One September Day

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was left with a lot to think about..

Every once in a while, the Lord gives me great opportunity to see beyond the walls of my sheltered life/
To something way beyond the walls of my mind, heart, and soul.

I see it as a gift.
A deep chasm in my life that God wants me to fill with something better.
Betterment.. for His Glory.

When you live in the country.. you tend to stay in the country.
When I go to town, it is for menial errands, and such of the like.

When I visit our small town "city,"....
I feel as if I am staring.
a different life.  Total upside down world than mine.

My visit to the city a few days before the birth of our new baby..
to a part of town that I have not frequented before...
A place where quick judgements could be made upon observation.

Houses packed close together... you could reach out and touch another person's hand through your kitchen window.
No driveways for a vehicle,.. if you had the privilege to own one.
Yards void of grass...
animals tied to leashes, sullen and some neglected.

Upside down from a country girls view.

But these are only observations.
and judgements should be reserved for never.

I am waiting in the van, for my husband to meet with a client, in this city.
I am beyond uncomfortable.. actually teary this day for the end of this pregnancy has taken its toll on the emotions.

And while I wait...
I observe... all this city around me.

and the surprise ....
Isn't it always this way... God uses the least expecting times to bring us low.,. with His lofty wisdom.

I see this man... this serious looking man...
dark mustache..
sober eyes...
he is approaching the van.
he is with my husband.
I roll down my window.
My husbands introduces me.

and then...
( and I cry as I type this... I am in such awe of the moment.)

he puts his hand out to my belly... my bulging baby belly..
and quotes Scripture to me..
Verses about.How I am blessed beyond measure...
This is a gift from God,. this baby,..

and then...
he begins praying...
aloud.. PRAISING the Lord of Heaven..
for a new baby..
a new godly generation..
a couple that aims to please Him with their children..

I unabashedly close my eyes...
All pretenses of confusion,, embarrassment,,confusion over this man,
and tears streaming down my face...
my heart prays with Him ,...
in the middle of this city.

He wasn't a showy fanatic.
His words were not fake...
He was full of joy of the Lord.
The words from his lips were to bless us.. to praise The Creator...
and He did.

He finished praying.  I opened my moistened eyes to see my husband in the same state I was.
It was so surreal.
So divine.
Such a blessing.
To have a man of God walk out of this city home...
See an expecting mother,
and the 1st words from His mouth were of blessing, and Scripture, and encouragement.

We had a conversation in the middle of this city that day.
The three of us.
He reminded me of Paul the Apostle.  In Acts... unashamed.
I would have never from appearance expected this man to be a proclaimer of truth..
no show..
pure humility..
FULL knowledge and balance of God's word.

The more we talked...
the More Scripture and wisdom flowing from His mind, heart and mouth,,, than I have ever thought , studied or uttered in a life-time.

We talked of barriers that keep the People of God from worshiping TOGETHER.
We talked of God's power and provision.

Never once did he ask me this:
"What kind of music do you listen to?"
"Why do you wear pants, and not skirts?"
"Do you think that having a large family is "responsible?"

He encouraged us as believers to keep pressing towards the mark.

As we drove away that day, my husband and I literally just looked at each other in hushed awe and humility.
We were refreshed in spirit.

What would another human being think... if you approached them with Joy... blessing them with prayer... encouragement,. and Scripture... all in the same visit?

Not the pat greeting.. of   "Hi...How are you?"
Or concern over what they might not be doing right in THEIR Christian life.. according to YOU.

God's Word prevailed that day.  In the city.. where many judgements are made...
based on ...

How refreshing it was to meet a Christian who lives their faith every moment.. every day...
and does not live according to what is normal in the lives of those that Keep the Faith.

Another challenge to let His Word live out through me.
A tough one at that.
But why?

There are a lot of walls created by observation and judgement...
Christians live in fear of proclaiming the TRUTH.

Thank you man in the city.
a modern day Paul.
I am not ashamed of the Gospel!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What will make me beautiful? I just had a baby!!

