One September Day

Friday, July 31, 2009

Raise your Hands..

Raise your hands if your sure..

( just kidding),,

Raise your Hands if you have or are - experiencing any of the following:

~a little face chatting to you in the shower through the a pulled back shower curtain.

~Being told you are a "good girl- Mommy," for going potty .

~Stepping on crushed cheerios, and peeling them off your toes as you quickly slip into some flip-flops on the way out the door.

~serving dinner with all plastic wear - because, alas, you have just discovered that EVERY SINGLE piece of silver ware has been accidentally put in the trash or left in the sandbox.

~that eerie sense that someone is standing beside you as you sleep.. to then slowly opening your eyes in the middle of the night to a child standing eye level to you

~Any special brush you may call your "own" ends up in every bathroom or bedroom for everyone else, except for your own use.

~Discovering after jumping out of shower and quickly putting on undergarments, that whomever folded and sorted laundry, accidentally( again), gave you your 8 year olds aforementioned, and they are NOT going to fit! Nope!

~Smile at the on-lookers at the store as you carry an over-tired, and somewhat naughty child out to your vehicle, all the while acting as if it is such a wonderfully happy, and all-so normal moment.

~Discover that almost every picture and video on your cell phone was taken by your children, and they are more tech-savvy than yourself.

~Oh-oh.. a diaper( only wet one), was accidentally thrown in with towels in washing machine. Nice.

~cannot remember how old you REALLY are, because you have spent so much time joking about how young you really aren't..

~discover that you have now made pancakes for dinner three nights any given week.

~Think about grocery shopping as if it is a field trip -packing lunch, and drinks, and potty chairs into the van for the long "trip!"

~fallen asleep singing, praying and putting your kiddos to bed, and they get back up and find daddy to visit with

~hate changing crib sheets? I do.

~Bet ya haven't experienced this one... coming home at night to find 20 chickens roosting on your porch, in the flowers, on the porch lights, and in your rockers.. yep..

LIFE is GOOD! Don't you agree?
So,, Raise your Hand.. if you agree!!

My friend Melissa has a sweet baby boy who always has that "life is Good" personality! Isn't he just adorable!?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

How Does your Garden Grow?

I took some pictures of some of the produce from our garden today.
About one hour after I took the pictures, a friend stopped by and as we were talking, she shared a simple truth that I later thought about for quite a while.
So, now, you get to see my garden pictures. I am sure you are just so excited.. but, maybe you will think upon what I share here, as the two tie together.
How uncanny.

My thinking brought me to this ... Someone had shared with her,, and she shared with me, and now I am sharing with you... this thought -

How does your Garden grow?
I am not referring to the piece of land that has been tilled, and cultivated. Seeds planted, watered, and produce grown with care.

Here's the question. What IS YOUR GARDEN?
We all have been planted in a certain place, for a certain time. It is our job to cultivate that as well.
My home, my husband, and my children come first. I may not always produce the best results in my own areas, but it is where I give my time, my energy, my love, and my life.
Others give the same, and yet, are planted in other areas to grow beautiful things.
I think of Kelly, from...
She is a mom, wife, teacher, and she still gives her time, her heart, and her love to a special ministry that is dear to her in so many ways.

I can always see where others have been given that "green thumb!" And that is not just referring to our Gardens.
For example, my friend Erica, owns and beautifies a wonderful shop, and you can visit her shop here..
She has been planted here.. and it shows.

What we love - produces the best crop.
What are you cultivating? Are your priorities a little overgrown with weeds?

Perhaps there are things have distracted you, keeping you from your priorities?
Is your crop producing its best yield?
It's time to harvest, and we can all grow beauty around us.
It can't be hidden.
How does your garden grow?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pixie Dust

The Fairies Delievered a Little Pixie Dust to our Home Last Night

My Little "Fairy Angels"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vanity, Vanity,, all is Vanity

This post is being generated from an ultra-silly moment in my life. Hang on'!

I am only energetic, funny, silly, and fun when I drink caffeine. It is just the way it is. My family and friends can always tell if I have had the littlest bit of sugar or caffeine... That's how noticeable it is. I sure wish I was fun without it. Oh well!

Today was a Swim Park Day. I always look forward to this,, it gives me chance to "move" my tans lines around! ( heehee..JK)..
I had all the coolers packed, beach bags with towels, swim suits, water bottles, snacks, birthday "stuff" for one of my daughters, etc.

I couldn't find my swim suit. I took everything out of the 5 laundry baskets in the laundry room, the two in my room, any nook and cranny that it might have been put...
Alas,, NO suit.
The kids were all waiting on me,,,which is not the norm around here.

