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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Those Familiar Things!!!!

 A Walk Down Memory Lane to a Place I Miss and Enjoyed so Much....
I awoke two days ago in my own home to a familiar thing...and this is what I began to remember:

Toast in the toaster...warming the senses

Wind-chimes blowing on the porch

Flag blowing in the wind after being carefully raised with large and tiny hands

Coffee perking on the stove... Tea whistling right beside

Newspaper folded open on table... good and bad news waiting the reader

Warm Dish soap filling the sink... rubber gloves adorning the gentle, protected hands

Glass Pitcher with fruit etched on glass, brimming with frothy Orange Juice from the blender

Doorbell ringing.. in repetition... greeting those that come to break the morning dawn with toast and coffee

Small round table  - gathered with family and smiles

Familiar  - The senses come alive and the re-creation of even one.  Toast darkened on both sides.  

Life at my Grandmother's Home - almost every morning.

What are Your Familiar Things?

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