One September Day

Friday, September 24, 2010

This is IT! Last Day for Give-away!

WOW!!!  What great fun we have had the last three days here in Blog Land!

To answer any questions that may still be lurking out there...

Here are the THREE Reasons for the big Give-Away:

1)I LOVE fall!!! I REALLY do!

2.) We ARE expecting our 10th baby ( Arrow) in March- You guessed correctly!

3.)I AM 40 TODAY!  Woohooo!

THANK YOU for Celebrating with me this week - it has been so much fun!

****Winners will be announced MONDAY - Giving me time to enjoy my birthday this evening... AND type out all of your names and make the drawings here.. FUN  & OFFICIAL!!****

Here are the Rules for TODAYS Giveaways:

1.)Leave a comment if you would like one of todays "prizes!" - 1 entry
2.)Become a NEW follower today and leave a comment telling me so. - 1 entry
3.)Find the "Hidden" Clue in this post that reveals the answer to the Question of the Day.. and leave a comment with your answer.- 1 entry
4.)Send a friend over and have them tell me you sent them - 3 entries!!!! -
5.)Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about todays new Prizes!- 4 entries!
EASY as PIE!!!    

Question for Day Three:
 "What did I tell my family and friends that I wanted for my Birthday?"
Hint... It is on this post! ( Mmmmmmm)... 

Have Fun!

And now for the Final Day Prizes for the One September Day Give-Away!!

Visit my friends' Etsy Site Here:

Her hand-made Jewelry is absolutely beautiful and Unique!  She is so talented, and I know you will LOVE her creations.
Below are a few "samples" of her work, and the Cross Necklace is YOURS if your name is drawn from your entry!

This is one of my Favorites!!! 

This is YOURS.. IF your name is drawn from the entries today!!

Here is Give Away #2!!

Hot Coffee/Latte and Delicious Bread!  Mmmmmm!

$10 Gift Card for Panera Bread!  One of my favorite stops with my hubby!
Let me know if this is the one you want!!!

My Bloggin pal, Veronica, has her very own Etsy business.. and she makes and sells adorable crocheted hats for babies and children..
And NOW..
She makes sweet "Blossoms!!  Hair Clippies!"

Choose TWO of your favorite CLIPPIES from her site,, and let her know.
She will mail them to you directly!!

Stop by here!!

If you missed a Give away day... and saw something that you liked...
This is your very last chance to enter your name as an entry today.. and tell me which giveaway item was your favorite!!

Thank you bloggig friends!!
You made this celebration of a new season in my life..



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