One September Day

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Blog

Will you visit this new blog because:

I love the guy who started it...


I think he is pretty cool...


I love to hear him play the piano...


He is pretty handsome

Or Because:

He loves the Lord with all his heart...


He is my first-born son...

Or Just Because I asked you too?

Because,,, I think you will enjoy stopping by there.
Already a few of my bloggy friends have, and I am so thankful that they took the time to do that.
Thanks friends!
 Here is the link to this New Blog:  Sharps and Flats


Monday, December 28, 2009

No Better Time than the Present

There is always much talk of change when the New Year is ready to be reigned in.
Many lists of resolution and purpose.  We make them here.  My husband and I even pray and choose a theme for our family.  An area that we see our family needs growth and change in.  To strive to meet God's standard in this area better.  Last year we chose Stewardship.  It was such a test, and such a blessing.

No better time than the present?
 I have been thinking on this "catch phrase," for a while now.  After observing a lot of division in relationships, Church matters, and the impact of  our words upon the body of Christ,, and listening to the lists being formulated for the New Year... I ponder why it isn't on more minds that ..
There is no better time than the present.  Every day,, of the year.

It has been such a sad realization to me this year, 2009, that many Christians, are content throughout the year, without pursuing the "peace and happiness," that is so frequently celebrated at the end of one year and the beginning of the next.
Living with a complacency of unsettled matters of the heart, or content with mediocracy in the Church, is what makes up the lists that we find ourselves mulling over at the brink of every New Year.

There is no Better Time than the Present to:
*Live every day with a firm resolve to love one another..

*Serve Christ with a pure heart,, not deceiving ourselves, nor others

*Not esteeming ourselves above another

*Placing the petty issues of life on the altar of sacrifice and buliding bridges that were broken

*Finding peace in relationships , knowing that is what really matters to God.. not what/who we think is right or wrong

*Sharing the peace and love of God with others that do not normally hear it

*Telling the one that comes to your mind you are uncomfortable around that you love them, and pray for them..

There is no better time than the Present,...A THEME for the WHOLE year?
Probably in the McCarthy Home this year.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Family Christmas Photo

To All of My Blogging Friends - Merry, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Short and Sweet

I am short on patience, and not so sweet - lately.
The migraines that I have had for six weeks are surely giving me a test in this area.. but not as much as an intruder that has "sweet talked," it's way into our home in the last few weeks.

It's all the rave, the new "buzz!"
 Haven't you heard?.... or maybe I am the only  mom out there that is finding this to be a problem at this time of year.

An otherwise foreign object, and now a menace in the McCarthy Society - Sugar.

At first, I was blaming my headaches for my view of my children's behavior the last few weeks - until it hit me tonight- as I lay in bed, for the first day in six weeks - without a constant headache- that this disturbing behavior my little "angels," have been displaying is because their bodies have been invaded - by something not so "sweet," - SUGAR!!
We are not a sweet family-
WAIT- I mean,, we are not INTO sweets! Sugar, that is,, we are the ala' naturale type of people.. you know what I mean?

Here were my first clues:
 **Sudden outbursts of extremely loud noises- only lasting about 2 seconds,, just LOUD and SUDDEN - coming from my 5 year old- in the back seat of the van.  Crazy!!

**Finding empty M and M bags in the pantry that were bought for the sole purpose of a Christmas Snack Mix- GONE! 

**Continuous running of laps ( toddlers and dogs together),, around the kitchen/dining room circle in the house... CONTINUOUS!!

**Complete melt-downs at home, and in public when my toddler was told "no!"   Never have allowed this,, never had to deal with this.   No has always been "no," - done. Now it is .. "no," ....followed by an extremely dramatic rendition of something I cannot even describe!

**"Mommy, we had cookies for breakfast before you got up!"  

**Any noisy toy to be found in the house has been on instant replay in the hand of my toddlers all day for the last week.

**Every thing I say to Sam this week- he repeats,, laughing,, as if it is now extremely funny to copy me,, even when he is being disciplined .???     What's up with that Sugar Man?  

**I bribed my children with french fries, or a piece of candy FIVE times this week while we were out! Uhhhh... last I knew,, We do not use bribery for good behavior! Desperation -

**"Go to your room!" - Hmmmmm.. tallied times said the last few weeks - 1,000?... Probably.
NO exaggeration!

So, what was my FIRST clue? The clue that told me something other than headaches are reigning here in this home lately?

