One September Day

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Homeschooling Day

Setting aside Books, Pencils and Schedules once in a while (or more)  ..
Is one of the great benefits to Homeschooling..
Trading time on occasion for a Hands - on- learning approach...
we love to learn new things.

We had a special gal come over and work with the girls on crochet basics.  The time went by so quickly, and the girls absolutely loved being book free this day...
Our helper was the most patient and gracious giver of her time to help us, and now the girls are able to make wash cloths, and are eager to " try their hand" at more projects!

And,,, while we were working with yarn...
Ava and Maryahna decided to do their Handwriting...

My Antique Stand in the Dining Room!!!!!

Free time comes with its draw backs...
at least they spelled their names correctly!

Music is another Home school Basic in our Home... Something we hear all day long!
We have 5 piano players,,1 flute, 2 violin, Recorder,and Voice... So far!
So, you can only imagine how many hours there is music streaming through this home with practicing!
Love it!

Here are a few Homeschool Links for those that like to try something new:

Free homeschool resources - Encouragement and support for homeschool moms

Just Click the Buttons to take you to these sites...

and in the meantime...
Take a walk away from your routine...
find a "new normal" for a day..
We do,,,
and it so refreshing!

Word of Advice: 
  If you have any chocolate laying around, and you are a little pre-occupied with your "new normal,"...
Beware of the little hands that know you are busy!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Addictions and Herbal Bee Sting Remedy

I will the first to admit...
I have addictions.
Addictions to nice weather, flip flops, rocking on my porch, Ice Cold Lattes, Children Laughing...


Here are a few pictures of my addictions,,,
A Bee Sting Remedy Recipe!
It is that time of year!

If you have a love for trying your hands at herbal remedies, or saving money..
TRY this!
I visit   here often, and I am sure you will love it too..
Just click on the button below:

and be sure to tell her that you visited from One September Day!
Don't forget to copy down this Recipe and try it.

Frugal Granola

Herbal Bee Sting Paste
2 Parts Coconut Oil
2 Parts Baking Soda
1 Part Plantain Powder
1 Part Calendula Powder
3-5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
One capsule of Vitamin E Oil (prick it with a needle, and squeeze the oil out)
It is a combination of healing, soothing ingredients to address the irritation/pain of bee stings or bug bites. (Make sure to carefully remove the bee stinger before applying the paste.)
Please note: This paste will not serve as an antidote in the case of a bee sting allergy; that is a serious medical emergency. Keep a close watch for symptoms of an allergic reaction (such as difficulty breathing).
I repurposed little spice jars for storage (a glass one for home, and a plastic one for the car kit). The one in the car is stored inside a reclosable sandwich bag, in case of leakage. (Yes, I even decorated it with a little “bee” sticker, for non-readers.) 
( written by Frugal Granola Blogger - Michele @
A great “wilderness medicine tip:” If you are able to recognize plantain, and find the plants nearby, you can chew the leaves into a paste, and apply directly to the sting. However, not everyone will have that option, so a pre-made paste is an essential addition to a basic medicine kit.
Also, if you don’t have the herbal powders on hand, and are in the midst of a “bee sting crisis,” just a paste of baking soda and water (with or without the lavender oil) can still be helpful; definitely better than nothing!
Don't be intimidated by the ingredients.
Once you get them on hand.. you can make this for your car, your medicine cabinet, your friends, and family!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have kept these thoughts in my heart...

My blog is about my life.
This blog is not and never will be a pouring out of my hurts, thoughts about others, and negative things that may consume me at times.
because God is bigger, and knows all things, and my mind, my heart and my thoughts can be deceiving to me.

I read this post today.
It was monumental.
You know that feeling ,,,
that deep, ache, in your heart, gut, and throat,, 
it is heavy, and aches, and carries the thoughts you need to set free?

Read this...
this is my heart.

Click the link above.

Can you reach out across the barriers that women set up,,
and extend the hand that Jesus would?



Friday, April 22, 2011

Soap Basket/Easter Giveaway Winner!

A Sign that my youngin's made last year for your front yard!
I LOVE this!

And the Goat Milk Soap Giveaway is.....
JODY Lynch!!!

