One September Day

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer's Song

Summer's Song is almost over here.
Here is the song summer sang to us this year:

*Lazy days at the beach...
*Picking berries, skipping rocks, and sipping iced lemonade
*Shaking sand out of swim suits and bags .. non-stop
*Reading neglected books
*Rummage Sales for fun
*Weeding and babying the flower beds
*Potty Training
*Cleaning out closets and drawers
*Saying good-bye to burdens
*Trying new recipes
*Hiking and Biking
*Sewing Projects
*Family Get-togethers
*Roasting marshmallows and Mountain Pies
*Swimming and Splashing
*Buying new flip flops
*Mowing the lawn
*Too many milkshakes
*Too little time!

This Summer Song is sweet to my ears, and will forever be stored in my treasury of music made by the beautiful family the Lord has blessed me with.

Good-Bye Summer!

Sweet Summer Songs!


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