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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Strangest Sunday Afternoon

Sickness,, Sickness,, Go away! My children waited all winter to be sick with any thing, and I was so thankful,, and then in the last three weeks,, every single one of them got sick with everything out there! WOW!! I should have known it was coming.

I was in denial for the first few days,, but after many sleepless nights, I began to adopt that twisted-lack-of -sleep mentality - "This is the Rest of My Life!... "Woe is Me!"

But, alas, after some medical intervention and my husbands generosity in keeping the kids "quiet" for a little while on this Sunday morning,( oh, I wouldn't want to forget that Iced caramel Latte),, I am now thinking clearly again.

Except, it was the Strangest kinda Sunday for our family. We missed Worship at Church, didn't have the Sunday afternoon Big meal together, ( as we call it here,),, no naps,,( because the whole day became a nap and movie day),,, and no one is feeling well. Except for me,,, thank the Lord.

Sundays are special days to me. I love to celebrate the Sabbath. Worshipping together as a family in Church,, Having a special meal, and sharing the weeks highlights with one another.
Of course, I think my kids especially like Sundays, because they get to Switch their Chore Zone Rotations. ( Another Post - someday.) They love that part of the weekend.

SO, I guess it is ok to have a Strange Sunday afternoon,, because it makes the Special Sundays even more appreciated when they roll around again. Right???


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