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Friday, April 8, 2011

I introduce to you...!!

An absolutely wonderful product!

I couldn't wait to share this wonderful home-based business with you..

Just click on the button to visit my friend Liz, and her wonderful products!

We are using the Hand-made products from my friend Liz, and we are LOVING them!
Be sure to stop by there and visit her site.. her soaps are selling so quickly..just read the testimonials on her page!  

We are using the Goat Milk Soaps, their hand-made cedar Soap Savers, ( pictured below)..
Her Salves... I am LOVING these~!

 Aren't the Soap Savers so beautiful!  They make them to sell with their soaps,, The one we have at our sink is made out of CEDAR!

One of the SALVES that is Featured on the Web site:

Breathe Better Balm:
Colds? Allergies? Sinus irritations? Try our aromatic Breathe Better Balm. A naturally soothing decongestant. Apply to chest, soles of feet, or dab under the nose, and breathe deeply. Try to resist the urge to use it all the time! 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Eucalyptus, Sage, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Beeswax.

We used the above SALVE a few weeks ago on our toddlers,, and I was SOOO AMAZED!
It was soothing and SOOO Effective!
You need to try the SALVES... you will be sooo impressed!

A picture of one the Homemade salves .... ALL Natural Ingredients, and soo wonderfully calming!

Dandelion's Acre Herbal Salves
All natural. Pure. Healing. These salves are so delicious. But don't eat them! They have such a wonderful green essence with lingering notes of sweet honey. But that's just how they smell. The herbs and oils in each are designed to go to work for you in amazing ways. Each salve is formulated a little differently and is wonderful in its own unique way. And because they are free from the petroleum and heavy artificial fragrances that over- the- counter pharmaceuticals are plagued with, you can feel a little better about what you're putting on your skin.
Try them and you will see.

 Each salve comes in a cute, re-usable 2 oz tin, and is pocket-sized to take anywhere! 

Soooo..... If you leave me a comment that you have stopped by at Dandelion's Acre Farm,,, to check out The Home Made Goat Soaps  AND More... and leave Liz a comment or order!!.....

I will put your name in a drawing for a BASKET of Goodies featuring the Soaps and Salves you were able to see on her site!

BE sure to do this TODAY!!
Who wouldn't want an EASTER BASKET full of Soaps and Salves??

And here is a secret!  Shhhh..
Liz is making a special "scent" for an Easter Soap... Can you guess what that might be?
 Be sure to Add your guess in your comment!

Happy Shopping!
Leave your comment.. I am just sooo excited for Liz and her adventure in Soap making!  Deliciously wonderful!

Click on her button above or my side-bar!



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