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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where did those 14 years go?

Welcome to my Wednesdays Walk Down Memory Lane. This great blog idea is from my friend Lynnette, and is shared by many. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading memories from others on Wednesdays, and hope you will stop by to visit Lynnette's page as well. Just click on the button above.

Another Special Day in our Family
About two weeks ago, I wrote about our oldest son turning 17. If you missed this post, and would like to read about our Benjamin, just scroll down to see it.

Now, we have another birthday. It's not that I have to write about every birthday we have here... goodness sakes - I would be writing all of the time... but, today I will write about my second son - Matthew.

He will be 14 this weekend. Slowly becoming a man. The mom in me had to add the slowly!
He REALLY is a wonderful young man already.

The day he was born was a whirlwind of activity. 14 years ago - he arrived VERY quickly into our arms - a mere 13 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Very eager to be a part of our family!

My boys are like night and day. Matthew is my right-hand man.
Always looking to help with whatever he can.

He loves the outdoors. Loves to hunt.
Loves to fish.

Loves to bake, cook, and experiment in the kitchen.
Enjoys our garden,, canning,, preserving, and helping with new things.
He is an avid reader.
A quiet, serious, yet sometimes silly guy.

He can make me laugh so hard, when no one else can!
He doesn't care about fashion, or vanity.

He is a very giving young man.

Sensitive to the Lord-
My Son -
On Loan from God.

It is our prayer that the Lord will use the quality in character He gave to Matthew to reach those that do not know the Lord.

We pray also for Matthew's life to be pleasing to God - and that his heart will be tender to God's leading and not just ours.

I Love you Matthew.
Happy Birthday!



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