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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Insecurity Knocks! Guest Post

SOO  Excited to ANNOUNCE...
A New Feature at One September Day-
Guest Post

This week- Beth Gibbs
Beth is a wife, a mom to three children and blessed to be able to be a fulltime homemaker, currently living in Mooresville,NC.
 She can be contacted at

A Beautiful You!

As women, we all have an innate desire to be seen as beautiful. So why do we let the ugliness of insecurity reign in our lives? Why can’t we just look in the mirror and see ourselves as God sees us? We have been created in His image, after all. Does that mean that we’re perfect? By all means no.

We start looking at celebrities in their size zero, trendy fashions with their hair and make up absolutely perfect and we begin to have that inward, heart wrenching feeling of self pity and jealousy.
 We look at people in the mall, in their cars, in their luxurious homes and that insecurity begins to overwhelm us...we can never measure up, or so we think.

 This issue has gone beyond the realms of just our little personal thought lives; it has crept into our homes, destroyed inter personal relationships, and it has woven its ugly head into our churches. Why do we covet what we don’t have? Why don’t we trust the Lord, with gratefulness, for the talents in which He has entrusted us?

 Now, perhaps, in all honesty, there things that you need to do…perhaps you need to put away that chocolate bar and get out and exercise. Maybe you even need to make sure that your family is clean and your house, although it may never grace the cover of a magazine, is respectable.

But just HOW is that yearning, for what you don’t have, to be quenched? Through grabbing our credit cards and feeling the joy of sliding it through that little machine? We walk out of the store with bags filled of “acceptance”…that is until the tags are ripped off, the bills pile up, and then…the next seasons fashion changes.
 How about through eating or drinking to be cool and accepted?
 Living vicariously through our children?
 Unrealistic expectations of our spouse? Oh, yes…you who are married know about that one!! Before you know it, the happiness in external and temporal goods is gone and you’re right back where your insecurity started or perhaps more steps backward from there…why? because in this thing we call life, THINGS don’t really matter and in our heart of hearts, we know it. There is always someone with more...a bigger house, a better decorated home, more expensive clothes (and those who just plain look good in whatever they wear), bigger diamonds, on and on and on it goes…it never ends.
 Will we ever get to the point where our feeling of being inadequate is finally at rest? Will we ever be at peace with “inner” selves?

The truth is, we don’t just have a problem with insecurity. What we have is a problem with our relationship with the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, our Heavenly Father…when will you have your heart set on Him and not on your selfish desires?
 When will HE be your “all in all?”
 I am just as guilty here, I have preyed into the lie…and far too often I still hear that little voice in my head that seems to be screaming, “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”
Well, I have one thing to say to that little voice, “Get behind me satan! You are not welcome here!” We all need to make the daily choice that we will surrender all to Him. YOU have been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (PS 139:14) and God thinks about you more times than there are grains of sand (Ps 139:17,18)!! He loves you, my friend…just the way He created you to be!
So when self doubt and insecurities pervade your thoughts and overwhelm your soul…think about how much God loved you and gave His only Son so that He could spend eternity with you. God promises to take care of all of our needs as we trust Him, even the needs of our often weary souls.
 Will you join me in the journey of kicking the weeds of insecurity to the curb and allowing God to sow into you, a beautiful life of security wrapped up in Him?
Thank you Beth, for this inspiring, challenging, and God-honoring post. I am so blessed to re-read this every time.
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  • At January 6, 2011 at 6:13 PM , Blogger Deb L said...

    That was truely a blessing to read. Thank you for reminding me today of the truth I already know to be true. I have been working on overcoming insecurity for a very long time.
    Thank you September for sharing Beth's thoughts today!

  • At January 7, 2011 at 8:39 AM , Blogger Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

    So glad you shared Beth's post with us, September! Thank you, Beth. I agree. This post is God-honoring and there are many truths we need to ponder as daughters of the King. I really needed these reminders...and feel they are part of a "theme" God has been teaching me lately. He often does in themes!

    Thank you again...and God Bless,


    P.S. September...I know your Steelers humiliated my dear Browns with a sound beating recently. So, I do not have a lot of trash talk...I will leave you with the mantra of every loyal Browns fan:

    There's always next year!


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