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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

My son, Samuel, is 4 years old, and in the last month, he has become more aware of WHO God is, and WHAT He has done and is doing.

I get a little teary and emotional when I think or talk about any one coming to know the Lord. It is like this tender spot in my heart that swells with excitement upon hearing about someone coming to His knowledge and presence in their lives.

Sam has a family/life centered around the Lord, but there will be a time when he has to make a decision on his own, as to whether he is going to follow the Lord, and believe in His name.

Being a parent brings some amazing opportunities to witness some amazing things! I am so thankful for this.
It is an amazing thing to see the heart transformed.. beginning with awareness and curiosity and then desire.

Samuel is so precious. He communicates every thing that he thinks and feels. All of the time. He also has this really tender heart for others. He does not like to see me sad, and verbally shares his every thought with me. He will often tell me that his "heart hurts" when he is sad himself.
It is really precious. He even will tell me when he needs/wants correction for something he has done wrong that is bothering his heart. It is amazing.

This past month has brought about some special things in his life:

-He is now talking about how Jesus died on the Cross . He talks about the nails with great sadness for a four year old.

(The other day he stepped on a nail - and his first concern was how Jesus felt. He said, "I got a nail in my foot like Jesus on the Cross. And he hurt really bad.")

-Driving down the road the other day , he asked me how God made Light and Dark.
How neat it was that he recognized that GOD made them. Not a random happening.
(How amazed HE was when I told him that all God had to do was to say, "Let there be light," and there was light!")

-His prayers are becoming more specific. From his own heart, in his own words.,,, voluntarily, and not prompted to pray. That desire.

As I tell my children the Stories of Jesus while they grow, I know I am planting the seed of knowledge in their minds, but this understanding that they begin to show at young ages is ALL from GOD!

I am reminded to keep telling them of the Lord's unending love, and challenged to keep praying for them to each make a decision to follow Him.

May my children be a light to a dark world. Let all of our lights shine!

"Jesus Loves Me this I Know! For the Bible Tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak, but He is Strong!"



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