One September Day

Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you bought your tickets yet? Hurry!

Be sure to check out this new movie this weekend...

Dolphin Tale is just a sweet children’s story, but it also shows an under story of a child who is failing at school who comes alive when he has real life problems to solve, real causes to get behind. He comes alive because his heart is captivated by the idea that he can do something, even as a child, to help.

Quote from Sally Clarkson, ( at... I take Joy), whose son, Nathan Clarkson worked tirelessly to encourage Hollywood to listen to the Concerned American families:

"But, we can send a message to the powers that be that we want our children to be seeing great, moral, heroic, inspiring stories. We send a message by attending the movies and showing that we will support the efforts of those in Hollywood who are willing to listen to us!"

Go today - It is Opening Day!

And,,,, WHY NOT!...
Grab some Ice Cream after you catch the movie!

Better yet....
Go for the Sprinkles!
I would!



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