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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good, Better, Best - A Spirit of Excellence

How can a Christian show the world  and God that they mean what they say, and that they are serious about living for God?

How can a child learn to do accomplish what they set their hands, mind and heart to do- with excellence?

How can a parent show their children they are really trying, accomplish the many tasks that a parent needs to get done, anfd still serve a Risen Savior?

Struggling, Just getting by, or even barely managing the tasks we handle?

1.)Some things just don't need to get done.  Wisely choose.
2.) Do all to the glory of God.
3.)Do your best.  Not good, not better, But your best!

One of the things we are working hard to instill in our growing children from the time they are little, is to have a Spirit of Excellence.

It takes a little more work of follow thru, and reslove to teach and re-teach them as a parent while they learn through every situation.
Here are a few areas you can visualize this process of teaching of Choosing Good, Better, or Best:
~School Projects
~Special Music
~Writing thank you notes
~Appropraite dress
~Phone Answering
~Treatment of others
~Church Ministry

Striving for a Spirit of Excellence is not about Pride.  It is not about ourselves, and most certainly is not about accomplishing something fast, and easily.
Perservarance, and examining whether we have done good, (well), better, or best is what it is really about.

We always challenge one another here.. not for perfection, and not to be legalistic..
but for this :
To bring Glory to God through all that we do,, our best.
Striving for a Spirit of Excellence in all that we do.
( Striving is such a big part of this post.. for we fail every day... and have to remember to keep pressing onward.)
Good,,, better.. best!


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