Here is what Jody will find in her Soap Easter Basket:

Handmade Cedar Soap Saver
Rosemary Lemongrass Soap
Orange Bay Patchouli Soap
Perfectly Peppermint Body Scrub
Breather Better Balm
NEW Easter Themed Chocolate Soap

And to make this a special giveaway..
I had my girls draw another name.
for an added surprise..
wins a Simply Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bar!

Celebrate Easter every day in your heart!

Please send me your addresses, and / or a time I can deliver your Soaps!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The caterpillar thought his life was over....

and then He became a butterfly.

How many times have we as woman found ourselves in a place of despair, confusion, discontentment, loss, frustration or consfusion?

This is the reality of our lives.. a cycle of renewing our mind, and becoming more like Him.

Change is inevitable.

The Butterfly is a result of a masterpiece creation,, from the Hand of God,.. our Almighty Creator.
There is no mistaking the perfect plan of metamorphisis yhat we can observe from the Butterfly.

WE are the Chryssalis.

We are being held in the palm of His Hand.. continually being molded into a new creature.

But the Choice is ours... to allow this Change.. this metamorphisis.. or to cling to the world.

Sitting in a rocker in my room,, it was quiet,, the blinds were opened just enough to give me a glimpse of the outside...
The wind was blowing,, and just in my line of sight,, was a sturdy tree. accustomed to the changing and cycling of the Seasons.  It was standing upright... bracing against the wind.. an action it has performed endless years...
and new buds were beginning to form on each outstretched branch.
But,, what my eyes were focusing on..
was the lonely branch with a handful of dried, curled leaves... dead.. bearing NO fruit..
Hanging onto that branch tightly.  The wind furled around those brown - dead leaves.. and they held tight... blowing with the gusts that came at them,,
But they would not let go.
There was new life,, a renewing of the trees life beneath those dead grasps,, and they wouldn't let the tree be renewed... completely.

Romans 12:2 -
"and be not conformed to this world.. but be ye transformed..

2 Cor. 5:17 - "... If any man be in Christ.. he is a new creature.. old things are passed away... all things become new."

How many things are we holding on to?

For you.. today... in this Season of your life:
It may be:
An illness
A Loss
A Job

Are you holding onto them with Tightly clenched fists...
Waiting for the trial to pass, or the circumstances to ease up, or just plain hoping that it will disappear?

Picture this:
Those very things that have come to your mind today..
The things that are causing you to feel stress. or lack of sleep, the things that grieve you, or hand you frustration
Are you allowing these things to bring you closer to Christ.. to be more like Him?
Are you holding onto them with tightly clenched fists?

Take those things... on bent knee.. those tightly clenched fists.. and with your hands held to the Heavesn.. arms stretched out high.. and your palms wide open..
Give them to God.

Don't be like that AIndependent, upright and stalwart tree.. holding onto the very thing that will hold you back from true transformation.. a metamorphisis.


Purse Change... the butterfly lays its eggs, and they hatch into a caterpillar.  The Caterpillar then takes weeks to eat the leaf upon which those eggs were hatched.
Perfect plan.

Romans 12:2 - Be not conformed.. but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..."

We face many decision in our day.. God has a perfect plan for us, and he has chosen us to become something beautiful. 
The renewing of our mind requires us to focus on what God say... and NOT the world.  not our own ideallyic thoughts.
For example...
My life path is different from yours.. and the same for every one in here.
You may see something in another life that you wish you had..
better health..
better marriage..
more spirituallity..
How can we focus on what God wants here?
The Bible tells us to be content.
How can we be transformed into a new creature if we are trying to cling to what the world tells us?
What if that caterpillar decided to take week vacation... mosy around to other leaves... try out what some his buddies were living, and then what?
The PLAN that God had for that caterpillar to transform into something beautiful would be altered.

Our time in the Scriptures and Our thought process is what will renew our mind and transform us into something beautuful.
A Woman of God does not look like the world.
We need to put off, and the put on.

Spending regular time in God's word cannot be relaced with a quick scan of a fix-it verse...
or a learning a random verse here and there for the appearance of Godliness.

We are the Chrysallis.

