One September Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Sayin'...

Need some perspective right now perhaps?
 I can help...

Life these days is all but normal..
and because I blog..
I will share!

So, life after a newborn is all BUT glamorous!

~I now pack a change of clothes for me AND the baby when we leave the house...
~I catch a glimpse of my skinny  after-baby profile as we scoot through the store on a " Quick!  The baby is not crying.. let's run into the store" errand!
( Which ends up not being so QUICK...
...2 trips to the bathroom for diaper changes.. 
...finding tissues to clean up a trail of spit up that your baby has left behind...
...standing in the diaper aisle...
 ...trying to take in all of the new fangled baby items that have come out in the last 20 years of my having children!...
 you know... those types of things...)

any ways... back to my profile..
WELL..maybe NOT!

~The day will come soon,, I hope,, where these maternity pants will either wear out,, or my body will not need to accommodate them.
Just sayin'!

To the gym I go...
the treadmill, the elliptical..
my shirt reveals the not so typical sweat marks....
if you're a mom,,
you know what I am sayin'
I'm missing my baby and it almost time for her to eat.
So, enough said..

ONLY a mom..
in the gym..
with no spare shirt...
and honestly ..
at this point..
Just keep exercising.
Just sayin'!

My honey calls...
Cleared table of water coloring aftermath, school books, this mornings Cheerio Bowls..??

Sorry, dear.
If you could just direct me to the bathroom,,, I will try and fit that in today.

And to TOP it all off...
the kids see a dead.. DEAD Turkey on our ROOF!
No one knows where in the world this came from,,,
How it got there..
or how it died!
It was all a big mystery, and everyone was questioning one another for answers.
It is amazing how many creative scenarios a family can come up with for a mystery like this!

Oh... and did I mention that our 90 chicks arrived in the mail this past week!?
The Post Office calls me on a SUNDAY,, and during the middle of Church services...
we have to drive to the Post Office for our peeps.
My husband is the song leader,,, and doesn't show up front for last song.
So, how do you explain this to a whole congregation...
You don't.
Life is a great big surprise here every day...
but.. we are having fun!
Take it all in stride...
You gotta love it!
Just sayin'!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011



  Ten (10) children later, and all of the romanticism of newborns has still taken hold.

~Am I enjoying the colicky baby that I have this time?

~Am I loving the lack of sleep and slumber,, the cranky moods that I find myself in just about every day?

~Does my housework seem to be left by the way side.. piling up?

~Have I considered hiring someone to hold, walk, and calm my screaming baby.. so that I can hug my other little ones?

~Do I feel as if time is fleeting by, while I walk, and walk, and cry my tears with my colicky baby?

YES,,, to all of the above.

And the romanticism of a newborn...
the coos, the snuggles, and the warm face against my cheek when she sleeps?
Still there.
I love my newborn..
Just praying that I will get through this time with some sanity left, and an ability to catch up on lost time with the rest of my life.

Don't let the smiles fool you.... these are the only smiling pictures we could grab in 2 1/2 months.

Sorry to be missing in action so long,,
maybe this will be the road back to blogging for me.
We will see.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornado Safety

Tornado's never come this way...We live on a hill... in a small valley... and we always hear of the Tornado's...
but we never see their path of destruction.

Our surrounding area was touched by tornado touchdowns , and I am so thankful we are safe.

We took our kids to the basement... and my husband went upstairs to check the house, and returned back downstairs .. after hearing wind like he had never heard before...

We came back upstairs a little later,,, to a phone call..
My Father - n- law saying a Strong storm, must have hit their home... down our road.
It actually hit AROUND their home... ALL around their home... leaving their home untouched.

Here is some pictures of the damage in the cemetery right next to their home...

and  1/4 mile down the road from our home.

Were you affected by the storm?
Thank you Lord for protecting us.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take time to be there

So many days seem to go by with busy chores, school, work and all of those things that may keep me from wanting to open my eyes in the morning.

Having a lot of free time in the middle of the night to feed the baby, and to be awake... keeps my mind turning and my heart praying for many.
I am thankful that the Lord gives me this quiet time... although, a little sleep would be nice too...
Prayer is a gift, a privilege, and the Lord wants us to come to Him.

During my time in the night of thinking and pondering, I re-hash the days, and the week to come.
I am so busy as a mom... doing the duties that keep a home running.. but, there comes a time, when we need to STOP...

Be there...
Holding our little ones
Hugging our spouse
Listening to our teens
Sitting and chatting with out interruption
Reading to our children
Singing along with their joyful noise
Reading the Word of God and Sharing the Good News with others

Take time to be there..
Put off the task before you.. is it really that important that it has to be done this second?

We only get just "One time around.."

Look around for what is really calling your name today...
and, Be there.