One September Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pre-Give-away announcement!! Don't miss!

It is THAT time of year!!

What could be more fun than sharing a lot of goodies with my friends and family!?

Check back here in the next three days for the Giveaways to BEGIN!!!

The Drawings will be on FRIDAY!!



1.)Beca1.)           1.)Because.. I LOVE to give things away!use I love to give..
and ..

2.This is my blog..

and .. well..

There are TWO more reasons...
but you will have to stop by each day to find out!

TOMORROW.. Wednesday..
It ALL Begins!!

And because I am already writing, and it is hard to find spare time to post here on my blog lately...
I wanted to share some things that the Lord Almighty is teaching me.

1.) Refining is sooo painful.
2.) There are trials of circumstance....and then...
3.) There are Trials of Faith - Trials.. period.
4.) We sometimes feel like it is more than we can bear. 
5.) We are right.. We, ourselves,, CANNOT bear them alone.
6.)I am obviously still here.... and so.. God obviously NOT done with me.. and so...
7.) WHY? ... am I surprised that I am being refined.
8.) I want to be refined as gold or silver when I stand before Him, right...?
9.) Right! 
10.) I am shamefully always in surprise when I finally do see the purpose or plan.
11.) So, then.. WHY.. am do I still doubt the plans I CANNOT see.
12.) Prayer is not just something we can do.. it is something we shold do~!
13.)He has so many unexpected blessing and gifts for me.
14.) He is always working.. even when I throw up my hands!
15.)I am getting older.
16.)I am feeling older.
17.)I am really not THAT old... am I ?
18.)I am excited, yet nervous ( my sinful nature.. yep.), about our future.
19.)God is still waiting for my complete surrender in more areas.
20.) I am still working on all of these things... that counts.. right?
**21.)Everyone goes through trials.  And if you never have.. maybe your missing something.?

What is God showing YOU this week?

My "Anchor - Here-On- Earth!"


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