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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Six Sweet Daughters

Sarah, Leah, Lydia, Eden, Maryahna and Ava - Mommy LOVES you!

Each and every day, I am so truly thankful for the daughters that I have been given to raise. How do I deserve such special gifts?

It is my prayer that my daughters grown in the Lord, and love Him with all their heart.

When I see their individual personalities blossom each day, I am amazed that they are sisters, with such different strengths, weaknesses and interests.

They are so close, my girls. They seem to function as one person sometimes.

There are days when I can hear them "plotting," what they can do for Mommy because she has had a hard week. I have heard them pray for me with such sweet loving words. They show their love to me unconditionally.

Surprise cards, special meals, spontaneous chores accomplished, and loving words make our days so much sweeter.

Some days I will find them hanging little signs on their bedroom doors, and delivering me and their littlest sisters hand-made invitations for a " Spa Day!" There they "offer" hand treatments -nails, lotion, the works! Hair- do's for our "BIG DAY out"! - ( grocery shopping), and massages for your back and neck. WOW!! Who would turn that down? I am just glad that you haven't run into us at the grocery store after our Spa Days! -You may not recognize me!

I will always cherish their little girls ways,, but as my oldest daughter turns 16 soon, I am learning to love a new sweetness that she shares as well. Her smiles of appreciation,, helping out with littler children without complaining, and spending time asking for advice - another Season of Sweetness we are now enjoying.

I will continue to pray that God will guide me as He has entrusted my daughters' years to me.



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