-My children are craving sweets now,, in a way that I have never seen.
The Crazy behavior patterns are enough, but now they not only are craving sweets..

"Mommy, Can we have a Candy Cane,"
"Hmmmm,,, Nope,, I think that you just brushed your teeth for bed?"
...."Ohh,, ok,,, In an hour, then?"


Tis' the Season to be Jolly - and so, I have placed a ban on Sugar for my children until Christmas Day.
Mean mommy? Nope.
Sane Mommy - Soon!
Short and Sweet!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My 100th Post- What is it about?

I hesitated..
but only for a moment... to write what is on my heart today.
My 100th Post for my blog ...

I have been called to do God's will. In my life - for Him. Just as you have as well.
We all walk separate paths in this life. Some are just so hard, painful, amazingly famous, defeated, victorious, struggling, and fruitful.
I cannot express such amazing gratitude for the blessing of a life I live today.

I see so many hurting, struggling, painful lives, and I am caused to reflect on What I am doing with what I have been given.
I am not referring to worldly possession's, appearances, or even health, but I am talking straight -up - the love of God, my husband, and my children.

God's will is for me to be responsible with what He gave me. Responsible to provide for my children - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
What an awesome privilege to be given.
I am responsible to be my husbands help-meet - physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
I am responsible to love the Lord, my God, FIRST. More than any thing. With ALL of me.

I have come to a place in my life where I realize how long it has taken me to fully embrace this Will for my life.
Fully embrace defined:
- Wonderful thoughts of waking up in the morning as a home-schooling mom of nine children.
-Peace over the tasks that I am given each day, knowing that this is part of the life I was given, and what a gift it is at that.
-Seeing the contrast of the life that I could have had and what I do live. Knowing this is where I was meant to be.
-So thankful that I am with my children all day, and can see them grow - inch by inch,, in Wisdom AND stature.
-Completely embracing my role as a wife, and now fully comprehending the benefits of following God's principles He lays out for wives.
-Looking back at each and every trial with a vision of His ultimate good for my life. Thankful.
-Waiting expectantly for What God will continue to show me as I strive to live in His will.

Crux of my 100th Post- that made me hesitate from the beginning. I am very blessed. I do not have to work outside the home, our bills are getting paid, and all of our needs are met... and more. I have a marriage settled on a firm-foundation, and my children love the Lord.
Not everyone has this. Am I looked down upon because of this/ avoided by other mom's/etc.?
Let me share- It happens. For some reason, there is this stigma attached to a life like mine. It almost creates a barrier that I cannot understand.
I am real - life woman of God. I would do any thing for any one.

But, a blessed life sometimes has this curse. Others see this life I have, and make a judgement on it.
It is not all rosy. We, as moms, know that tried and true. Our life has not escaped trial.
But, you know what?
What I really have?

Here it is - I have a WONDERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY GOD IN HEAVEN, and any one can have that.
My 100th post- the crux- My life has had trials, sadness, joy, pain, and so much more...
BUT...I am so happy in His will...
and THAT is why I blog.

Thank you for sharing in my 100th Post.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Timeless Moment

A favorite of my Sam.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Creepy - Crawlies!!!

What gives you the heebie-jeebies!???

I think that I have lost all kind of sense as a mom, when I agreeably tell my little boy that he can have his favorite thing as his Birthday Party Theme, and he very matter-of fact proclaims that his Birthday will be celebrated with SPIDERS this year!

Truly, why would I agree to make SPIDER invitations and mail them to other innocent minded toddlers?
AND, then to go as far as make a Pin-the - leg on the Spider Game?

But to cross the Creepy-Crawly Line -



If making wasn't gross enough,
eating them was even more
This was so much fun, blogging friends.
I was a little "weirded out, " by the whole idea of a SPIDER Birthday,
BUT, after delving right in, we had a blast!

Samuel turned 5 yesterday.
Because we have large family, we only celebrate "big," on certain ear-marked years.
This was his Party year... and it was a Creepy - Crawly one at that!

My Sam is so special. He is the youngest boy , and # 7 in the line-up of 9.
He has a very sensitive heart towards others, and plays by himself like a pro.
He loves Spiders ( who would have known that?)... and loves to draw.
He tells me I am an awesome mom, and he tells my husband and I that we are his "buddies."
He sings us a new song every night at bed-time, ( that he has made up himself,)
He is my snuggler, compassionate, eat me out of house and home, talkative, and "conscious of others," little boy-
who is now 5.

Year #4 went out the window like this: