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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homemade Freezer Pops -Yummm!

My brother owns an Ice Cream Store!  So, you can imagine the "temptation" to frequent there.. But, alas,,,
Our budget, our waistline and our health can only permit the fun trip there to once a week.

So.. we came up with this healthy alternative to a frozen and yummy treat... for the days we aren't at the Ice Cream Shop!

Here is how you can make these at home:

1 Large container of Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt  ( This, of course has a banana flavor to it - hence, banilla!)
Fresh Strawberries
Freezer Pop Holders  OR you can use Wax lined Dixie cups...with a Popsicle stick

Cut/Hull Stem off Strawberries
Cut into pieces
Puree them in your blender ( no chunks)

Fill Pop holders 1/4 full of Banilla Yogurt
Next drizzle in a little of the pureed strawberries
Fill more Banilla Yogurt on top of this layer...

We only used three layers.. but you can judge by the size of your containers.
Also... we have some NON-strawberry lovers, and so we made some ALL Banilla Yogurt pops.

Freeze for 24 hours.  Plan ahead!  Fruit and Yogurt takes a little longer to freeze.




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