One September Day

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where, Oh Where Art Thou?

Life has crazy turns...doesn't it?

Where oh, where art thou? Perhaps that is what some of my blogging friends have been wondering about life here ... A day in my life.

I have missed my quiet place, and my blogging friends.

Life has taken some wild and crazy turns here, but nothing more than the Lord can handle, and nothing that has taken Him by surprise. And so, One day at a time, Sweet Jesus - That's all I'm asking of You.

If you are a follower to my blog, and want to come back tomorrow to read about a wild and cray adventure that our family has gone on this summer... check in then.
I miss you fellow bloggers!
Feel free to leave a note, and I will stop by your blog as I do my catching up.

Where oh, where art thou?



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