One September Day

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Between

It occurred to me this week… that there is a lot of “in between,” in this life of mine..

For instance –

1.) I am “in between,” young and old

2.) I am “in between,” any decent clothing size.

3.) Happy and grumpy

4.) Sunshine and snow

5.) Carrot juice and lattes

6.) Diaper and soccer cleats

7.) Dust bunnies and painting walls

8.) Short hair and long hair

9.) Blond hair and brown hair

10.) Sleep or sick child induced insomnia

11.) Unwashed laundry and unwashed dishes

12.) Unfolded socks and ironing

13.) Clear thinking and muddled mindsets

14.) Cooking and teaching

But, one thing I KNOW…

there is NOTHING “In between..”

… My Soul and My Savior.

He keeps me going through the thick and the thin of it.


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