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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookie Swap Fun!

If you have never been to or hosted a Cookie Swap...  I would highly recommend this fun idea!

Here is a re-cap and some ideas that we incorporated into out Holiday Cookie Swap -
If you see a recipe that "catches your eye," let me know,, and I can post a few of them ..

One month prior to our Cookie Swap,, we designed and ordered an adorable invitation from Tiny Prints..

Complete with matching return label
After choosing a guest list,... we tried to mix groups of people we knew...young girls, teens, moms, Church family, etc...

We had a GREAT group of ladies join us that day!
We are able to invite larger groups of people because our home is larger, but even a Smaller Cookie Swap would be great!

Every person was to bring their favorite HOME-BAKED Cookies,, and they would in - turn swap an even amount of cookies  to what they brought...from the beautiful assortment that everyone shared that day.

We all gathered around the table and  every rotation around the table was equal to One Dozen.  We had a few that had quite a few trips around the table.
This was soo fun..
There was a different story to every platter of cookies brought., and each person shared their "story," for their Cookies.
Old family recipes, memories while baking, etc. were some of the special touches brought to this Cookie Swap!

We had a Holiday luncheon,,, Appetizers, Hot Soup, and a Hot Cocoa "Bar"... This was a hit.. I washed more hot cocoa cups after the party than any thing!
FUN!  Peppermint Sticks,,, marshmallows, caramel , whipped cream,, etc!

We had Door Prizes,

Take Home Favors....

and Lots of Sweet Things to eat!

Stop back for Recipes for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, DIY Instructions for Party Favors, Hot Chircken Wing Dip, and MORE!



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