Our family has collected the caterpillars every year and observed this process of transformation.
Listen carefully...
One thing we have observed every single time, is that as thwe transformation is taking place... the chrysallis becomes transparent.
You can see the beauty coming through....
Every little change becomes more and more evident to the observer each day of the metamorphisis.
Are we as woman like that?

When God looks at your heart... is it transparent?
Full of those things which He loves
Filled with an eagerness to make His choices
Is the beauty of transformation evident to those around you?
Can they see the beauty shining through?

2 Corinthians 5:17 - ".. Old things are passed away,,behold all things are new."

Remember this..
A transformation... the change to become more like our Savior does not happen over night.
But as we submit our will.
pursue His plan,
and prepare our minds..
we will become a new creature.

Little daily habits become big life habits.
Wishing vs. contenment
Anger vs. Joy
Pride vs. humility
Greed vs. Unselfishness

Have you ever observed someone that radiates the beauty of Christ?
What does that look like?
The old becomes new.

Daily habits of talking to God.
Daily habits of memorization.
Daily habits of reading His words.. written for you.
Daily habits of thanskgiving.

( Use Colossians memory book example
Use Grateful Lists- read some as example)

Another observation we have made while observing the chrysallis .. is this..
There is always a golden thread weaved through the fibers of the chrysallis.
It is beautiful to see... it is a bright golden thread.

The thread that holds us together.. that holds our hope, our faith and our desire to change is Gods Word.
IT is the thread that weaves beauty into our fiber of being.
It is what you observe when you see a transformation in another person.
This thread of hope... for a fuller life.
A life filled with change - beauty - joy - contentment.

(use example of twins pregnancy)

And the most beautiful thing of all -
The birth of that butterfly.
And if you ever observe this process.
you will see..
it is slow..
it is planned... not rushed.
The butterfly even sits for hours not moving. wings unfurled,, allowing the blood reach its heart..
and when you look at this masterpiece,, you will see this...

That golden thread?
It is woven into the wings of this new creature...
proving that which is good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."
All things have become new.

So, like the butterfly, :
Put off/Put on
Pursue Him
Take flight on your Faith - He will guide a true transformation.

Easter Basket- Goat Milk Soap Giveaway

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Who is really paying attention?

Truly!?  Who really noticed that I haven't blogged in over a week!? 

But more importantly, WHO is really paying attention to things like this:

~ Fingerprints on the wall?

~Ants in the honey?

~the mountain of laundry on the folding counter?

~A fish from the creek, wrapped in saran wrap, in the freezer?

~the rather large dead tree that fell on the trampoline this morning?

~the chickens that are digging up my flower beds?

~and let's not forget the chicken that was found in waltzing around in the dining room!

~the 4 light bulbs that are burned out in the bathroom?

~the van was vacuumed and cleaned? - Does any one really notice?

~the calendar is brimming with activity and there is not one day free?

~My newborn crying through the mall?

~The large dark circles under my eyes?

~The hurting and sad people that we see in public every day?

~The toilet paper rolls are empty ( again)... and the garbage needs carried out?

~The school books strewn all over the dining room table?

~The gentleman that was raking the church lawn all week... anonymously and sacrificially?

~The old woman walking hunched through town, with a bag, a hat and a cane to her name?

~The FB posts that plead for prayer or encouragement from the lonely or disheartened?


Begin your grateful lists this Easter Season,... and make your #1 item - HOPE!

Look around and share the Hope of the Lord with others.
Look around and be  sure to share your gratefulness with others.

Are you paying attention?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So I have this son.....

And he is now 16!  And he now has his driving permit!

He is a Gift- from - God!
Matthew- Gift of God

It is easy to remember the birth of this special son... he arrived 13 (THIRTEEN) minutes after arriving at the Hospital!
He was a very quiet baby... always taking in the details around him.
We would place him in front of the large fish tank with his blanket and he would watch the fish for long periods of time.

Matthew has grown into a young man that has a quiet passion for the Lord..
He is sensitive, caring, helpful, unassuming, and is best buddies with his younger siblings.
He seems to sense the feelings of others, and acts upon the right thing to do.. rather than ignoring others and moving on.

Time, prayer, dedication and surrender will tell what The Lord has planned for Matthew.
I am so excited to see!

