One September Day

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is NOT about US

Different Walks - Same God

A great chum of mine reminded me today that I haven't blogged in about 17 days.
I knew that... and I tried..
It just cannot happen when my heart so full.

I had to focus on what is true, lovely, honest, pure ,, of good report...
To keep my mind and heart free from distraction.

Are you like this?  Do you see all of the people that you know and even some that you don't ...through God's eyes?

Look around this week.   We are walking such different walks.  Some with the Lord by their side, and some without.

There are a lot of people enduring trials, suffering pain,others are rejoicing over new seasons in their lives.

But, God is always the same... Yesterday, TODAY, and Forever!

What comfort we can share with those that don't have any hope!
When I look or talk to someone .....this perspective helps me see past my own cares and concerns and try and focus on them,, then and there....
That they are one of God's creations - and my life is not even the same walk that they have.

I have a lot of friends/family whom share similar daily lives with me... but, we all share our own unique Journey with God.
Am I on the path that HE wants for me?
Am I caring about others and what impact I am having on their Journey.

It is not about US.. is it?
It is about what are WE doing for God and for Others.
Let's not compare our lives with that of another.  We all have a different purpose.

My daily challenge-
Remember that my journey needs to be what God wants,,,not what I want... and I need to remember that we all have a different walk - but GOD is the same... and Boy!  Does HE love us all!

I hope you know that you don't have to walk your Journey Alone...  Let God take your Hand this week and guide you.

Is God using you to walk beside another this week?  I pray that I will stay on His chosen path for me.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, How I love thee!

A husband is a gift..
A family is as well.

Life is like a roller -coaster, and so are our emotions.
And,,, that.. is why we should never let our emotions rule our behavior, or our decisions.

Placing our relationship with our spouse ahead of our other priorities is more important than we realize.

Motherhood is not flattering.  Lack of sleep, slobbery-loving kisses, shoulders with spit-up, diaper changes and chapped hands from washing, snuggles and cuddles with wrinkled clothing, taxi driving and wind-blown hair from play ground days    =  A condition of "feeling" not so attractive and ready for a husbands embrace.

Are we on the same page?

Making our relationships a priority definetely takes work, effort in so many areas.
But, the Lord knows that when we desire to make this an area we want to improve, then He gives us the strength to follow through.

A lot of times, the actions have to preceed the feelings.

Here are a few ideas that my we have tried and have found to be helpful:

* Weekly Date Night - just the two of you.. either going out for a simple walk, meal, or time alone
                                  - Saving $ and putting children to bed with instructions to stay in bed.. having a take out simple meal, movie, or talking time.

*Time together when work day ends, and before family time begins.  Making this a priority helps bring you both onto the same"page."
This may require a little more effort and training for the children.  Learning that it is "ok" for mom and dad to be talking without them being the center of attention.

*Understanding the stress-load that either is carrying and looking for ways to help "carry it."
Moms and Dads, both, have a lot to do, a lot to think about, and sometimes it helps to know that we are getting another helping hand, extra prayer support, and arms to turn to when the raod gets tough.
Frustration from work, bills, life in general seems to be taken personal in a relationship, when sometimes it can be deferred by an understanding spouse, rather than feeling as if it is a personal attack.
Perspective...  that is what I tend to call it.

*Positive praise and affirmation- Saying positive things to our spouse does not come naturally to many couples- especially after the first few years of marriage has passed.
Remembering the things that we admire in one another from the beginning help us with a platform to begin.
Positive words and affirmation of our admiration are huge stepping stones in a marriage.
Sometimes saying the words even when it is hard, makes the heart grow softer to a desire to be closer to our spouse.

*Special ways to say- thank you. - An assumption of the roles and responsibilities in a family can set a marriage up for resentment and frustration. Coming to a place where we appreciate the tasks of the other and coming alongside to help, encourage and show our thankfulness goes a long, long way.
Notes, flowers, cards, words of appreciation, speaking words of praise in public, and following through with aacts of service will show our thankfulness.

*Always putting the other first- over parents, children, work, and schedules.  There will always be exceptions, and flexibility, but the very best way for our spouse to SEE and KNOW that we put them 1st, is that are willing to do that.

Questions to ask oursleves:
-Where am I and what am I doing when my spouse is done with work?
-Where do  I sit in the car.van when we are together as a family?
-Do I have words of praise on my tongue on front of the children, and in public concerning my spouse?
-Do I look for opportunities to help or encourage them after a long day?
-Do I make their problems my problems?
-Have I had any time alone with them this week, month, etc.?
-When was the last time that I told them thank you... or even, I admire you?
- Do we have our own schedule and agenda each day- meeting up only when it is convenient?
-Do our children know that our marriage relationship comes first?

Being a mom is a High- Calling.  Being a Wife is a gift.
Cherish it.. hold on tight.

Please share your ideas here.. I decided not to make this post any more lengthy than it is... and let you "pipe in" with your thoughts.

- September


Monday, May 10, 2010

Will they ever grow?

It has been one of those Mondays..  I, myself, was praying about the struggles and victories in life, and find myself surrounded by many other moms who share the same prayers.

The children and I planted some seeds a few weeks ago.  The whole "adventure" was very exciting for them. 
Every morning.. all day, I would find them perched over the seeds to see if they had sprouted.
Water, sun, and much love, I told my children.. and their seeds would soon grow..
Every day... they asked me...
"Will they ever grow?