So, here we are again.... 9 months behind me.. ( literally)  :)
.. a sweet-smelling, awesomely unfathomable creation of perfection in my arms..
and a blessing of restored health...

I am blessed... beyond measure.

And then, I look in the mirror..
Well... actually, I have been avoiding that...
but the stretchy clothes,,, the lines of exhaustion marked under my eyes,, maybe permanent?
... and the shoes that are 1 size larger for my slowly shrinking feet...

Well, some times... I wonder.. What will make me beautiful?

Actually.... I just plain wonder if I will just look normal again... forget the beautiful.  :)
Because.. I just had a another baby!

So,, here is what I know.
And I will dwell on.. Whatsoever is lovely, Whatsoever is True...

But here it is....

What is on the outside is not what makes me beautiful.
The stretched skin...
Wrinkles of time..
Hidden grey strands...
Puffy fingers and toes...
These are not even ingredients of a beautiful woman.

The canvas of art that my Creator has molded..
the investment of His love..
the investment of His life...
The outpouring of His work IN ME.


I will be obedient to investing time in His Word..
I will allow Him to do HIS WORK in me...
I will pray and praise Him for his commitment to me.

And then...
His magnificent plan..
His plan to make me BEAUTIFUL will shine ...
Even if I did just have a baby.

It is my prayer, that I will continue on this path...
Not in vain...
Not for vanity.

But searching and living for the ultimate beauty..
No artificial cover-ups..
No man-made plans to alter some outward appearance.

Beautiful for Him.
May we all have an outpouring of beauty...
HIS life in us.

Blessings to all you Beautiful Women!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, a week has gone by since our Baby Blessing arrived,, and my blog has been the last thing to occupy my time....

Before I make the "Big Announcement..".... I wanted to share this little thought with you..

It is from the bottom of my heart that my husband and I want to thank you... readers and commenters here at One September Day...

There have been so many of you praying, praying, commenting, leaving e-mails and verses... and you have been such a blessing to us!!

A few posts back, I asked any one that wished to ,,, to share verses that we could use during labor... and you DID!!
I printed them off, with your names ,, and Dan read them to me,, your names,,, your verses,, through my whole labor ... and I was at such peace, and each of you came to my mind when your verses were read aloud to me.
I have so many verses embedded on my heart from those moments, and I want to THANK YOU for this.
What a blessing!

So, with out further hesitation:

Audrey Charis Blessing 
8. 75 #   20 in.
Born, Monday, March 21, 2011


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recipe Time- Many requests for this recipe!

I'm into sharing. Isn't sharing fun?
I thought that it would be fun to share this particular recipe because we get so much use and enjoyment out of it, and have been for years. It is a favorite for breakfasts around here, and I have been known to make it for dinner when the "meat lovers," won't be home for dinner!

You don't have to make the entire recipe .. if you don't have a large family, then just adapt it. and if you DO have quite a number of people to feed, then you are in luck.

So, here we go:

Beat together:
2 c. Oil
2 c. Sugar
8 eggs
Then Add:
12 c. Quick Oats
2 Tablespoons AND 2 teaspoons Baking Powder
4 teaspoons salt
4 c. Milk
(raisins if you like)
Pour into a sprayed 16 x 10 pan and bake for 45 min. in a 350 oven.
THIS OATMEAL bakes in a pan... and then sliced into squares..
Pour over with COLD milk!

(If you half this recipe, you can make it in a 9 x 13 pan)
We use grapeseed oil, sea salt, and organic oats, our own brown eggs, and organic milk.
Be sure to use baking powder with OUT aluminum. ( Rumford brand is the one that we use.)

It is so yummy,,,, and it was so much fun sharing with you.
I just popped some on the oven!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winner for Book Giveaway- One Thousand Gifts!

We have a winner!  Wahoo!  

Delayed?  Yes,,,I have been a little distracted with the end of this pregnancy, and so, alas, drawing a name for the Book Giveaway slipped my mind!

