw in a surprise contest for zone efficiency, and reward them with a special acknowledgement.
We do not give an allowance for zones. We never have. Our family works together to create an atmosphere that we all desire, and that would please God.

We do, however, give our children opportunities to earn spending and saving money,, outside of their zones. A healthy alternative to expecting to be paid every time they help keep our home running with efficiency, and care for one another.
Zones - I love it. To know that yes, my house may be somewhat clean,,,
But more importantly – That my children grow to have an understanding of hard work, perserverance, thoroughness, and unselfishness…For what they leave undone, another would have to pick up the next week.
Great opportunities for growth in all of us… This Zone Thing,, as we call it.
Yep.. ALL of us… especially me.. the MOM..
Putting God’s standard of love and communication above my desire for perfection.
Zones- My home AND heart…. Under construction!


And.. We have a WINNER!!

You all came out in droves for my first blog-give-away

This is how THREE of you WON!!
Yep.. Three..

I was so touched by the response to this give-away..
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Giveaway- Big Fun!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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