One September Day

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Perfume Counter

When I leave the house.. it is rarely for leisure or pleasure...
When I leave the house.. I usually only have a limited amount of time that I can be "out,".. due to schedules,, nap times, cranky kids and cranky mommy...
When I leave the house ... it is usually to go to the same old spots!

Well,  I left the house a few weeks ago...
And, it was for leisure.
It was without my children...
AND.. I went to the Mall.

Weird.  I am not a shopper. 
It is foreign to me.  I am not used to looking in every store for a needed item.  Finding just the right size, color, and price.
I realized I was more of an observer than a shopper.
It was rather fun observing. 

This is what fascinated me the most...
I was walking through a rather popular store in the mall.. ( one I think I have been in all of four times..)
...and I was rather intent on finding a rather slimming pair of pants... (with a rather stretchable waistline!)

Uproarious laughter!!!  This is what I heard!
I thought this was a store.. full of serious and intent  shoppers..
And I hear a trail of laughter, fun conversation, and chatty women...
and then it hit me!
Right smack dab in the middle of my senses - PERFUME!
Wow!  This was the combination of about three or more brand name perfumes.. being sampled.

This is what drew me.  I stood for a while behind a rack of swim suits, and observed the way that other women spend their leisure time out.
( Kinda weird I know.. picturing me hiding out behind a rack of clothes!  But that is how I have fun!)

It was so fun to watch.  I never knew that such fun could be had at a perfume counter.
The stories they shared...the scents and new eye color they experimented with.. and all of the laughter that came from that perfume counter..
Opened my eyes to a whole other world of leaving the house.
I never knew that women had such fun, and delight  - while trying on a new scent.
Probably because I do not wear any perfume.  Never have,..maybe someday will?
Either way...they entertained me with their fun that day.
A new challenge to find the fun wherever you are!

My outlook on every day - smile!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Don't Get Lost

Yes,, I got lost.  a lot of absentee bloggers.. return to their blog with the calming reassurance to their readers that they didn't get lost....

I DID get lost.

A dear friend... My Lord and Savior... showed me the way back to the precious place called "home"... in HIS arms.. and the reassurance to STAY there.

Confused?  That's ok..

It wasn't as if I was ignoring my blog.. as a matter of fact... I was AVOIDING it...

This is why...

When I began my blog..I purposed that I would no use it to vent, to complain, or as a platform of declaring injustice through my eyes.

So, in this difficult season of my life.. I avoided it... not wanting to be a stumbling block to any one.
And through that time.. I got lost...
I lost touch with my blogging friends..
I lost my desire to write...
I lost my way in my days...
And I lost my hope in people...

He brought back...
I should have never stopped searching
I love to write..
I love my days...
I should have never placed my hope in people...
Just Him.

Don't lose sight of what is really important in life..
I don't need to even share the trials and losses we have had in the last year... to help remind you...

Don't get Lost...
and if you do....
Come back to the ONE and ONLY Comforter..TRUE friend..and healer.. that was and always is there for you.
It is such a better place.

Goodbye Dry Dessert...
Hello Peace and Happiness.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer's Song

Summer's Song is almost over here.
Here is the song summer sang to us this year:

*Lazy days at the beach...
*Picking berries, skipping rocks, and sipping iced lemonade
*Shaking sand out of swim suits and bags .. non-stop
*Reading neglected books
*Rummage Sales for fun
*Weeding and babying the flower beds
*Potty Training
*Cleaning out closets and drawers
*Saying good-bye to burdens
*Trying new recipes
*Hiking and Biking
*Sewing Projects
*Family Get-togethers
*Roasting marshmallows and Mountain Pies
*Swimming and Splashing
*Buying new flip flops
*Mowing the lawn
*Too many milkshakes
*Too little time!

This Summer Song is sweet to my ears, and will forever be stored in my treasury of music made by the beautiful family the Lord has blessed me with.

Good-Bye Summer!

Sweet Summer Songs!