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Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty Training and Chocolate Cake

Who knew that a mommy could have so much fun Potty Training a child? Our little Maryahna is Shirley Temple -re birthed. She has the curliest, poof-iest ( a new word I created - just for her),,hair... and she has a special order voice,( as my husband tells people.) By far, the cutest little girl out there! LOL...

She is potty training, and she LOVES it. She sits on her little potty and SINGS! Loudly... sweetly,, softly,, whatever her little heart desires. Her song today is EE-I-Eeee--I--OOOHHH!! Today she breaks the record for sitting there and NOT going potty. But, hey,, I was entertained, and she is happy to sit there,, so I would say that we are making progress... wouldn't you?

Every time I look in to check on her she gives me her sweet smile, and tells me , "I go!" Alas,, she really hasn't.. but I am not going to break the news to her that she has been sitting there a LONG time, and didn't "go" yet.
She's my little Sweetheart, and I am in no hurry for her to grow up!

Chocolate Cake?? Nothing ,whatever to do with Potty Training.. although, wouldn't I be the best Mommy in the world if I used Chocolate Cake to reward my Toddler to go potty?

No...Today is my chocolate day. Didn't know you could have one of those, did you? I would highly recommend one chocolate day a week. So, I am getting dinner in the crock pot for tonight, and decided to make a chocolate cake. Have you ever tried the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa container? The Fudge Frosting that they print there is absolutely out of this world! IF, you like chocolate, that is.

So, who knows?... Maybe tomorrow morning, Maryahna and I will share a piece of chocolate cake , while she sits on the potty, and she sings me her newest melody!?
Wouldn't THAT be a memory!



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