Thank you to everyone that shared part of their Grateful Lists for this Giveaway...
This morning, I read, and re-read all of the wonderful Comments that everyone shared, and was blessed all over again.

After printing them and having my daughter draw a name for a WINNER..
I decided that in the Spirit of Celebration, and the soon- to - be birth of this little babe..
I would draw not just ONE..
TWO winners.

And, so... the WINNERS are:

Elizabeth -

Thankful for:
Our faithful God!
5 beautiful children who embrace each moment fully!
One loving, talented, patient husband!
Strength to get through each day with new mercies each morning!


I have a wonderful mother who has gone through miscarriages herself and been such an amazing example of strength and trust, not once have I ever heard her doubt God.

I have an amazing little brother who the doctors said would be blind and autistic, but is perfectly healthy by Gods grace.

I have my own life, even though my mom was told that there was no chance I'd survive and if she brought me to term she would be in great danger herself.

I have my spiritual life, my salvation from the Lord that I have done nothing to deserve!

I have the Holy Spirit living in me to help me live this life fully and to the glory of God the Father!

... and to make this giveaway even more special..
I am "throwing in," a moleskin notebook for your Grateful List!!
These are my favorite, and I am sure you will find them just as fabulous also!

Please contact me with your mailing addy's and I will get these right out to you!


Monday, March 14, 2011

When time stands still

Time is standing still...
  I am knowing this baby girl will arrive soon... my body is telling me that... every night.
The pain keeps me up for hours, and she is restless.
I am trying to be still.
Peace... He has given me peace.

While time stands still.. or so, it seems...
I have been capturing moments that I may have missed before...

-My daughter playing new songs on her guitar..

-My toddler snuggled in bed with me in the middle of the night with a cough.. rubbing my face and whispering to me.. "Mommy..."

-Warm, soapy dishwater on my girls hands as they take care of kitchen work

-My 6 year old son laying his head on my baby belly,, wrapping his arms around my widening waist , and asking me to rub his back

-God's amazing works in the book of Acts, and the wide-open acceptance of many at Paul's preaching

-Snow melting and the green grass poking through the patch that receives the little sunlight in our dense wooded land

-Memorizing Colossians, and understanding this Book even more

-Watching the last days of this baby girls movements in my stomach

-Seeing my Oldest son grow into decisions and amazing opportunities

-Knowing that my life has been blessed beyond what any list could encompass...
Just knowing this..
Is like time Standing Still.

Grateful for this time of waiting... it has been hard..
But it has been rewarding.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A (Large) Family Recipe

This is a regular table topper in our home,,, and it is so easy, that my 10 year old daughter makes it, with a few side dishes from heart.. from scratch to the table...

It is expandable for larger families,,

and the greatest thing.., It is quite economical.
Remember,, you don't have to use name brand food items for the best quality.. we have found this to be a big myth..
Try this recipe... your children will love it!

2 #'s ground Turkey, Cooked, Seasoned, Drained
3 - 2 lb. Bags Tater Tots
2 Cans Cream Mushroom Soup
2 Cans Evaporated Milk
2 Cans Cream of Chicken Soup

Brown meat, Drain, and place in large , greased casserole dish.
Cover with frozen tater tots.  
Mix soup and Evaporated milk together in separate bowl.
Pour over top.  Bake @ 350 for 1 hour.

We serve this most generally with a Spinach Salad, and Pumpkin Bread.
You can find those recipes under our Recipe Tab.

Enjoy this simple, and delicious meal,, great for a night when there isn't a lot of time to prepare a meal!

OH!!  And remember.. It is just about time to get the Spring planting done.. SOON to be posted..
Easy, frugal fun with your children and seeds!


ENTER my Book Giveaway - 1000 Gifts

  If you haven't read this new book, then read on...

I purchased extra's of Ann's book when I started reading it a month ago, and I knew it bless the heart of any one that reads it.

The author, Ann Voskamp, hails from Canada, and is one of the most profound writers, thinkers, and speakers I have ever met.
I was able to meet Ann last October, and after the release of her new book, am so thankful that God moves His people to write like she has, and share it.

