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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On a lighter note...!

OK.. so we all have rough days, months, years...
But who am I to dwell on that!?

On a lighter note.. I had the "privilege" of driving my husbands "spare," truck tonight!
(Spare - as in... he is using it because his good truck is out of commission for a wee bit.)

So this Spare truck.. yep... hmmm..  don't even know how to describe it! 
This is a good way... an EXPERIENCE like no other!

So, to lighten my day, God allowed me the time to drive this truck to visit our daughter as she is in the Hospital..
 and here is how it goes...

Getting into truck I attempt to fasten seat belt..
Closest latch doesn't work.. try the next one farther across the seat... BINGO...
A little tight on the waist, but sufficient for safety... I guess?

This is a standard truck, and my teenage daughter who is riding with me,, says.. "Why don't I drive,, you are going toooo slow."
Not gonna happen.  Nope.. not gonna!

My flip-flop gets caught on something as I am shifting out of 2nd gear, and I almost stall the engine...
I start to complain, and my daughter ( who, herself, as driven this truck), says...
 "Look down.. Under your foot you can see through to the road!"
WOWSERS....She is right..
I look down, and I can see pavement flying rather quickly by.. and I begin to think that perhaps this wasn't the greatest idea.. to use this...

Dropping my daughter off at work and heading to the Hospital, I pass a police officer, and it occurs to me that I have no idea where all of the registration/Insurance cards are.. and so in a little bit of a panic.. I speed up a little, forgetting about the Police officer.
God is good.. that officer was too busy for this old clunker! ( The truck is in reference here!)

Almost to the Hospital to visit my daughter ( who has a staph infection in her foot)... I come to a slow halt near a road crew, and Lo, and Behold...
I accidentally hit the wiper- knob, and the windshield wipers begin to swish back & forth... back and forth..
RATHER quickly I might add! 
And the construction workers I am driving past... yep.. you guessed it.. are staring at this crazy woman.. in an old truck... on a warm... DRY.. beautiful evening.. with the Windshield Wipers going.. Swish Swish... Swish Swish!
I tried relentlessly to figure out how to turn them off.. but gave up... and let them have their chuckle.
Everyone needs a laugh in their day, right!?  I was glad to help!

I have arrived at the Hospital.. in one piece I might add.. a little more humble..educated.. and amazed at how God has just the right scenarios for a heavy heart.

Yep!  Me and the truck.. we are one now~!

I just have to share the two pictures below... they are so perfect to describe without words, the personalities of two of my girls. 
And sometimes, their personalities will be a reflection of my moods..
Perfect way to end the day on a lighter note!



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