I love you Matthew, and I am so thankful the Lord placed you right where you are in our family.
You touch my heart in many ways, and I am so thankful to see the Lord working in your life more and more.

Happy 16th Birthday!

Sorry ,,, It is hard to find a picture that Sarah isn't in.. she and Matthew hang out together!


Friday, April 8, 2011

I introduce to you...!!

An absolutely wonderful product!

I couldn't wait to share this wonderful home-based business with you..

Just click on the button to visit my friend Liz, and her wonderful products!

We are using the Hand-made products from my friend Liz, and we are LOVING them!
Be sure to stop by there and visit her site.. her soaps are selling so quickly..just read the testimonials on her page!  

We are using the Goat Milk Soaps, their hand-made cedar Soap Savers, ( pictured below)..
Her Salves... I am LOVING these~!

 Aren't the Soap Savers so beautiful!  They make them to sell with their soaps,, The one we have at our sink is made out of CEDAR!

One of the SALVES that is Featured on the Web site:

Breathe Better Balm:
Colds? Allergies? Sinus irritations? Try our aromatic Breathe Better Balm. A naturally soothing decongestant. Apply to chest, soles of feet, or dab under the nose, and breathe deeply. Try to resist the urge to use it all the time! 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Eucalyptus, Sage, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Beeswax.

We used the above SALVE a few weeks ago on our toddlers,, and I was SOOO AMAZED!
It was soothing and SOOO Effective!
You need to try the SALVES... you will be sooo impressed!

A picture of one the Homemade salves .... ALL Natural Ingredients, and soo wonderfully calming!

Dandelion's Acre Herbal Salves
All natural. Pure. Healing. These salves are so delicious. But don't eat them! They have such a wonderful green essence with lingering notes of sweet honey. But that's just how they smell. The herbs and oils in each are designed to go to work for you in amazing ways. Each salve is formulated a little differently and is wonderful in its own unique way. And because they are free from the petroleum and heavy artificial fragrances that over- the- counter pharmaceuticals are plagued with, you can feel a little better about what you're putting on your skin.
Try them and you will see.

 Each salve comes in a cute, re-usable 2 oz tin, and is pocket-sized to take anywhere! 

Soooo..... If you leave me a comment that you have stopped by at Dandelion's Acre Farm,,, to check out The Home Made Goat Soaps  AND More... and leave Liz a comment or order!!.....

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Happy Shopping!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here a chick... There a chick.. Everywhere a...

Chick... chick!!

OK.. I will be the 1st to admit it..
Our family IS a little eccentric.
some would even go as far as to say...
VERY eccentric.

It is time to pace our order for baby chicks again.
We could incubate some eggs..
Maybe we will again.
But for a large quantity of healthy meat chickens,.. that are fed organic feed, and are also free-range..
then.. we will order them in large quantities.

Egg-Layers are also great for ordering as well.

If you are able to consider raising some chickens,, and have a great spot for a healthy adventure like this..

Here are some pictures of our chicken adventures..

                                      A close-up shot of the Chicks after they arrive in the mail!

Wheel-barrow Races  - I told you we were eccentric!

How many families find a chicken on their roof!   We do!!!

And leave it to Sarah.. to rescue the chickens off of the roof!


Monday, April 4, 2011

My Little Tornado

To my friends and family:
( or whom it may concern...)

If you notice the following ...  then DO NOT be alarmed...

*Excessive graying in my hair-line

*Stress lines in the crease of my brow

*Major memory lapses over a short-period of time

*A little paranoia in public where there are hiding places for small people

*First-aid kit attached to my daily ward-robe

*911 programed into my cell-phone on Speed dial 1

*Holes cut -out of my clothing where I have not noticed

*Toothpaste hidden in very high spots in my home

*Velcro attachments for a certain child while out and about

*Our toilet lids with locks and a secret pass -code for any users

Please do not be alarmed if you notice these or any quirky habits of the like in me...
when God gave us THIS child..we read the fine print... and there was..


And thankfully we have a SHELTER for the storms that come with her...
The only Tornado we will ever be thankful for.  :)

Oh JOY!  Ava finds the make-up! 
She looks so happy here, doesn't she!

Not so happy here... It's is time to clean off the fun!

Do you have a child that brings a lot of adventure to your days?