Here is Ann's Blog site, if you have never stopped by there... be prepared.. to THINK, PONDER, and SIT quietly and feel strong conviction.  She uses only God's word and her own moving conviction to share her thoughts... NOT her opinions.

holy experience
Just click on this button to visit there...

The Book, One Thousand Gifts has a trailer... you can watch, and decide for yourself....

Be sure to press the PAUSE button on my right side-bar music player.. scroll down on right and hit PAUSE, BEFORE listening to this:

To enter your name in this FREE Book Giveaway.. Just leave a comment, with FIVE things you are grateful for.  FIVE GIFTS - Try and remember that the things we see as small frustrations,, may be the very GIFTS that God has given to us.  They are all around us.

I KNOW you will find inspiration and motivation in reading this Book.
There are many Book Clubs right now reviewing this book, if you wish to begin reading and join one.

So, leave your comments, with FIVE things YOU are grateful for, and your name will be entered into the drawing.. ONE Book will be given away...
I will draw a name on Friday, March 11th.

Blessings to you!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grasp and Never let go.. An update

It is within our grasp.... all of ours... GRACE.

I have been immensely blessed by the many, many prayers for our baby girl, my health, and God's will.

After a long night of continual giving back to the Lord, what my nature wanted to claim as worry, fear, and unrest...
I awoke to a blog full of blessing, prayers, and continual thanks for My Sovereign Lord who gave me a peace that passes all understanding.

I also received the phone call we have been waiting for.
NO LYME Disease.
Praise HIM!
Praise HIM!

This test has been looming in my heart for weeks, and As I waited, it occured to me...
The Lord can use this..
He can use the waiting, the wondering... to strengthen OUR faith.

And HE did.
We reached out..
Grasped Grace.
And I will never let go.

Praise Him with me?
I love you Lord...
Whisper it.
Sing it.
Proclaim it.
Shout it.
Carry it...

To God be the Glory!


Monday, March 7, 2011

There comes a time,,,

There comes a time in every season of life.. that one steps back,,, and sees what is really important.

So many seasons in our lives to reflect on this.

Just recently...I had to see a specialist.. a hematologist... for a serious anemia problem I have had with this pregnancy.
  I arrive at an office I had never been to before...
I am walking to the front entrance, and read ... Cancer Center.
Hmmm.. His office is in the Cancer Center.
I take a few short turns here and there to come upon a large waiting room, with chairs in a circle,
another area where a line of reclining chairs over-look wide- open glass windows,, viewing the snow covered ground.
Patients fill these chairs,,, overlooking God's creation..
They have IV Ports, chemo treatments, and loved ones sitting by and holding their hands.
Some have smiles.. Hope..
Some...nothing.  Blank expressions and pain filled grimaces.

I am anemic.  I am receiving Iron IV Infusions once a week.  I am alive, and carrying another life.
I have HOPE.... MY salvation is in HIM.

There comes a time...

When,, in every new season,, We need to bow down low.
Fall on our knees..
Thank God for Undeserving Grace.

All of our vehicles have retired to the "fix," pile...Our business is slow, my health has not been the best this pregnancy,,, and
I hear others around me complain.

And then... I am at the hospital.. three times a week, for Blood to be drawn, B-12 shots, and Iron Ivs,
I am bed-ridden for days due to low iron and inability to function..
And as the nurse is now struggling with my veins,,, and she tells me how "tired" my veins are..

God moves me to great compassion for those that have life-long health issues,
Get their veins poked relentlessly every day,,, every month, every year.
And they suffer.

There comes a time...

When the GRACE God offers is ALL I need.
ALL  I need...

38 weeks along in my pregnancy,,, last week...
I find out ...
That we have to switch to a new Care provider, and a new Hospital.
I am tested for Lyme's Disease...
If a woman has Lyme's disease during pregnancy...
It is a grim outcome for her newborn baby.
My mind wanders back to a babys funeral.  Our baby girl.
I don't want to do this again.
My knees are brought low.
My head is turned towards the Heaven's..
and I KNOW

We wait for the results... tomorrow maybe?
Please Lord, Can I have this baby girl to hold and to love?
Can I raise her for you?

