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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Step back !

from it all...

I am not going to beat around the bush....

I am mommy...
I have been diagnosed with the infamous syndrome ..."Touched and Touchy!"

It certainly seems that not a minute goes by where I am not holding someone, rocking someone,, feeling the pull and leaning on my legs,,, even while sitting... a hand in my hand, a hand on my sweater as we cross the road, because the other two hands are already being held,

So, what did I say the other day??????-
..... shocking my entire household into stares, and gaping mouths..

"Step back! - please"
(Wasn't that polite and sweet of me to add the please?)

I am mommy, and I love waking up to that call every day.
I am mommy and love to hold my children's hands,
I am mommy, AND wife, and am held and loved by both of these roles.

I needed my family to just step back- step away from me and give me a little space.

But more importantly, I needed to step back myself, and take some time to myself and with the Lord.
We can all use alone time,, and we should all make a concerted effort to do this...

Symptoms of the Touched and Touchy Syndrome:
-Easily Annoyed
-Sharper speech/tones
-Noticing that little things aren't important any more- ( changing clothes, combing hair.. lol)
-Not seeing the joy in the life around you

Step back- please!
  Call unto the Lord, and let Him fill your empty tank with His word, and with peace.
Step-back- find your joy again..
Those little fingers in your hands will grow larger than yours someday.
Wrap your arms around those you love, and let the refreshment of the Holy Spirit surround you both.

There is SONSHINE in my soul today!



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