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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Minute/ 5 Dollars

Busy lives we all live.. that is for sure.
I am sure that your life is not so different from mine... as far as busy goes. 

One thing that I have learned, is that through the Rush Hour of Life, we can find 5 Minutes here, and 5 Dollars there, to keep life in perspective, and help keep the teeter - totter of our schedules from overwhelming us!

Here are a ideas that fall into my own 5 Minute/5 Dollar List:
(Some of are gender specific.. so use them as they apply.)  

*Grab a new pair of flip-flops for $5 at Target - (An errand run is usually for everyone else- isn't it?...Throw a cute pair of flip-flops in the cart for yourself .. they have some cute choices)

*Try the French Manicure Pen...After you jump out of the shower... it takes less than 5 minutes to use this handy-dandy pen,, and whala!... you have a pretty french manicure... Use a clear top coat to protect it.. and you are set for the week... all ready to go in the new flip flops as well!  In under 5 minutes!

*Throw some herbal tea bags and water in a glass gallon container, and set in the sun as you start your morning.  Right before lunch bring it in and dilute for some healthy, tasty ice tea.
So refreshing as a middle of the day jump-start.  It only takes 5!

*Look around and find items that you would love to look new, and discourage you from using.. outdoor garden, deck or porch items..
Do not be discouraged with what you have... next time you take a trip to the store, add spray paint to your list.
Sounds cheesy?  Nope.. There are so many choices in spray paint now,,it is unbelievable!  And FAST!
Flower pots.. decorations..
Life does need to be dull...change things up in a quick and inexpensive way.

*Develop a few new pics of of your camera next time you are at the store.  Post them on the fridge or mail them out to close family or friends.
A five minute stop at the photo machine will bring a smile to your day and someone else as well.
Make it happen.

*Go for a walk... download some of your favorite tunes onto an Ipod, or work on memorizing your Scripture while you walk.  Either walk for leisure,, or take a 5 minute or more power walk, and rejuvenate your metabolism. 
Clear your mind.

*Order some liquid chlorophyll,, ( we like the mint flavored,)... and add it to your "under $5" Water Bottle with some ice.  Minty- Ice Cold Chlorophyll water is the best.. and it is soooo  good for you.
Cheaper and healthier than many other cool drinks.

*Rather than thinking your cleaning has to be done in hour segments, or it has to be done 100% all of the time... try this:  We use containers of cleaning wipes, and leave them in watch bathroom,, accessible...
Every time you pass by or are in the bathroom,, grab a cleaning wipe, and do a quick swipe of everything.
WOW!  A refreshing, inexpensive, and quick smile this will bring when you walk into the bathroom the next time.
This cleaning mind set has revolutionized my life.  Putting away the thinking that cleaning has to be a specific time set aside where it all gets done then and only then,,, and maybe the "then" never happened that day..
No more! 
 Spot cleaning... I call this..On the spot, and in a Jif'!

*Talk is cheap!  Heehee!  Sorry,, had to say that! 
Truly though... see a friend at the store?  Run into someone at a school or church function?  Take the time to talk.  It can make a difference in the course of a day.  Make it happen.  no cost... just 5 minutes!

*Prayer - is not cheap... but it won't cost you a thing.! Be sure to fit this in ALL day.  5 minutes here, 5 minutes there... God doesn't put a limit on the time he spends with us... Give more than 5 for Him.  No bargains.

Life is not about tasks. 
It can be overwhelming at times..

Take 5, and do something that fits into this category, and make it happen.  You won't regret it.
Just remind yourself... it is only 5 minutes, or $5.... your day can handle it.

A picture of Ben (1st on left) in a game of Tug - O-  War with kids from school.  This picture reminded me of how we feel sometimes with our busy schedules.
(p.s.  Ben's team won.)  




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