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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hula-Hoop Girl

Try and picture this - I'm going thru my days, happy, yet trying to keep too many things in motion. I have imaginary hula-hoops swinging in continuous circles around not only my hips( which are now VERY capable of swinging many hula-hoops ! lol),,but I also have those hula-hoops of responsibilities in motion around my arms and neck,, and even some falling to my ankles. Oh dear me!! What I have done?

This is me -- Hula-Hoop Girl!

I am in the middle of a 12 week Bible Study Book, written by Joanna Weaver, entitled Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. One of the chapters discusses this concept,, and I identify with it so well.

I am constantly trying to "shift my attention from one important to-do item to another, frantically trying to keep them all in motion. Where is my center? There are so many days where I am losing my focus on my Creator,, forgetting to Worship Him throughout the day, and letting those hula-hoops keep me so busy and by the end of the day, worn out.

I told my friend the other day that my hips felt so much lighter!! She looked at me with a puzzled look, when I proceeded to tell her that I let all my hula-hoops fall to the ground this week, and found my center,, she and I had a good heart to heart laugh. She knew what I meant!

I drop my hula-hoops often, and am so blessed when Christ is the CENTER of my life. But when those responsibilities keep me going full-steam, and I forget my time to worship each day, all day.

Lord, please help me to not keep you at arms length. I will draw nearer still nearer to you!



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