I traipse to the attic to find my "skinny tote!" You know,, the one labeled.. "skinny tote!"
The before pregnancy clothes, and never to be worn again clothes.
I find my Liz Claiborne 2 piece suit,, so pretty, worn 5 years ago, 3 babies ago.
Rush into the bathroom... get the bottom part on ok,, so-so ok,, tight but not too tight. ( It's the skirt style,, hiding the unwanted.
Now for the top....
Wish I had my video camera for this part.. No.. maybe not.

I get the pretty tie at the neck,top part down over my head.. and start to adjust everything. I am still nursing my baby, and so the top "part" of my body will just not quite fit where it belongs. I maneuver things around a little more, take a look into the mirror, and what do I see..
My hair all a mess from this hurried attempt to fit my still shrinking body into a suit that looks like it should fit my ten year old.
I was all "bunched up" into this suit, and was laughing so hard in the mirror, I am surprised that my children didn't commit me to an institution right then and there.

NOPE! This suit is not going to work! Moving on!

So,, I resort to the stand-by maternity. I am not even Pregnant!!!!!!! Oh well, right?
So, I finally submit to the suit - which is TOO BIG in all the wrong places.
All of the way to the pool, I am adjusting my suit in all of those places. The top half would not stay put...I must have looked ridiculous.

This must be how silly the whole swim suit in the mirror thing made me laugh- for we get to the pool, and get out of the car, and my SIL says to me,, "September, Did you have caffeine today???)!!!!
NOPE! Maybe I just need to laugh more, and get my circulation going to be fun!?

So, the pool side swim suit adjustments had to be done discretely,, moving my top around was just so,,, well,, so.. ridiculously funny to me!

Oh well.. It gave me a good laugh, and I am probably the only one who cared, or even noticed. At least,,,,,I hope.

Vanity, Vanity,,, All is vanity!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cape is Off

The closet in my entryway looks like this:
10 hooks all lined up in a row. A pink rain parka, a wool winter coat, little boys red sweatshirt, two backpacks, and hanging on the spare hook all on its own - A brightly colored Cape with the Initials - SM.

This is my Super Mom Cape. It is rather lovely to wear, covering up all of the things that others could not see about me. It was fashionable, made me a super-hero mom, and set out a reputation to uphold. Just by wearing My Cape.

Now....?? It has a permanent place on a hook.
Yep, I am not wearing it. I hung it up a long time ago. Why?

Well, this is what I discovered. Other moms, woman in public, some people at Church, and even family members began to say things like,
You amaze me!"
"How do you do all that you do?"
"You have it all together."
"Your life is like a dream- you don't seem to have any struggles."
"You never get uptight, how do you handle so many responsibilities?"
And so forth.

I am a mom. Whether I have 1 child, or 9 children, I am just a plain ole' mom. It is the same fundamentals - what I am doing, teaching, etc., with one, I do with 9.
Nothing miraculous. Nothing worthy of awe .

I began to realize that what other moms or woman, were thinking and observing in me - could become a discouragement to them.

I have spoken at various functions on Motherhood. The biggest blessings come from seeing the Ladies start off listening to me, and I can see as time progresses through my topics with them, they can see that I am just like them.. real,,, simple, and trying my best to be a good mom.

It is in those moments that we learn from one another.

The reason I hung my Super Mom Cape on the Hook? - To expose the real struggles, the inward battles, the moments of loneliness, discouragement, and reality of being a mom.

This is not a lofty job with a lot of praise, and women can use all of the encouragement possible thru some of the Life Seasons that come with being a wife and mother.

Wearing a Super Mom Cape prevents that Scriptural mandate- encouragement, sharing one anothers burdens, etc. .

There is no cape to hide my imperfection. I share what I have learned, and I learn from others that have also hung this cape on a hook.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guy Meets Girl

I have a special friend, her name is Lynnette. I would like you to stop by and visit her sometime. She is celebrating something special, and you can read about it by clicking here.
She hosts this weekly Blog event, that I make a point to participate in when I can.
Her idea is for others to share their Special Memories, moments or events with one another.
Every Wednesday, you can also participate in the Walk down Memory Lane , in Wednesday's Walk.

Here is My memory for the week:

There is a story that goes like this..
Girl meets guy. Girl thinks guy is nice. Guy thinks girl is nice.
Hours spent in long conversations about beliefs, ideals, and their future -

lead to a life long commitment .....
Now 20 years strong.

