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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Toddlers and a Treadmill

I find it so hilariously amazing the lengths we, as moms, go to exercise!
Like this morning -
Time to get on the treadmill - set up the three youngest, 5, 3, and 1 in the basement with their toys, within my sight, so that they are safe, and not into mischief while I attempt to grab a mile or two.

Scene 1:
 3 Toddlers set up with toys- now I cannot find the Safety "key" for the Treadmill.  The Todllers have hidden it from me, and they are trying to remember where they hid it.
Tick, tick, tick..
The todllers remember where it is,, I finally get started.

Scene 2:
The Questions Begin,..I am out of breath.. trying to pretend I didn't hear them
"Mommy, how old are you?"
"Why are you breathing like that?"
"Look, mommy, I can jump rope now!"
"Uh-Oh, Mommy, the baby took her sock and shoe off!"
The baby's nose is running...
I am trying to talk while I jog- telling Sam to run upstairs and get a tissue for baby's nose.
I stop machine.. wipe baby's nose, and ask 3 year old to throw tissue away -
"Ewwww... she says!"
I jump back on treamill before my heart- rate drops!

Scene 3:
3 year old decides to make a climbing obstacle course while I am on my 2nd mile...
I am watching carefully,, for safety..
when... yep,, baby decides to lay herself down right in the middle of this creative course and cause a ruckus.
Stop treadmill.... intervene... Start again.
Now focused on finishing.. Baby decides she wants to stroll over to me, and attempt to touch moving belt on treadmill.  I stop,,, move her,, re-start... stop.. move her... re-start!
Oh so fun!

Scene 4:
Treadmill done
Moving on to a few stretches and floor exercises
All 3 toddlers playing in basement now getting bored
I lay down on carpet for leg lifts, and baby walks over to me and lays down to cuddle...
Awwww..... so sweet.. kiss... now please move.  Please.
Question from 5 year old-
"Mommy, are you hot?  You look sweaty."
Yep.  I am.
More leg lifts...other leg now.
Baby is leaning over my face again.. nose is running again.
Tissue scene.
Last, but not least....sit-ups~
I hate these.  This mom of many has a lot of stomach muscles to work on -
"Mommy, are you tired?"
Baby sits on my belly, and lays her sweet face on mine.
Ok,, enough is enough... I am done.

I am mommy.  Always.


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