One September Day

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was left with a lot to think about..

Every once in a while, the Lord gives me great opportunity to see beyond the walls of my sheltered life/
To something way beyond the walls of my mind, heart, and soul.

I see it as a gift.
A deep chasm in my life that God wants me to fill with something better.
Betterment.. for His Glory.

When you live in the country.. you tend to stay in the country.
When I go to town, it is for menial errands, and such of the like.

When I visit our small town "city,"....
I feel as if I am staring.
a different life.  Total upside down world than mine.

My visit to the city a few days before the birth of our new baby..
to a part of town that I have not frequented before...
A place where quick judgements could be made upon observation.

Houses packed close together... you could reach out and touch another person's hand through your kitchen window.
No driveways for a vehicle,.. if you had the privilege to own one.
Yards void of grass...
animals tied to leashes, sullen and some neglected.

Upside down from a country girls view.

But these are only observations.
and judgements should be reserved for never.

I am waiting in the van, for my husband to meet with a client, in this city.
I am beyond uncomfortable.. actually teary this day for the end of this pregnancy has taken its toll on the emotions.

And while I wait...
I observe... all this city around me.

and the surprise ....
Isn't it always this way... God uses the least expecting times to bring us low.,. with His lofty wisdom.

I see this man... this serious looking man...
dark mustache..
sober eyes...
he is approaching the van.
he is with my husband.
I roll down my window.
My husbands introduces me.

and then...
( and I cry as I type this... I am in such awe of the moment.)

he puts his hand out to my belly... my bulging baby belly..
and quotes Scripture to me..
Verses about.How I am blessed beyond measure...
This is a gift from God,. this baby,..

and then...
he begins praying...
aloud.. PRAISING the Lord of Heaven..
for a new baby..
a new godly generation..
a couple that aims to please Him with their children..

I unabashedly close my eyes...
All pretenses of confusion,, embarrassment,,confusion over this man,
and tears streaming down my face...
my heart prays with Him ,...
in the middle of this city.

He wasn't a showy fanatic.
His words were not fake...
He was full of joy of the Lord.
The words from his lips were to bless us.. to praise The Creator...
and He did.

He finished praying.  I opened my moistened eyes to see my husband in the same state I was.
It was so surreal.
So divine.
Such a blessing.
To have a man of God walk out of this city home...
See an expecting mother,
and the 1st words from His mouth were of blessing, and Scripture, and encouragement.

We had a conversation in the middle of this city that day.
The three of us.
He reminded me of Paul the Apostle.  In Acts... unashamed.
I would have never from appearance expected this man to be a proclaimer of truth..
no show..
pure humility..
FULL knowledge and balance of God's word.

The more we talked...
the More Scripture and wisdom flowing from His mind, heart and mouth,,, than I have ever thought , studied or uttered in a life-time.

We talked of barriers that keep the People of God from worshiping TOGETHER.
We talked of God's power and provision.

Never once did he ask me this:
"What kind of music do you listen to?"
"Why do you wear pants, and not skirts?"
"Do you think that having a large family is "responsible?"

He encouraged us as believers to keep pressing towards the mark.

As we drove away that day, my husband and I literally just looked at each other in hushed awe and humility.
We were refreshed in spirit.

What would another human being think... if you approached them with Joy... blessing them with prayer... encouragement,. and Scripture... all in the same visit?

Not the pat greeting.. of   "Hi...How are you?"
Or concern over what they might not be doing right in THEIR Christian life.. according to YOU.

God's Word prevailed that day.  In the city.. where many judgements are made...
based on ...

How refreshing it was to meet a Christian who lives their faith every moment.. every day...
and does not live according to what is normal in the lives of those that Keep the Faith.

Another challenge to let His Word live out through me.
A tough one at that.
But why?

There are a lot of walls created by observation and judgement...
Christians live in fear of proclaiming the TRUTH.

Thank you man in the city.
a modern day Paul.
I am not ashamed of the Gospel!



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