One September Day

Monday, January 3, 2011


I am just a little excited to share this with you...

I am LOVING my New Blog Design... Designed by Abigail.. a super-talented, super-patient, and very - visionary gal!
She is also the co-creator of The Epic Cheese.. A new Web site dedicated to the "Epic Creations" in all of us...
'It is EPIC  and you will LOVE it.. stop by there today!

SO,, I have my very first BLOG Button...    Will you grab it and share it on your Blog?

Join me in 2011 if you haven't yet.. just click on the Follow Button on the right!

The Lord has laid MUCH on my heart in 2010, and I will be sharing HIS GREATNESS in 2011 here at One September day.. Hope you follow along and share with me.

I LOVE your comments by the way... don't be afraid to leave one.!

Love the New design,. tell me,, I cannot wait to share it with My Special blog designer!


P.S.  For those that REALLY read the fine - print... If you leave a comment about our New design,, Your name will go in a drawing for a $5 Starbucks Card!  To be drawn THIS Wednesday! 
... If you grab the One September Day Button and share it on your blog or on Twitter..... your name will go in the drawing for a $10 Starbucks Card .. This Wednesday also!!



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