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Monday, April 6, 2009

Put Off - Put On

If you don't like analogies,, you probably should skip over this post.

I find a lot of analogies in my day to day life - they just seem to be right there in front of me,, and most likely, I will blog about them at some point.

Today... this is what I discovered about myself..and my life.

This is what Spring does to me -

~I want to go outside and rake everything up and haul it away.

~I want to walk away all of the special comforts that I convinced myself would help shake away the Winter blues. ( yes - this means too many sweets..)

~I begin a simple cleaning task, and end up making it a big hoeing out project and hauling away all kinds of things to the local thrift shop.

~I find myself opening doors and windows, even on a cooler day, and letting the fresh air in and the "stale, germy" air go away!

~I realize that I have re-vamped our schedules, making new chore lists, new goals, and throwing all of the winter to-do's - away - out the window!

YIKES!! Does Spring do this to you?

My analogy today began when I was simply folding laundry and after 10 minutes of this somewhat simple task, ( 6 loads a day!)... I found myself making Thrift Shop piles, re-organizing the entire closet -formulating a new organizational system, typing out new labels on my hand-held labeler for laundry drawers ( towels,, sheets,, pillow cases.. etc.)...and the tiresome list goes on.
I began to think as I realized 45 minutes of my " Simple Laudry task" went by, that I need to do some hoeing out in my own life.

YEP! I needed to get rid of a lot of junk- built up, stored away weeds...of my heart.

Will it be just as easy ? Do I look forward to this like I do my Spring Cleaning?

But, one the most important things that I need to remember when I am sorting through the weeds in my own personal life, is that when I pull them out-
I need to replace them with something else... so that weed has NO MORE ROOM to re-root itself.
Something lovely, something good, something pure.

SO... what does Spring bring?

A new look.. INSIDE AND OUT!



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