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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

Maple Syrup- Here We Come!!

March- Time to tap the Maple Trees, and run the Sap lines. Chop the wood, and stoke the fire, because it is time to boil the Sap for hours! What a delicious reward awaits... Sweet, delicious Maple Syrup!

My husband, his brother, and the kids all take part in this tedious process... but it is such a great experience for us all. The time it takes to boil down all of the sap is different each time.. but it is usually not a fast process.

Some days, we will have a "Jack Wax" party! Do you know what this is? We collect cookie sheets of snow, and pour the hot, boiling syrup over the snow,, and watch it harden into a stretchable candy. It peels off of the snow and the kids love to eat it.

Another favorite thing we do to pass the time as it boils, is make Maple Cream. Each of the children get a small bowl of sap,, partially boiled and they stir until it gets really creamy,,, it makes a creamy Maple candy,, and we sometimes will use it as a Maple Butter on Toast.

I included some fun pictures that Sarah took in our woods,, although, she and Matthew got a little distracted and had some fun with the camera. Before these pictures were taken she had taught the younger children how to have a mud fight,( hence, the "painted mud -war- lines" under her eyes!) Great fun ideas she is giving them.

Last night before bed, Dan opened the door to go out and check on the syrup boiling, and we could smell that sweet, maple scent in the air... Making Syrup is a great annual tradition, and it has taught my children so many new things. Especially the appreciation of time and work to get the Maple Syrup to our table.



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