There comes a time...
It all seems clear..
Do I really mean what I sing? 
Mean what I say?
Mean what I pray?
BELIEVE what I read in His Word?

There comes a time in every new Season of Life...
Where God will ask YOU...
Do you really KNOW what Grace is?
It is PEACE.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would you share with me?

Our Baby Blessing is due so soon.  I am anxious to see her her cheeks against mine,,,feel her warmth against my arms.
She has a strong bond with me already. She moves to our touch on my belly, she stretches when I am finally comfortable.

 She loves her sweet sisters singing to her... but the my most intriguing and special part of carrying her in my womb, is..
Baby Blessing reacts to my hear-rate.  I am in awe.
My other pregnancies also had their unique and amazing qualities... some were drawn to music.. some to voices... some to food/sugar.
But, This sweet baby girl reacts to me.  When I am calm.. she is calm
When I am laying in bed, thinking about something that might be worrisome, or a little frightening,, she reacts.
I love this baby girl, and she will be here soon.

So... Could you share with me?.

Well., for each birth, we compile a list of verses for our labor and delivery.
Dan will bring them and read them aloud to me... calling on the Name of the Lord.. and using His Word to comfort me, and keep me focused.
He prays, reads our verses, speaks to me in calming tones, and is with me to the very end.

I am working on my list again.  I often will pull the same list, and change it for every birth.
Verses on comfort, Strength, His Presence, His Faithfulness, His Promises.
Verses boldly proclaiming Trust, Peace, and Thankfulness.

Would YOU share with me?
Share a Verse or two, or three.. that I can write into my list for this Journey of birth and life.
A Journey of pain, trust, and new beginnings.

I am so thankful for those that read and share here at One September Day... and your prayers and sharing will add to the day soon to arrive.

Blessings to you my dear friends.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This little Piggy stayed home!

It is Wednesday - Wahoo! 
( Can you tell I am counting the days to Baby Blessings Delivery?!)