I never imagined how a blind date, 21 years ago would shape, and re-shape the rest of my life.
God knew. And, I cannot be more thankful that He was in control, and not me.
God's ways are higher, broader, and bigger than we can ever think to even imagine.
And this commitment made between this guy and girl - now 20 years ago today -
has shaped my life to exactly what God wanted for us both.
Time goes so quickly- don't we all know.

As my husband and I celebrate our 20th Anniversary today, I am blogging about all that he means to me, and more.

Dan is the perfect other-half for me.
He is patient, True - to - His word,
Self-sacrificing in a way that I have never seen.
An awesome, loving, and giving father.
My husband is genuine - through and through.
His sense of humor brings a much needed balance to our home.
He makes our love a priority.
He Loves the Lord with all His heart.
He is one of the hardest working men I know.
My husband supports my strengths, and helps me with my weaknesses.
He gives me the encouragement to be a better mom, and appreciates me as his wife.
He is my perfect other half - In so many ways.

In a world where there is a lot of heart-break, and lack of commitment, I thank the Lord for this blessing of 20 years with a man that loves me,, and pray that I will be the wife that the Lord wants me to be.
Dan and I have a long story behind 20 years of marriage. Hills, valleys, and peaks, but it is only the foundation of our relationship that keeps us focused on each other, rather than ourselves.
20 years - To God Be the Glory - Great Things He hath done.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop Favorite Photo

Today, I am joining in on The MckLinky Photo Blog Hop! Isn't this so fun to share our favorite photo's? I chose this photo of Eden and our family dog - His name is Flag, and we love him so very much.

MckLinky Blog Hop


Be sure to read my Wednesday's Walk tomorrow. I am sharing a very special walk down Memory Lane. I am enjoying reading all of your comments to my posts. Thank you for your encouragement as I went to visit my friend. She went to be with the Lord 4 hours after I went to see her. Thank you Lord for nudging me - a forever memory.

ALSO - Be sure to visit my blogging chum, Lynnette, here - as she is celebrating a BIG Blogging Anniversary with some special giveaways. She is a GEM, and I KNOW you will love stopping by here -


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Speaking of....

Speaking of My Comfort Zone... ( Read my last post if this is confusing to you..)..

I stepped out of this in a bigger way today. I knew that I needed to. Knew it was the right thing to do.

I blogged the other day about my friend- the one that I have known for years, and then suddenly I find that she is dying of brain cancer. She was diagnosed two years ago, and the last that I had seen her was right before this diagnosis. I did not even know.

I drove past her house the other day with intentions of stopping to see her. It was very, very heavy on my heart.
There were many cars parked out front, and people milling on her porch. I thought it was time.
I didn't stop - thinking it wasn't right for me to "intrude."

Now, 5 days later, I ask what has happened? I haven't heard any thing from that day. They had told family and friends that she had 24-48 hours, and that is why all of the people were there.

Here we are, today, Wednesday, and my heart is so very heavy that I cannot ignore the promptings any longer.
Time to be obedient to what I know is right.
Will it be ok with the family?
Will she even know that I am there?

I call my sister-n-law, and she is so sweet. She goes with me. I am stepping big out of this comfort zone of mine.

As I get out of the van, another long-time friend comes out the door. She gives me a hug, and tells me how good it was that I came. She tells me to go in, and that my friend can hear all that we are saying, she is just unable to respond at this time.
What comfort to have her there -right at that moment.

I lightly tap on the door, and her husband summons us in. He is so loving of her. She is still so beautiful. Her soft red hair, and sweet spirit can still be seen in her.
I love my friend.
I was able to talk to her, and kiss her forehead. I told her that she is so loved.
But the miracle of the whole moment?....

My friend searched for Faith for many years... she would call me, visit Church with me, and ask me many questions.

Today, unabashed, and non-provoked, her new husband, ( not knowing me, or even that I am a believer,),, told me this out of the blue . Last year, my friend professed her faith to many and was baptized, wanting all to see the meaning of her faith.

I did not go there expecting him to share all of this with me. I never even asked him. The Lord has blessed my heart, knowing that she will be greeted by the Arms of a Loving Savior when it is time.

This honestly was not about MY comfort Zone.. Not at all. Was it?
The only discomfort I had was my fear of intrusion. I was not intruding he said.
Her husband told me that he was surprised that not many people have come by.
He was happy to have someone there. For him and her.
People are afraid to intrude.
Don't be.
This was a blessing to me.
And to him, as he said.

My prayer - that we will learn to leap when we feel like stepping out in faith.
My friend did.. and she will be forever blessed.