One September Day

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letting Go,,, and Letting God

Can I see the humor in -

....broken appliances? time to get groceries -Peanut butter and Jelly again!

....6 loads of laundry a day?

....Mud tracking thru the house from Spring Thaw..

....One missing shoe for each pair I own?

....removing my Chapstick cover to find my Toddler ate in for lunch!!

....loading 9 children into van for errands to find the battery had died?

....15 or more sales calls in an hour while I homeschool and teach patience!

....getting to the checkout counter and finding my checks were all gone...yep!

....Hot water tank has not hot water on appointment days... No shower .. make do!

....hearing my toddler tell my teenager he would pay him a dollar to play with him. What!?

....finding my kitchen scissors in the craft bin..

....and ALL of my spoons in the sandbox!

....finding our mail in the rain soaked driveway after my children were trying to be "helpful"

....spending 6 different family visits in the Emergency Room in 2 weeks...

....discovering my two year old has "painted " her own nails.. AND the walls!

....realizing that one of our children likes to sign their name on EVERYTHING?!

....Knowing that this is THE REST OF MY LIFE!.. Enjoy it!

Yep! I better find the humor,,, or I am in trouble. Now, If I can remember this post tomorrow.. or maybe even the next 5 minutes!



  • At March 21, 2009 at 2:06 AM , Blogger Dani said...

    OMG let me tell you right now the dead battery in the van thing was so us yesterday. AFTER all 9 kids were IN the car INCLUDING the baby on O2 and all her equipment. Talk about annoyed! Nice to see another large family on here.

  • At March 21, 2009 at 10:25 AM , Blogger Anne-Marie said...

    Dear September,
    Thank you for telling us on Facebook about your BLOG. It really puts life into a normal, balanced, and positive perspective. It's wonderful! Hope your kids who were sick last week are feeling better. Take care and I hope to see you next time I'm up there. It looks like it will be in late May when Danny visits.
    Love, Anne-Marie

  • At October 22, 2009 at 7:57 AM , Blogger busymomof10 said...

    I can so relate to this post! I am there right now!


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