Today, I am linking up with a sweet blogging friend,  Jenilee..for a Walk Down Memory Lane.
 She hosts this Great Blog Hop every Wednesday...
Just click on the button above to visit her!
The other night, while my husband, our teens and I, were "vegging out," in the living room, this memory came up, and I was laughing so hard.. well...  I was laughing tears.
Soooo..I just wanted to share this funny memory here: 
When our three oldest, were about 11, 12, and 13, we had this crazy notion to get PIGS!
We, of course, still had all of the younger children in age succession below them, and so we had a fun life!
This was our "first go-around" with pigs....
They were relentless in getting out of their pen.
This was the kids first experience with PIGS and so,, well.. it was more fun than any thing.
 I vividly remembering waking up one morning to look out our kitchen sink window, washing dishes from breakfast...
and seeing..
PIGS in my backyard.
Their pen was a fenced off area FAR away from the house,,,
and, so,,
 to see PIGS in my backyard brought a gasp of breath from me, and our children came running to look out the back porch.
This in itself, brought squeals of alarm, excitement, and laughter from all of them.
My mommy brain was trying to figure out how I was going to get those PIGS back into their pen, with little hands to help.
Envision This:
I tell the kids:
"Get some rope.. Loooonnngg Rope.
Get some PIG feed,
and some blankets."
Mind you,, these PIGS were not pigLETS any more...but.. well..
you know... larger.
So, we all get our Duds on for this Big PIG adventure.. and out we go with our supply list.
Our backyard is a grassy, downhill slope into the woods.
The PIGS are contentedly munching away on my nice green grass..
I send our oldest at the time ( 13) down to scatter some PIG feed at the bottom of the hill,, near the PIGS.
I tie one end of the rope to my waist... the kids waists.. One at a time...
and have my daughter ( then 11) ..
Proceed to the bottom of the hill.
quite stealthily, and sneaky she was...
and Lasso the rope to the PIGS foot.
Skittish things they are!
Again she sneaks up on them..
I tell her to lasso their necks...
Just stand still and eat MY grass!
Last chance...
She crawls on her belly,, quietly.. up behind the PIGS...
and manages to get the rope under its Hoof.!!
Well.. that's until..
I yell...
from the top of the hill,
and I ,,, and all of the younger children ..
who have the rope tied around our waists..
As hard as we can..
until we all fall to the ground...
on our bottoms...
with the ROPE around our waist,,,
and the PIG slowly PULLING
US... down the grassy hill.
I yell.
"Hold tight Kids!"
I look at their faces..
Sheer Determination ..
Beads of sweat...
Pink circles in the middle of their cheeks...
and eyes on the PIGS!
Do they realize we are losing this battle?
Do they realize that we are getting closer to the PIGS?
But, this is soo much fun!
By now...
I am laughing so hard.. and the kids are looking at me in disbelief..
Or are they looking at me?
They are looking at the PIG!
The PIG..
that is running into the woods with the ROPE attached to its hoof, and dragging us behind.
"CUT THE ROPE," I yell.
By now. one child is laying face down. I am grabbing the ROPE with all my might, and the
PIG is farther into the woods,, dragging now its hoof in a funny - bent position.
And we are finally free of the ROPE.
The Blanket never did get its use...
it wouldn't have worked any ways.
For days.. we would see the LONE PIG running through our woods, with a LONG ROPE dragging behind it.
The other PIG following right behind.
The rest of us...
Laid in the sunshine..
on that grassy hill..
for a long, long time.
And are still laughing to this day!
That little PIG went wee.. wee.. weee.. weee. 
All the way home!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Totally Groovy Party!

Have you met my friend Lynnette?  She is the host of this totally Groovy Party!
I love her new blog look too!
Stop over there.  Just click on the Party Button, and join in the fun!
You can meet new bloggers and there are PRIZES too!

I am so glad that I get to party before this new baby arrives- Wahoo!

Here are some FUN questions I answered... Kinda like a game at the Party!

How would people describe your personality? 
Hmmmm...  I would say.... Passionate.  ( not necessarily referring to the physical sense... but in general)

What is your comfort food/drink?
Definitely... A Cold, Caramel Latte!  And.... I have to add .... Oatmeal - with blueberries!

Be brave – tell us something very random and weird about yourself.
Random and Weird fact about me... I have an extra cervical rib.  Yep,, It is there,,, right by my collar bone... and if I raise my hands above my head,  it pinches a nerve, and I PASS OUT!

Do you have a strong desire to do something you’ve never done? What is it?
I have a strong desire to finish my book.  Some day.  sigh....

Music: Funk, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Film Score, Blues, Classic Rock, Crooner, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Techno? What are your favorite types?
Ahhhhhhh!   I love Classical Music , AND a inspirational.  Have you ever listened to Bach's Brandenburgh Concerto's ?   Ahhhh... you should look them up~!

Name one weakness of yours (confession is good for the soul).
A weakness of mine- Fear.  Another - ( while we are on the topic)....Thinking ahead too far.  And of course,,, Lattes!

If you could live anywhere at all (and take all your loved ones with you), where would you go?
I would go south,,,, or actually any place, warm, mild, and sunny.

What’s something you consider yourself to be good at? (Don’t worry, it’s not bragging, it’s acknowledging a God given gift).
I guess I would say - Teaching.  yep,, although I feel awkward saying that.

What is one of your favorite things to catch a whiff of? 
Funnel Cakes.  And maybe...laundry drying on the line.  Oh... and probably.. Apple Pie baking.  

If money wasn’t a factor, what stores would you shop in?
Definitely health food stores, craft/bargain stores.  But I LOVE to shop at antiquish stores.

Are you a hopeless romantic?
Hmmmm... Probably.  yep.. I am... for sure.