One September Day

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who is really paying attention?

Truly!?  Who really noticed that I haven't blogged in over a week!? 

But more importantly, WHO is really paying attention to things like this:

~ Fingerprints on the wall?

~Ants in the honey?

~the mountain of laundry on the folding counter?

~A fish from the creek, wrapped in saran wrap, in the freezer?

~the rather large dead tree that fell on the trampoline this morning?

~the chickens that are digging up my flower beds?

~and let's not forget the chicken that was found in waltzing around in the dining room!

~the 4 light bulbs that are burned out in the bathroom?

~the van was vacuumed and cleaned? - Does any one really notice?

~the calendar is brimming with activity and there is not one day free?

~My newborn crying through the mall?

~The large dark circles under my eyes?

~The hurting and sad people that we see in public every day?

~The toilet paper rolls are empty ( again)... and the garbage needs carried out?

~The school books strewn all over the dining room table?

~The gentleman that was raking the church lawn all week... anonymously and sacrificially?

~The old woman walking hunched through town, with a bag, a hat and a cane to her name?

~The FB posts that plead for prayer or encouragement from the lonely or disheartened?


Begin your grateful lists this Easter Season,... and make your #1 item - HOPE!

Look around and share the Hope of the Lord with others.
Look around and be  sure to share your gratefulness with others.

Are you paying attention?



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