Moms feel this way don't they..
Every day, we wonder, will this be the way it is forever?

Moms get lonely.  Moms get discouraged, and moms are too hard on themselves.
Remedy,,, It is probably like the Water, sun and much love..

It seems simple, but it is really more complex than that, isn't it!
Just as it looks easy for that little seed to sprout,, God has an intricate plan and hand in the growth and development of each seed.

When other mom's hurt.. I hurt.  Hurt - Sad, lonely, discouraged, hopeless, and resigned to failure.

Can you share in this also?

I told a friend earlier that family life is like a Teeter- Totter...The LORD is the crux in the middle that keeps the balance on each side..
and like a teeter - totter, if a child suddenly gets off of one side of the teeter-totter, then it is way off balance, and someone on the other side falls off and gets hurt.

Family life ( Motherhood ) can only stay balanced with the Lord in the middle, and with PRIORITIES on each side, and when those are off balance in life, then someone gets "hurt."

Feel this way?

Priorities for the married mom, should look like this:
1.)Relationship with the Lord

Sometimes moms put their children first before the first two, and all too often, this becomes a life habit without even realizing that it has happend.
Children need to see and know that Mom and Dad love each other FIRST and MORE than them.
Sound crazy ?  It is Biblical.  It takes effort, but it is sooo rewarding.

Will life ever change from the monotony of every day life for the mom that has lost her JOY in every day?
Priorotize and find the teeter - totter of life to be more balanced 1st.

Tomorrow, I will post some ideas to make your spouse your #1 priority..

Hang in there moms - there is hope for the High- Calling of Motherhood and the waves of discouragement that comes your way.

See you tomorrow,, and bring your ideas to share!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is for the Birds/ Updated

Need a fun and relaxing activity to do with your children?
We made these special treats for the birds, and took some pictures to help you follow along.
try them.. our birds loved them, and devoured them already!
Easy and time spent together!

Grab a few ingredients!

I have found this to be the birds absolute favorite bird seed... but it really doesn't matter!

We gathered these in the woods,,,if you are not in the country,,, grab some you are out for a drive!

1/2 cup Shortening
2 cups cornmeal
1/2 oats
A "tad" of peanut butter

We mixed the above ingredients quickly with our HANDS.... fast and easy.
( do not mix the birdseed and craisins with the other ingredients)
(save them for later)

Tie a ribbon on the pinecone BEFORE you spread your mix...

Using a plastic knife didn't work as easily as using our hands to "smoosh" the mix onto/into the pinecones.

Have the kids press the birdseed onto the pinecone...continually pressing more on until it is covered.

Hang in various places... our birds devoured ours after they were daring enough to get near them.

Have fun!  ( In the past we have made the simple peanut butter/birdseed cones,and we have found that the birds LOVE this new recipe!  Less messy too!)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Predictions Anyone?

Any one up for a round of Predictions?
Not something that I do every day, nor, do I find to be alaways true and accurate..
If I were to predict the outcome of any given day, let alone a week, I think that I woul be surprised by one thing..
What is that?  Keep reading...

Here is my list of Predictions for today, or maybe even tomorrow..

*There will be many diaper changes ahead
*Many spills and messes will be cleaned up and vaccummed
*I will run at least 5 loads of laundry before the day is half over
*My son will ask me how old I am.. at least 5 times by noon
*I will look out at my flower beds, and wish I was working in them'

*My daughter will test the waters of communication
*The lawn will remain un-mowed
*The van will make a loud squeeky noise while driving up the hills
*Dinner will be made on time, but eaten late
*I will be taxi mom the entire afternoon
*Miss Curly-Q will wake up with tight little snarls in those precious curls

*Great intentions to lose my last of the baby weight will be only that... great intentions
*A Dr.'s run will most likely occur,, could see it coming for one of the kids
*I will lose my cell - phone.. most likely finding it under the Mountain of laundry waiting to be folded
*School will have a great start and a weak middle... finishing strong.. more from guilt
*The vacuum cannister will be emptied - twice
*Someone will yell from the bathroom for a roll of toilet paper
*Little feet will find the one and only mud puddle in the driveway

*Conviction and talks with God will bring refreshment and change
*My Bible will sit calling me until I surrender my time and my schedule
*Prayer will sent from my lips through the day for many... many
*Church duties will call my name.. leaving a burden on my mind
*I will make lists of all I need to do.. revising for convenince.. and to look like I got a lot done
*My husband will hold me and take time to let me know he loves me
*Five year old son will eat until his hollow leg is filled

*The refrigerator will be screaming to be cleaned... it will be ignored
*Wishes of time to walk will ring in my ears
*The mail will be delivered before noon
*Naps will begin at 12:30
*The milk will be left out on the counter
*Play-doh will be dry up on the table
*The resident mouse will eat those annoying crumbs under the living room chair
*A bike will be left in the middle of the driveway... hoping to not be backed over by the monster van

PREDICTIONS?  The list is endless...
GUARANTEES?.. Only one... and that is even when our predictions may come true..
we have ONE gaurantee to hold onto..

Thank you Lord that when I wake in the morning.. I can open my eyes and know that your love will never fail, and that I can rely on YOU to be there ,,

HE NEVER CHANGES... yesterday, today, and forever.